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A stranger....

Looking amongst your phone screen, a mysterious person had messaged you. You look at the screen and find a name that goes under 'Unknown'. 

"I wonder who it is." You wonder to yourself. You click on the notification and you end up on this chat room with a black and green coding in the background.

"Hello?" You type

"Ah thank god! Someone has finally answered."

"Who is this?"

"Im......" the person hesitated 

"I'm a Korean student and I'm in New York studying the lifestyle of New Yorkers" 

You knew that the Korean student was lying but you wasn't sure yourself if he was lying or not so you just went with the flow.

"Can you help me with something?" The student asked.

"Why can't you take this is to the police. If it's so important, why are you asking me to do it?"

"Please do as I say. I promise that it won't do you any harm or get you into any trouble."

"How do you know I can trust you?"

"If I show you a picture of myself will you do it?" 



The student sends a picture. The student has fair green eyes and light grey hair. He had a smile that you fell for immediately and you started to blush slightly. 

"Ok" you replied and followed his instructions to a plain white apartment that had a gold engraving in it as RFA. You didn't know what it meant but you stayed at the apartment waiting for the rest of his instructions.

"Next, enter the code"

He sends the code number and the apartment door opens slowly.

"It's open." You say to him. He go inside and sit on the couch. Everything is white and there is a picture frame that shows and a blond headed girl with long wavy hair, a boy with blond hair-they looked like twins-a tall boy with black shades on and light blue hair, they looked like family. You look back at your phone and you have been disconnected to the chat room.

"Wow.....what am I supposed to do now." You say to yourself. You sit there waiting for something to happen. All of a sudden, you get connected to a chatroom full of people......

*I will publish Chapter 2 soon just wait~*

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