Secret Survivor


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    Jason Careins has always loved kids and helping them. When he graduated from UCLA he was on a mission to find a Pediatric surgeon job. In the midst of looking for a job he was invited to spend a week in London, England with his parents and sister for their mother's birthday--their mother always wanting to go there.

    That's where Jason would meet his future wife Palmer. The first night in London, Jason, his sister and parents go out to a local cafe a couple blocks from their hotel. Jason was immediately mesmerized by the waitress. A petite woman, about 5'6, jet black hair and tan skin, blue eyes that would lock onto yours and not let go, the name on the tag reading Palmer. 

    But like so many people, Palmer's past isn't a good one. To Jason it didn't matter. Palmer's dad is an abusive man, always has been. Last time she was in the dating scene was after her parents messy divorce. After the divorce she turned into a rather rebellious kid and managed to get involved  with the wrong people. Her last boyfriend was a drug dealer who used his manipulation to control Palmer and made her use and even deal; her father even involved. Drug of choice--heroin. Now, two years later she is clean and sober and has a restraining order against her own father. She never pictured this American guy coming into her life and changing for the better.     


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Chapter 1

    Four years later the love story continuing in London, Jason and Palmer have been married now for two years and are living in Palmer's hometown. After a few months of talking, Jason flew back out to London to visit Palmer. A month later, Jason was moving to the country and had a job lined up. Now, married to Palmer and living in his dream home and now a Pediatric surgeon, he's living the dream. All of Jason's family knew how much he cares and loves her because of his willingness to move to another country for her. Jason knowing Palmer didn't want to move away from her mother.

    Celebrating their two year anniversary, Jason took Palmer to not only her favorite seafood restaurant down by the pier, but also the restaurant where they had their first date.

    "Ugh I'm so full," Palmer smiles, her hand around Jason's bicep as they walk to the parking lot.

    "I know," Jason laughs. "I need to go home and unbutton my pants," the two getting close to their car as Jason sees a figure leaning against the car. The closer the get, Jason notices who it is.

    Palmer's father.

    "Stay right here," Jason says before kissing Palmer's forehead and walking to her dad. "What the hell are you doing here man?"

    "I'm here to see my daughter as you can see," Palmer's father grunting, clearly not interested in talking to Jason. "I'd appreciate it if you could move out of the way, we have urgent business we need to discuss," looking over Jason's shoulder to Palmer.

    Stepping to the side to obscure his vision from his daughter, "last time I checked she had a restraining order against you so u unless you want to be locked up for breaking that I'd advise you to leave and don't contact me or her again," Jason scowls.

    "Listen man I wouldn't have bothered you guys but I seem to have gotten myself into a bit of trouble and I need Palmer to lend me some money, and then I'll be on my way I promise," her dad pleads. "I just need to talk to her for one minute that's all."

    "Her money is my money," Jason states. "I don't know if you forgot this old man, but I'm her husband. I saw what you did to your daughter and I've heard stories. You're not getting near her. You're a grown ass man and you got yourself into whatever situation you are in therefore you can find your way out of it without bothering us," Jason says sternly.

    "You might be her husband but I'm her father. I helped bring her into this world so don't tell me when I can and can't talk to my own daughter!" he raises his voice at Jason as he loses his temper. 

    "Dad what are you doing here?" Palmer yells as she stands behind Jason.

    "Palmer get in the car," Jason says softly as he pulls the car keys out of his pocket and handing them to her.

    She takes the keys and grabs his jacket sleeve pulling him away from her dad, "just give him whatever he wants baby, please," Palmer pleads. "Please for me, just this once. Don't call the police."

    "You're kidding right?" Jason asks confused. "He's been nothing but an ass to you. He's abused you and now you're wanting to help him?"

    "I just want him to go away. It scares me more that he knows where to find us and if he has been following us he will come after us if you don't give him what he's asking for," Palmer sighs.

    Sighing himself and looking at Palmer as he runs a hand through his hair before opening the passenger door for Palmer. After she sits down, Jason leans down and kisses her forehead and shuts the door. He walks back to her dad, feeling better knowing Palmer isn't close.

    "How much do you need? Because for some reason your daughter wants to help you. I don't see why."

    "I need ten grand and don't even start telling you don't have it. I've seen where you guys live and what you guys drive I know you have money," very eager to get the money now that Palmer is out of ear shot.

    Clenching his jaw he walks back to the car and opens the passenger door, "Give me the checkbook."

    "Checkbook?" Palmer frowns. "How much does he need?"

    "Ten grand," Jason answers.

