The sky is getting darker


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Chapter 1

From the morning of February 14th, there were mobile vendors selling roses on the streets of Beijing. As time went by, more and more flowers were sold. Among these florist, there was a forty. A man of about the age, wearing a sly and a blind man, a pair of white eyes, a dirty clothes, is quite scary. He sat at the exit of the subway station, holding a bunch of red roses and singing a song repeatedly: "Spring is coming, everywhere is full of flowers, but I can't see it. Dear girl, please accept me Continued | link | navigate to this site | like this | . A bunch of red roses, let it accompany you to the end of the sea..." To be honest, his nephew is really good, the singing is also very moving, but such a dirty scorpion is sitting in the subway station. It really destroys the romantic atmosphere of Valentine's Day. Do you think, which pair of lovers are willing to buy a flower of a scorpion on a festive day?

    In the afternoon, the snow fluttered, and the blind man quickly accumulated a thick layer of snow. Some people advised him to go to the subway station to sell, but he shook his head. The sky is getting darker, the street light is on, but the blind man is still selling his flowers in obstinacy.

    All this caught the attention of a woman in her thirties. She had been here for a long time. At this time, she went to the blind and looked at him. The blind man’s eyes couldn’t see anything, but the hearing was particularly sensitive. He lifted the flowers to the woman’s eyes and said, “Please buy a bunch of red roses!”

    "How much is it?"

    "10 dollars, there are 20 full."

    The woman felt strange: there was only one day in a month, and there was only one Valentine's Day a year. The people who sold the flowers seized the opportunity to raise the price of flowers. Some people have already sold a bunch of red roses for 50 yuan. Why is he? Selling so cheap? The woman asked him, the blind man swallowed for a long time, only sighed long and said: "I am not actually selling flowers, but waiting for people."

    "Wait, who are you waiting for?"

    "Wait for my beloved girl."

    The people passing by listened and were curious, so they stopped.

    The woman asked tentatively: "Can you tell me?"

    The blind man hesitated for a while, finally nodded and said: Ten years ago, he came to work in Beijing. Five years ago, he met the beloved girl Qu Xueyan and later lived together. Who knows that there are unpredictable things in the sky, his eyes are getting worse and worse. Going to the hospital for an examination is the retinal detachment. Xueyan is very anxious to accompany him to the hospital for treatment. The doctor said that it would cost 50,000 yuan to cure the disease. He was anxious when he heard it. He said that he died. What happened to love, but Xue Yan did not do it. She said: "If you spend money, you can earn more, but if you lose your eyes, you will never find it again." She took all his savings to the hospital to pay the deposit, but since that day, she never returned...

    After listening to these past events, some people said: "It seems that your snow Yan is a liar. She has turned your money and gone."

    The blind man was anxious when he heard it: "No, no, no, half a month later, Xueyan called me and said that she was in big trouble. I asked patiently to wait for her to come back. She would come to me on Valentine's Day. She wants me to wait for her at the subway station here, then take me to cure the disease and then formally get married."

    At this time, the woman who had just bought flowers opened her mouth: "So, you lost your chance of treatment because you have no money, and your eyes are blind. So, in the past few years, every day on Valentine's Day, you are in this subway. She sells flowers waiting for her, looking forward to her being able to reappear in front of you." original site | click here now | learn the facts here now | check these guys out | site link

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