Dallas Rule


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This book centers around the life of Lilac Dallas, younger sister of Cameron Dallas. She tours with the boys of Magcon, but Cammy has one rule for her NO DATING MAGCON MEMBERS!!! But what happens if Lilac is hiding emotions in fear of getting in trouble with her brother. 

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Chapter 1

Lilac P.O.V- 

I wake up to the sound of Tyler Josephs beautiful voice. I love Twenty One Pilots a lot. I turn off my alarm, and roll out of my glorious bed. I usually hate Mondays...but not today. Today is when I get to tour with magcon. SOOO JEALOUS...I know. Honestly, its not that great being Cam's little sister. He is usually chill...but now he is in charge of me for the trip. YAY. Note my sarcasm.

I strip of my pajamas, and look through my closet. After a long time of trying to pick out clothes...I put on a Twenty One Pilots crop top and black leggings. I put on my socks, and slip on my red converse. Quickly, I throw.my hair into a messy bun, and apply mascara and eyeliner. Cameron walks in, and looks at me disaprovingly.

"Whats wrong with my outfit?" I ask him, as I search my room for a bag.

"You cant wear the crop top...I dont want the boys looking at you, with that much skin showing." He says, and crosses his arms over his chest.

"Okay. Whatever." I say, and roll my eyes.

He walks out, and I take off my crop top. I throw on a Victorias Secret shirt, and continue my search for a bag. Finally I find my Vera Bradley bag, I begin puttting my clothes into the bag. After about an hour, I hear voices coming from Cams room. The boys are here. With Cam being 18, and I only 16...he feels the need to be protective around the boys. I grab my phone, and walk into Cams room. I smile at the boys as I walk in, and all of them get silent. Weirdos. I sit on Cams rolley chair, and all of the boys stare at me. 

I look at Cam, and his face is bright red. His fists are clenched...he looks mad. Why is he so mad? I wonder. What were they talking about before I came in? Aaron starts to talk agian, to break the awkward silence. My phone starts to buzz in my pocket, so I grab it. I got a text from a random number saying- Hey. I look up, and both Jacks, Matt, Taylor, and Carter are on their phones. Hmmmm? I place my phone down, but it starts blowing up with texts.

"Would you PLEASE stop texting my sister!!!!" Cam asks, but more like states. 

"I dont mind at all." I say, just to make him mad. 

"I do Lilac. I have to protect you, even if that means you cant have contact with theese 8 idiots." He says sternly.

"But...its my phone, and I pay for it. Therefore, I can text anyone I want to." I say and stick out my tounge to him.

"Lilac Taylor Dallas...on this trip you will listen to me. I know what theese boys are like..no offense yall...and I dont want you texting them." He says, and runs his hand through his hair. 

Great...now he is mad on the day of the trip. He wont know if I text them anyway. I turn on my phone, and start texting the numbers...asking for names. After I made contacts for them, I smile to myself...im such an idiotic rebel. The conversation ends, and I walk back to my room. I grab my kavu, and begin putting random stuff into it. I end up packing it with sharipes, a coloring book, candy...lots of candy, chapstick, and my headphones. 

I put my bag over my shoulder, and lean over my bed to grab my phone. I turn it on, and end up going through instagram. Five minutes later, I hear two voices outside my door. I turn around, and Matt and Aaron are standing there.

"Can I help you." I say to them.

"U-um...no. nope. Nothing. Nada." Matt says, and runs off.

"Whats his deal?" I ask Aaron.

"NOOOOTHIN." He quickly says, and runs off too.

Weirdos. I get up and giggle to myself, and grab my vera bradley bag. I walk out, and im finally greeted my everyone. Why did they all get silent when I was in Cams room, bit they will talk to me now? I question myself. Jack G comes up to me, and opens his arms for a hug...but Cam wraps his arms around me, and pulls me away. UGHHHHHH. I love Cam, but he needs to calm himself. 

"Are you ready, Lilac?" Matt ssks me.

"I believe so Matthew." I say, amd smile at him.

Matt is so sweet, and amazing, and REALLY CUTE. Cam and Shawn start to load everything into the cars, while the rest of us talk. The boys decided to talk about sports, so I kind of zoned out. Before I knew it, everyone was walking out the door. I grab my bags, and walk out too. We are talking three cars, Im riding with Cam, Matt, and Jack J. I sit down, amd reach into my pocket...but my phone isnt there.  I run inside, and franticly search for my phone.

"Hurry up Lilac." Someone yells to me.

Im guessing its Cam. I find it, and run back out. I buckle back up, and we start the drive to the airport. Cam insisted on using Barts private jet...but NOOOOO. All the others want to ride a plane. Like, who chooses a plane over a private jet. Not five minutes into the car ride, everyone starts arguing about what snapchat filter is the cutest. Ugh, Im surrounded by idiots.

We make it to the airport just in time, we board the plane and walk into the First Class section. I know it seems snobby but we all need to ride there for the sake of our sanity. I plug in my headphones and listen to the best playlist in the world. A few hours later we land in Dallas, Texas. We exit the airport and take a few cabs to a mall. We shop around for a few hours, but I don't end up buying anything. We exit and put the boys bags in the cars. I sit next to matt, and I end up falling asleep on his shoulder.



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Chapter 2

Lilac P.O.V-

I open my eyes, and look up at the boy carrying me. After my eyes adjust, I realize its Matt. Wonderful. He walks into the hotel, and into the elevator. He notices that I am awake, and quickly puts me down.

"Whats wrong Matthew?" I quietly ask him, but I recieve no answer.

