Duty and Devotion


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Chapter 1

    There is always two sides to every story. The criminal side and the law enforcement side. 

    Henderson Michaels has been with the NYPD for 3 years and still going strong. He's even racked up one of the highest ranking positions in the force in his short time. Henderson has cracked a few cold cases and even has an outstanding arrest record.

    Before committing himself to the state of New York and the people, Henderson committed himself to a higher position, the United States Marine Corps. After completing his 3 tours in Iraq and finally coming home he "enlisted" in a whole new group--the police academy. Once graduating from the academy he married his long time girlfriend, well now years later Henderson is divorced. He has noticed ever since getting divorced it's a lot better to be single at the department then married. When he was a rookie, Henderson did a lot of traffic duties and going through the ranks and taking the wrap for things and the blame when jokes were played. Now, Henderson is a detective and he tends to do a lot of OPS and undercover work because of his background in the military.

    When he divorced his now ex wife he let her take the house and he downgraded to a one bedroom house to save money back up 

    Sitting at his desk, his partner, Jeremy Carter sitting across from him as they, along with the whole police department, have been on the hunt for a notorious mob boss, Jionni Russo. 


    Mariah Russo grew up in the suburbs of the city with a well to do family always full of political connections and her house was a revolving door with people coming in and out all the time. Growing up, she was a daddy's girl and always did what she was asked, never thinking twice. After college, Mariah came back home with plans to work all the family business of real estate which is really just a front. Early in the afternoon Mariah comes down dressed in a tank top and a skirt on her way to meet up with guy she just started seeing. She walks in her father's office getting a set of car keys as he hands her a package and asking her to drop it off at a friends before. Of course she says yes. 

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Chapter 2

    "One of the cars is on the move, let's go," Henderson says to his partner. Getting in the unmarked car, they get the location and follow the car.    

    After watching the car come to a complete stop in front of  a building, a guy standing on the sideway as they watch the exchange go down, the girl in the car handing over a package to the man on the street. The car pulls away from the curb, Henderson tailing the car once again. Once out of the heavy traffic, Henderson flips the lights and sirens on.

    "What the hell," Mariah mumbles, seeing the flashing lights in her rearview mirror.

    Once the car comes to a stop, Henderson and Carter get out of the car, Carter shining a flashflight in the empty back seat. Walking up to the window wearing jeans, a navy shirt "POLICE" written on the back, holster around his body, Henderson motions for Mariah to roll her window down.

    "Good afternoon ma'am," Henderson greets, pushing his Oakley's on top of his head.   

    "Officers," Mariah greets, pushing her Chanel sunglasses up.

    "Do you have anything illegal or any weapons in there that we need to know about ma'am?" Henderson asks, flashing his own flashlight in the car.

    "Do I look like the kind of girl who knows the first thing about weapons?" Mariah asks looking straight at Henderson. "Actually officer I am wondering why you even pulled me over?"

    "Can I see your license and registration Miss?" Henderson smiles, not backing down.

    "Are you going to tell me why you're pulling me over? Or was it because you felt like it?" Mariah hisses, reaching for her license and the registration.

    "You know that house you just left?" Henderson asks, looking down at her license. 

    "You've been following me since the house? Yeah I know it," Mariah nods.

    "Well this car is also registered to one of the let's say popular guys in the county. You wanna tell me why you have the car Miss. Russo?" handing the license back.

    "So you just pull cars over because th ey belong to well known people?" Mariah shrugs, "my dad gave it to me to use for the day."

    Henderson just nods, looking at Carter and raising an eyebrow at him. Mariah clearly not knowing the full extent of what her father does. Carter shrugs.

    "Listen officer," Mariah glancing up for a name badge but not seeing one. "Am I being arrested? Or are you going to let me go?" Mariah smirks.

    "I'm gonna give you a warning Miss. Russo," Henderson informs, writing a ticket.

    "A warning for? Driving  a well known person's car?"

    "No," Henderson smirks, "there's this thing called texting and dtiving," tearing out the ticket, "Don't do it." He hands the ticket to her, "have a good night Miss. Russo."

    "Sure thing Officer," Mariah's cheeks burning.

    Henderson and his partner get in the car, Mariah driving away. "She really has no idea," Henderson says turning off the flashing lights.

    "Not the least," Jeremy Carter laughs, "unless she's really good at playing dumb."


    Finally arrive to lunch, Mariah walks to the patio where her new beau is sitting.

    "Hey what took you so long?"

    "I got pulled over for texting you," Mariah rolling her eyes.

    "Really?" he asks. "Who's the dumbass cop that did that?"

    "He didn't have a name badge, he was undercover. He obviously doesn't know who my dad is, if they gave me an actual ticket it would have been brushed away easily."

    "Undercover huh? Does one have tattoos all over his arm?"

    "That one," the cop in question being Henderson as he is accompanied with a full tattoo sleeve on his right arm and a half sleeve from his wrist to his elbow on his left. "His name is Henderson Michaels. He's arrested me a few times. He's an asshole."

    "He seems like a power hungry cop. What were you arrested for?" Mariah asks casually.

    "Parole violations, DUI, public intoxication."

