I Choose You


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Chapter 1

    Growing up in Miami, Florida Sloane Hawkins comes from a very wealthy family--her dad one of the top lawyers in the city. She's never really had to lift a finger growing up, having it fairly easy.

    It's the night of her 21st birthday, one of the last of her friends to turn 21. Of course, the plan to go hard. The 6 girls all dressed up and decked out to go to one of the new clubs in downtown Miami. Renting a stretch hummer, courtesy of Mr. Hawkins, they all pile in getting to the club around 12:45 in the morning, already a little tipsy. Flashing her ID at the bouncer, smiling and winking at him as they all walk in. The Sloane entourage finds a booth just off the dance section, one of her friends going to the bar and ordering rounds of shots and a bottle of champagne.

    About 20 minutes later, Sloane gets up to go get the next round, waiting at the bar as it's become really busy. Wearing a black dress with nude heels, her hair down and curly, extra product in to keep the curls in the heat, her makeup done just enough to look sexy, red lipstick on. Definitely turning some heads. 


    Liam Pearson has lived in Miami all his life, but not with the same upbringing as others. He's a carpenter, a personal contractor, owning his own company since he was 22. He's 25 now. Meeting some friends at the club he pulls up and walks to the bouncer shaking his hand. The pair really good friends.

    "The action look good tonight?" Liam asks, wearing nice jeans and a black shirt, showing off the muscles that developed with his line of work.

    "Got a little party in there," he grins. "Five or six of them."

    "Oo nice," Liam smiles. "Younger? Older?"

    "Younger. Barely able to get in."

    "Just became legal huh? I'll catch you later bud," Liam winks waling in.

    He makes his way to the bar, checking the girl leaning against the bar in a tight black dress. Sliding up beside her and leaning against the bar himself.

    "Yo Kev," Liam yells at the bartender. "Get me a drink." Another good friend.

    "Hey...hey," the girl beside him calls out. "Dammit!" stomping her foot in frustration. "Hey! I need 12 shots of tequila!" she yells a little louder.

    "Kev, get the girl some tequila shots," Liam yells. Kevin nods making the shots after getting Liam a beer. 

    "Thank you," she smiles brightly.

    "You're welcome," he smiles. "Liam," holding out his hand.

    "Sloane," putting her small hand in his. Her hands and arms covered in a bit of glitter, her nails manicured perfectly. 

    "Nice to meet you Sloane," Liam smiles as Kevin the bartender comes down with her shots.

    "You too," Sloane says stepping back from the bar, Liam finally seeing the front of her dress--all the cutouts, the edge of her breasts and her smooth toned stomach. She grabs the booth, her hips swaying perfectly. Every guys eyes on it. 

    "Damn," Liam smiles leaning against the bar as she walks away.

    "Damn is right," Kevin laughs behind the bar.

    Liam shakes his hand and walks over to his group of buddies that just walked in. He walks by the table with the younger girls not even noticing. The rest of Liam's friends get a drink before sitting down at a table. Liam looks around, his eyes catching Sloane's as she smiles a little sucking on a lemon, her lips still around it as her eyes never leave his as she does it until her friend hits her arm. Sloane looks over at her.

    "6 group of girls to the left," Liam says to his buddies.

    Of course all guys begin to call dibs. "I got the short one in the black dress," his friend to the right of him saying.

    "I don't think so, that one is mine," Liam laughs. "You can have the one in the red dress that looks like her boobs are gonna pop out any minute."

    "Damn," he groans. "Why do you get her? Look at her ass."

    "Because I've already met her," Liam winks. "Her name is Sloane."

    "Whatever," as his buddy gets up and walks over to the group of girls; asking her to dance.

    Liam gets up and walks to the booth as he slides into the seat next to Sloane. "Having a good time?"

    "Mhm," Sloane smiles pulling the straw out of her mouth and licking the droplet off her bottom lip. "A very good time."

    "So what's the occasion?" Liam asks taking a sip of his beer.

    "My birthday."

    "Oh alright. How old if you don't mind me asking?"

    "21," Sloane smiles.

    "Well Happy Birthday. I'm gonna buy a drink. What do you like?" finishing his beer. 

    "I'm fine," putting her hand on his arm. "I think I'm at my limit."

    "Oh come on one more drink isn't going to kill you?" Liam smiles. 

    "Fine. One more."

    "What's your poison?" Liam asks standing up.

    "Surprise me," she smiles standing up and walking with her.

    "Hey Kev," he shouts at the bartender as they walk up. "I need a Sex on the Beach for the beautiful lady and a Budlight for me."

    "Sex on the Beach huh?"

    "Hey I get to pick?" he winks.

    "I did say that," Sloane smiles. "Liam you said right?"

    "Yes ma'am."

    "So what brings you here tonight?"

    "Just hanging out, blowing off some stress from the work week."

    "Tough job?" Sloane asks taking the beer from Liam and taking a sip.

    "I'm a contractor. I own my own construction company."

    "Sounds very stressful."

    "It can be," Liam laughs as Kevin brings her drink. 

    "So where's your girlfriend?"

    "Where's your boyfriend?" Liam smirks.

    "Broke up with 2 days ago."

    "His loss," taking another sip of his beer. "Another man's gain," Liam smiles.

    "Right?" Sloane smiles. She looks around for her friends. "Where did they all get too?"

    "You wanna dance?" Liam asks setting his beer down on the barter.

    "Sure," Sloane smiles.