Great. Cam's mad at me, and Matt wont talk to me. I stand in the corner, and stare at the ground. The elevator bell dings, and we slowly walk out. Once we make it to the end of the hall, Cam assigns everyone to their room. Supprisingly, im not in a room with him. I get placed with Hayes, Gilinsky, Taylor, and...Matthew. Yay. I Walk into the foom, and flop onto the biggest bed.

"Up Lilac." Taylor says to me.

"Im not a dog. I will not obey you Taylor." I answer him, and scowl at him.

"Come on Flower...do it for me." Jack says, and gives me puppy dog eyes. Ugh he calls me flower, and i can't stand it, Just cause my name is Lilac does not mean he can call me flower.

I get up, and out of the corner of my eye, I see Matt making idiotic faces to Hayes. I throw my phone on another bed, and run into the bathroom. I turn on the hot water, and strip of my clothes. I jump in, and feel the warm water hit my skin. I scrub shampoo into my hair, and slowly wash it out. After forty five minutes, I get out and dry off. I put on a pair of sweatpants and a tank top and walk out. 

"Well, Lilac. you look fancy.." Gilinsky says, and I shoot him a dirty look.

I grab my brush and walk back into the bathroom. I wash my face and brush out my hair, and sleepily walk out. The boys all jump up in laughter, and crowd around the bed. Weirdos. I walk over to them, and when they notice me, they hold something behind their back. 

"Ummm...okay. What are hiding from me?" I ask confusedly.

"Nothing." Taylor says, and slowly tries to creep away.

To stop him, I jump onto his back. He playfully tells me to get off, but I am stubborn so i say no. I start to mess with his hair and bandana. Just to make him mad, I take off his bandana and put it on my head. Instead of being mad, he just giggles, and sits down on the bed. I get off his back and try to walk away. Taylor grabs the bandana off my head and messes with my hair. Ugh.

I get off the bed and pick up the TV remote. I turn on ABC and start watching The Outsiders. I read the book in middle school, and I fell in love with Ponyboy Curtis. After the move ends, we all look at each other in silence.

"I'm hungry." Hayes announces to everyone.

"Me too, do y'all wanna eat out, or order food." I ask, and look around for my phone.

"Eat out. but Lilac...get decent, were seeing people." Hayes says and tosses me my phone. 

I turn it on, and my lock screen changed. It is now a picture of all the boys. They are all so cute...but Matthew is the cutest. I smile to myself as we walk out the door. I walk up to Matt, and try to start a conversation, but he keeps avoiding me. I know it sounds weird, but it hurts that he won't talk to me. I stop in my tracks, and take a moment to breathe.

"Don't be mad at him. He is avoiding you for certain reasons, okay." Jack whispers in my ear.

Whatever. We walk out of the hotel, and down a few blocks to Chick-Fil-A. I love it here. We order our food, and sit down as we wait for it to be called. The boys start a conversation, but Matt and I stay out of it. He is sitting next to me with the others across from us. Our food gets called, and Matthew gets up to retrieve it. My phone begins to buzz, and I look at the texts in a group chat.

Gilinsky👐🏻- Omg Matthew needs to be a man.

Taylor🙇🏻- Yeah, Lilac do you understand?

Gilinsky👐🏻- its obvious that they like each other . 

Espinosaurous🐢🍕- You do know that I am in the group chat too...right?

Little Grier🐷- Abort mission. Abort mission.

 Taylor🙇🏻- Oh man.Matthew, always gotta mess things up.

Espinosaurous🐢🍕- Its not my fault that you put me in the group chat.

Idiots. I laugh quietly, and put my phone down. Matt comes back, and hesitantly sits down next to me. Is it obvious that we like each other? Do I like him? A little bit...I guess. Its not like any of it matters, I can't date any of the boys anyway. Stupid rules. I grab my sandwich, and begin eating it. Sooooo good. I look up at Jack, Hayes, and Taylor. They are all texting each other...about who knows what. We quickly finish eating, and start to walk back to the hotel. The idiots next to me start laughing about something.

"What is so funny? What are y'all laughing?" I ask, as I turn around.

"Nothing...except for Matty boy over there." Hayes says and smirks at Matt.

"Shut up Hayes. I told you not to say anything about it." Matt answers, and I look at him in confusion.

"What?" I ask, and continue to walk.

"Its nothing you need to worry about Lilac." He answers calmly.

Could what jack said be true. Does Matt like me. Why would he like me? I'm not pretty at all, he has no reason to like me. I make myself sad, and continue to walk...but slower. We make it into the hotel right as Can walks out of the elevator. He gives me a look, and walks up to Jack. They quietly talk about something, and Cam storms off angrily.

Wonder what that was about. Gilinsky grabs my arm, and pulls me onto the other side of him. He keeps a tight hold on my arm, as we enter the elevator. There is an awkward silence in the elevator. The only noise is the horrible music in the background. We finally make it up, and I run into the room. I jump onto the bed, and wrap myself in the blankets. The boys watch television and talk for another hour before going to bed. I guess they thought I was asleep...their mistake.

"What was Cam so mad about, Jack?" Taylor asks Gilinsky.

"Well...ya know what Matt said before we left?" He asks the boys.

"He didn't want Matty around his little sister. He is scare that he will make a move on Lilac." He states quietly. 

I take in a sharp breath, and bury myself deeper into the covers. Cam is scared that Matthew will make a move on me? Why? None of it makes sense. I close my eyes, and slowly drift into a deep sleep.

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