    "What?! No, tell him we don't have that kind of money. If he needs that much then it's definitely something to do with Jack," Palmer states, Jack being her drug dealer ex.

    "Well too bad he said that he knows we have money. Babe it's either this or I call the cops, and you know my decision."

    Giving her husband a look, Palmer sighs and reaches into her purse to retrieve the checkbook--handing it to Jason.

    "Just this once," Palmer says as Jason takes it. Walking back to Palmer's dad he begins to write out the check, really hating that he's doing what he is doing for this scumbag.

    "Tell her I appreciate her doing this for me, even though I know this isn't a big amount for you."

    "Yeah whatever," Jason says as he rips it out and pushes it into his chest. "Leave us alone."

    "Thank you baby," Palmer says when Jason gets in the drivers side, leaning over and kissing his cheek. "I know it's difficult for you, it's difficult for me too, but I figured  this was the easiest way to get rid of him."

    "No, the easiest way to get rid of him is to have him locked up," Jason says tossing the checkbook into Palmer's lap as he pulls out of the parking lot.

    Palmer places the checkbook back into her purse and then just looks out the window, the car ride home silent. 

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Chapter 2

    The pair get home and walk inside their multi million dollar home. One thing that Palmer's dad is right is the fact that the Careins do live well and do not worry about money at all as they are extremely wealthy; Jason's family being wealthy also. Tossing his keys in the bowl beside the front door, Jason takes off his jacket and hangs it up before walking into the kitchen.

    "Babe, do you want some tea before bed?" Palmer asks as she likes a bit of camomile tea before bed. 

    "No, I'm fine," Jason says before heading upstairs to change into     some sweats. After tossing his clothes into the hamper, Jason grabs his computer and turns it on. 

    After a few minutes, Palmer walks through the bedroom door with her tea, setting it down not he nightstand before taking off her dress and hanging it up to be sent to the dry cleaners. Changing into her silk nightgown she gets into bed beside Jason, drinking her tea and picking up her book. The only noise coming from the fan in the room and the occasional typing from Jason.

    Sitting in silence, Jason doing some paperwork, Palmer reading she finishes her tea and looks over at Jason. Running her eyes over her husband's stubbly face and jawline, she leans over and plants a kiss on his cheek, curious to what he is doing. Jason can't help but smile when she does as he closes his laptop, reaching over and setting it on the nightstand before getting comfortable and cuddling into Palmer.

    Rolling into his arms and kissing his forehead, "you want to talk about what happened?" Palmer asks cautiously, not sure if Jason is angry at her.

    "What's there to talk about?"

    "I made you give ten thousand dollars of your hard earned money to someone who raped me as a child. You didn't object because you love me. I know that. But surely you must have some thoughts about?" Palmer asks.

    "I don't like it at all no," Jason says sitting up and sighing. "I hate that this guy thinks he can just find us and demand money because he's in a supposed pinch. Whatever he's going to use that money to buy more drugs," leaning back down. 

    Palmer winces a little when she hears what Jason is saying. She moves into him, closing her eyes and holding him tight. She tends to do it a lot when she is struggling to take control of her thoughts--mind drifting back to her past. Jason lays in the bed on his back, looking up at the ceiling as his thoughts drift as it has been months since they have been intimate. Leaning over and kissing Palmer's forehead, down her jawline and then down her neck.

    Palmer opens her eyes and looks up at Jason, knowing that she is safe with Jason, but she sometimes can't control her issues. She's very aware that it affects her and Jason's relationship when she refuses to have sex but she tries hard to put the past to the back of her mind and move on. Palmer knowing that she wants to make a life with Jason. Moving a little closer, Jason kisses Palmer a little harder, knowing he is treading on thin ice as he has been unlucky for months. But, just as the excitement begins it quickly fades, Palmer stiffening  under him and her eyes shutting tight.

    "Yeah I get the hint," Jason says against her lips as he moves back beside her--running a hand through his hair.

    "I'm sorry baby," Palmer says as she thought she was making progress. "Please let's try again."

    "No, I'm not doing something you're not comfortable with," Jason exclaims before getting up and shutting the bathroom door behind him.

    Sighing, Palmer lays in the bed aware that she disappointed her husband yet again, knowing it's not his fault. She's been very lucky that Jason has been understanding of her situation. Knowing the last time they tried, Jason walked away with battle scars and a slug to the face since Palmer had a flashback off her father--punching Jason.

    Light filling the room a few minutes later, Jason emerging from the bathroom, climbing back into the bed before kissing her forehead, "goodnight."

    "Night," she says softly as Jason turns his back and turns off the bedside lamp. 

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