    Taking her hand, Liam interlacing their fingers before making their way to the dance floor along with the both of their friends. They begin to dance, Liam sliding his hands on her hips, Sloane's back pressed against his chest. Liam's lips brushing over her neck and shoulder highly. They dance for a couple more songs. 

    "Can I buy you another drink?" Liam asks.

    "I'm still fine," running her fingertips lightly up his arm.

    "Alright how about a water? And I'll drink beer," Liam winks.

    "Or maybe we could find somewhere quiet?" Sloane asks, running her fingers down his chest.

    "I live about 4 blocks from here," Liam informs.

    "Perfect," Sloane smiles. She walks back to the booth to grab her purse, Liam following behind her. He walks by one of his friends, high-fiving him along the way. Both Sloane and Liam leave as they are outside, her heels clicking along the pavement. Liam pulls his keys out of his pocket and walking to his blacked out Mustang GT.

    "You drove 4 blocks?" Sloane smirks.

    "Well I wasn't planning on going straight home after leaving here," Liam smiles as they both get in the car. 


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Chapter 2

    They pull into the driveway about 2 minutes later and walk into the house, Liam's one year old Golden Retriever puppy runs to greet them.

    "Who is this handsome guy?" Sloane asks, kneeling down and scratching behind his ears.

    "Great, he's gonna steal my thunder," Liam smirks. "This is Gunner."

    "Hi Gunner," she smiles kissing his nose. Gunner licking her cheek. "You are the sweetest," rubbing his sides.

    "Go lay down buddy," Liam commands as Gunner walks to the living room and jumps up on the couch and lays down.

    "Well behaved," Sloane says watching Gunner.

    "Yeah he is. You want something to drink?"

    "No I'm fine thanks."

    "So how does it feel turning 21?"

    "Very adult," she laughs.

    Liam smiles, leaning down and kissing her softly. He slides his hand on her neck.


    They have an amazing night of sex, passion, fun--anything and everything, not finishing until 8 or 9 a.m since they didn't get back to Liam's place until 2. It's around noon now, Sloane walking up and looking over at Liam as they're both sprawled across his bed. She smiles a little to herself, getting up quietly and getting all her stuff, carrying her shoes as she walks downstairs and out, calling a cab once outside. 

    She gets back to campus, Sloane a senior at the University of Miami. Getting back to her apartment that's next to the campus, sharing it with her best friend as she looks at her from the couch. Her friend squeals.    

    "Shut up Hope," Sloan laughs kicking off her heels. She walks down the hall and grabs a towel from the closet, Hope following her into the bathroom.

    "So...how was it?"

    Sloane looks over at her, curls matted, hickeys across her neck and collarbone "It was fine...fine," Sloane says smiling. Her phone begins to ring, her ex-boyfriend Eric calling. Sloane groans and tossing it on the counter.

    "Um I think it was more than just fine. Did you see that guy that you went home with?"

    "Yes," she laughs, taking a few of the bobby pins out of her hair. "Yes I saw him. I saw a lot of him."

    Hope smiles, Sloane pushing her out of the bathroom playfully shutting the bathroom door.

    "I'm gonna take that as a yes!" Hope yells from behind the door.

    Sloane smiles hearing that her friend, running her fingers across scratches and bite marks and hickeys across her body. She climbs into the shower. 

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Chapter 3

    Liam wakes up seeing the empty spot beside him, smiling. He gets up and showers before heading to work. The moment he shows up his friends are grinning, Liam supposed to be at work at 8 a.m that morning. 

    "The barely legal tire the old man out?" one of the guys calls out from the second story frame at Liam.

    "Get back to work Sanchez," Liam laughs pulling his hard hat on and walking over to the blueprints shaking his head. Luckily, a few hickeys on his chest, none of that can be seen to the naked eye. 

    "5 hours later chief? Must have been good," one of his friends smirks.

    "Let's just say it's the best sex I've had in a while," Liam smirks.

    "From the birthday girl?" 

    "You know I told you her name," Liam laughs.

    "Since when do you learn their names?"

    "That is true," Liam smiles, patting the man's shoulder and going back to work.


    After class, Sloane and Hope go to a coffee shop to do some studying. The girls get a booth, both having books spread out, coffee cups, and two muffins. Sloane leans her head on her hand, her glasses on as she looks through her book.

    "You alright?" Hope asks.

    "I didn't get his number," Sloane blurts out, laughing softly. "What does it matter? Eric and I are fine."

    "You're stressing cause you didn't get his number? It was just a hookup. Oh god the sex  must have been good," Hope smiles.

    "It was amazing," Sloane smiles, her cheeks turning pink. "It doesn't matter. Eric and I are fine. Him and I will happy," she smiles, Eric and her have been going out since she started collage three years ago.

    Before Hope says anything, both girls see Eric walk into the shop and walking to the counter and ordering a coffee. Eric turns and sees Sloane, walking over.

    "Hey," he smiles. "How are you?"

    "I'm good," she smiles, scooting so he can sit down. "How are you?"

    "I'm good. I'm really sorry about the other night. I hope I didn't ruin your birthday."

    "No," she kisses him softly. "It was fine. We just went to a club then came home."

    "Well like I said I'm sorry," Eric smiles. "I'd love to make it up to you?"

    "Sounds great," Sloane smiles resting her hand on his cheek.

    "I'll text you okay? But I got to get going," Eric says kissing her cheek.

    He gets up and heads out. 

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