Where We Belong


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Chapter 1

    Kendall Miller and Chris Hamilton have known each other since diapers, well since they themselves remember. They have always been friends and just that even though they playfully flirted here and there. After high school Kendall and Chris went their separate ways and attended different colleges but stayed in touch until Chris started dating his current girlfriend Kelsey Hill.

    Chris and Kelsey started dating as Chris had no idea that Kendall and Kelsey didn't despise each other. Chris and Kendall lost contact because Kelsey didn't like that Chris was talking to Kendall so much and of course Kendall was mad Chris started dating her in the first place. Chris was devastated when him and his best friend lost contact as Kendall changed her number and didn't tell Chris where she moved.

    Now, three years later Kendall has moved back home to Sarasota, Forida. Hearing from a  mutual friend of Chris and Kendall's, she is invited to a little get together that evening, not knowing her long time crush is going to be there with his girl.

    Chris and Kelsey are already making themselves cozy at the party, the pair talking to their friends, Kelsey a very touchy feely person. She is always showing PDA, even though sometimes Chris doesn't like how showy she is. Kelsey is too busy distracting Chris for both of them to realize another person has just entered the house.

    Kendall arrives at the party a little later clad in a casual dress fitting her body perfectly and showing just the right amount of cleavage--her hair is a little longer now, in soft curls. As soon as she steps foot into the house it's a blast from the past and she immediately gets swept up talking with old friends. A few people ask if she's at the party with Chris but she explains they haven't talked in years. 

    She walks over and gets herself a Bud Light in a red solo cup and goes back to talking with some friends. After talking for a while, she looks over seeing Chris, wearing jeans, a black v-neck shit and a hat backwards. 

    "Chris Hamilton," Kendall says putting her hands on her hips, "where have you been all my life?"

    Chris turns when he hears his name, he has to take a double take. "Kendall?" Chris smiles and walks over. "How are you?" leaning down and hugging her.

    "I'm doing really well. I just moved back home," Kendall smiles stepping back to look over him. "Wow you look great, how are you? It's been a while."

    "I'm good, and yeah it's been a long time."

    "Well now that I'm back I'd love to catch up with you, you know I like old times...beating you in basketball and things like that," Kendall teases.

    "I don't think that will be happening Kendall," Kelsey walks up interrupting the pair as she slides her arm around Chris and the other hand on his chest. She gives Kendall a bitchy smile, letting Kendall know Chris is hers.

    "Oh come on Kelsey, it'll be good," Chris says, pulling her closer.

    Kendall rolls her eyes, "I should have known Kelsey, glad to see you haven't changed."

    "Come on Kels," Kendall tears Chris say softly to Kelsey.

    "No I'm not letting Kendall come back in town taking over and thinking she can have anything she wants," Kelsey says in front of Kendall.

    Kendall's eyes get a little big not believing Kelsey is already starting her crap. She shakes her head and smiles at Chris.

    "Anyways Chris, it was good seeing you, you have my number if you want to go catch up," not knowing he doesn't have her number, just her old one. She walks back into the crowd. 

    "Really Kelsey? Can you be nice for one minute?" 

    She looks at Chris annoyed, "no not with her. You know how I feel about her. She can't come back thinking you both are the best of friends again it's not happening."

    "And why not?"

    Kelsey grips his shirt, "Chris I don't want you two to be friends, you already have your guy friends anyways,"  glaring at him a bit.

    Chris sighs a little and slides his hand on Kelsey's lower back, leaning down and kissing her forehead. His other hand holding his beer bottle.

    Looking up from time to time, Kelsey grabs Chris's face and pulls him down to kiss her, holding the kiss for a bit and then taking his hand, "let's just have fun." 

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Chapter 2

    The party goes on and it's pretty good time putting to mind of a college party with beer games and Kendall ends up hanging out with old  high school friends since she was so close to them in school through Chris. One guy asking Kendall to be his beer pong partner, of course she accepts.

    "See that's why I don't like her, she has to take every guy," Kelsey says pointing at Kendall.

    "She's having fun get off her Kels. At least she isn't clinging to a guy all night," Chris looks over at Kelsey.

    "Are you kidding me Chris? You are the one who has stayed by my side all night."'

    "Here we go," Chris says softly, trying to get away from her all night.

    "Chris I can't believe you are starting this stuff here," finishing off her drink. "Fine, go after her if you want, see if I care," testing him.

    "Kelsey stop, I want you," sliding his hands on her hips and pulling her closer.

    "No, you don't, you obviously want other girls," Kelsey says making a pouty face. Chris smiles as he leans in and kisses her softly.

    "Think they should just get a room huh?" one of the guys says to Kendall, laughing.

    Kendall looks over at Kelsey and Chris, lips engrossed to each other, Kelsey giggling. Kendall shakes her head, shrugging her shoulders like she doesn't care before turning her attention back to the intense beer pong game.

    "Hey watch," the same man smiles, nudging Kendall's shoulder as he throws a pong ball to Chris; but missing. Kendall teases him, picking up a ping pong ball also, hitting Kelsey in the head.

    "What the hell Kendall?" Kelsey says as she begins to walk towards Kendall.

    "Kelsey..." Chris sighs, grabbing her arm.

    Of course Kendall giggling, "Kelsey that was a complete accident, I was trying to hit Chris."

    Chris moves in between Kelsey and Kendall, his hand on Kelsey's stomach, "step back a little."

    "Really Kelsey? You are trying to fight me over a stupid ping pong ball like it really hurt. I can't believe you date her."

    Kelsey pushes Chris a little and storms out, Chris sighs and looks back at Kendall, "seriously Kendall?"

    "Look I'm sorry but it was an accident and she is crazy to react like that and I'm serious about that, I don't believe you date her."

    Chris just shakes his head as he walks away to find Kelsey, walking out of the house and seeing her leaning against the ca.

    "What are you doing?" Chris asks, seeing her on her phone.

    "Nothing," turning it off and sliding it in her purse. "Just take me home."

    Chris nods getting in the car, hoping Kendall will get home alright before heading home where he has lived with Kelsey for a year and a half now. 

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Chapter 3

    Getting home about 10 minutes later, Kelsey turns her phone off and heads upstairs. Chris walks in, putting his car keys in the bowl beside the door and shutting the door. After getting a water from the fridge he walks upstairs and into the bedroom, Kelsey already in the bed.

    "Tonight is why I hate going out to those parties," Kelsey sighs turning off her phone.


    "So what's going to happen with you and Chris?" Justin, a mutual friend of Kendall and Chris, Justin taking her home.

    "Well, I don't think anything is going to happen even if I wanted to, Kelsey is going to stop it," Kendall slightly shrugs.

    "You really hate her don't you?"

    "I don't know we just never have gotten along. I don't know if it's Chris or just her attitude or if it's because she thinks she is better than anyone else."

    "You have a thing for Hamilton?" Justin smirks.

    "No, I don't have a thing for Chris," she shrugs trying to deny that she's always had a small crush on Chris. Justin pulls up to her driveway. "Whatever, I'll talk to you later," she smiles before getting out and heading inside. 

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