    "Well good thing you straighted up," Mariah sighs. "If you didn't you'd never get pass my dad."


    "So what are we going to do about the daughter?" Carter asks, sitting down.

    "I think she's totally oblivious that her father is the leader of the "mafia,"" Henderson says, putting air quotes around Mafia.

    "She is still doing work for him, dropping off the deals. Oblivious or not she's breaking the law."

    "So what are we gonna arrest her on?"

    "I don't know, I guess she will go down with her dad or we could use her to lead us to her dad."

    "We still need to make up some bullshit charge though. I can't just walk up to her and arrest her for nothing..." Henderson sighs.

    "Just arrest her before she makes the delivery next time."

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Chapter 3

    For the next couple of days, the authorities have been keeping a tight eye on everything that includes Jionni Russo and even Mariah. Once again, Henderson and his partner are tailing Mariah's car, another loan from daddy. They have been following the car, taking pictures as Mariah leads them into a very nice neighborhood, the car leaving from a house where an exchange was taking place.

    "Hit the lights," Henderson telling Jeremy.

    Mariah immediately recognizing the vehicle, "again!?" Mariah mumbles pulling over to the side.

    Henderson walks out and directly to Mariah's driver side, "Can you step out of the car please Miss. Russo?"

    "Listen officer...Michaels is it? I wasn't even texting this time," Mariah smirks.

    "Ma'am it would be wise if you listen to him," Carter speaking up.

    "No, I'm not getting out of this car until you tell me what is going on," Mariah demands. 

    "Don't make us pull you out," Carter says sternly.

    "Excuse me?" Mariah's jaw dropping.

    "Miss. Russo, get out of the car," Henderson sliding his hand on the butt of his Glock 22.

    "You're under arrest for interfering with a police investigation," Jeremy says.

    "Police investigation?" Mariah getting out.

    Henderson retrieves the handcuffs from his belt, locking them around her wrists. "You have the right to remain silent, anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney, if you cannot afford an attorney the court will appoint one to you. Do you understand your rights as they have been read to you?"

    "Do you know what you're doing?" Mariah demands. "Do you know who my father is?" Mariah yells as Henderson leads her to the police vehicle.

    "I know exactly who your father is," Henderson smirks, placing her in the car.


    Pulling up to the garage where they transport from car to building, Henderson and his partner Jeremy get out. Henderson gets Mariah out.

    "Right this way Miss. Russo," Henderson smiles, leading her inside the precint.

    "I'm not talking to you or anyone else until I get my phone call and my lawyer shows up," says Mariah--glaring up at the two cops.

    "You can argue with me all you want Miss. Russo, but you probably want to hear what we have to say regardless. There are some things you don't know about your dad," Henderson says.

    Trying to pull out of his grip, "no, you don't know what you are talking about, you have the wrong person. Just wait after a few phone calls, I will be out and you will be out of the job. I want my phone call right now!" Mariah demands.

    "Fine, one phone call," Henderson sighs not wanting to argue with Mariah.

    "Im going to call my father and get this all straightened out," Mariah boasts, trying to hold up a strong face but it obvious she's terrified.

    Henderson walks over to the phone, pulling the key to the cuffs out of his pocket and unlocking them. "You have 5 minutes," Henderson instructs.

    Rubbing her wrists a little, red lines already beginning to form, she pulls off the receiver from it's hook and immediately dialing her father's number.

    "Daddy I'm in jail," Mariah blurts out the moment her dad's voice comes on the other end.


    "Evidently I'm interfering with a police investigation and..."

    "Mariah," her dad cutting her off, "where's the package?"

    "I don't know," she mumbles. "Dad I don't care about the package. I only have 5 minutes, and I need you to come get me and bring our lawyer."

    "You're not going anywhere until I sort this stuff out," Jionni says to his daughter, abruptyt hanging up the phone.

    Mariah stares at the phone, pure shock and surprised overtaking her face.    

    "I told you," Henderson says, hanging up the phone and beginning to escort Mariah to her cell.

    "You didn't tell me anything. I have no idea how I'm even involved in a police investigation," Mariah spits back.

    "Once your lawyer gets here I'll get you out. Sit tight," Henderson says maneuvering Mariah in the dingy holding cell.

    Mariah turns and wraps her hands around the bars, "I don't belong in here and you know it," Mariah calls out. "My lawyer isn't going to be coming, give me a public defender until my dad calls him."

    "Yes ma'am," Henderson calls out, already walking down the hallway. "Do we have somebody that can take over as her lawyer at the moment?" Henderson asks Jeremy.

    Jeremy smirks, "what? Daddy's not sending over his best lawyer?"

    "Did you print off all those pictures of our case?" Henderson smiles.

    Jeremy nods, handing over blown up photographs of various crime scenes that are connected with Jionni Russo. "How's the little mafia princess holding up?" his partner asks.

    "She's freaking terrified," Henderson smiles, sitting down the folder.

    "So what are we going to do now? i'll call the public defenders office and have someone sent over," picking up the phone.

    "Yeah do that," Henderson nods, "she needs to know what her father is doing. She really has no idea."

    Jeremy shrugs, "her ass is still going to be sitting in jail for a long while," Jeremy calls the number. 

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