Trouble Is Coming


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Chapter 1

Have you ever felt like someone, something, was watching you? You felt safe and secure when you had that special feeling. That maybe if something was to jump at you, you would still be safe. I don't know. I may be the only one who feels this way.

My mind was just trying to find something to do during maths class. The teacher, Mr. Sinclair, is trying to teach the class about trigonometry and is failing miserably.

The only people who seem somewhat interested is The Smarts.

My school likes to label people and put them into groups.

The Smarts are people who are talented and smart. They usually only socialize with each other.The Poplars are the people who are either good at sport or are fake friends with everyone.The Normals are the people who fit into every group but don't have time to keep up with them.Finally, The Outsiders are the people who don't have many friends and don't fit into a group, so they made their own.

I am a part of The Outsiders group along with my two best friends, Lily, and Ryder. We have all been best friends (and neighbors) since the age of four.

Lily and Ryder started dating in year eight and are still going strong three years later.

The bell ring signaling lunch. I pack up my things and walk to my locker to put them away.

While I'm walking to it, I see a tall handsome man already waiting for me there.Oh right, it's Ryder. His dark brown hair and dark eyes gave it away.

I smile at him and say, " Hey Ryder, I thought I was meeting you at our usual spot by the tree?"

He smiles back and says, " Yeah you were, but I just got out of history and your locker was nearby so I waited so we could walk together."

" Oh, okay. Thanks." I say putting my books in my locker.

I get my ham sandwich that I packed for myself and close my locker. Ryder and I walk to our tree and sit down.

" Where's Lily?" I ask him.

Before he can answer I hear an ' I'm here'.

Lily is running down the hill carrying her lunch.

She sits down next to Ryder and says, " Sorry I'm late, Mrs. Jal said it was my turn to pack up the paint brushes and there was like 10,000 of them. "

Ryder and I both laugh.

" Anyway, how was your history test, Ryder?" I ask him.

" It was alright, I could have done better but I guess we will just have to see." He responds.

I nod my head.

I finish my sandwich and go on my phone.

My mum texts me and she says that she will be home late.I text her back saying that I'm working late at the restaurant tonight anyway.

" Arabella, who's that guy looking at you over there?" Lily asks looking behind me.

I look in the direction she was and I say, " I don't know. I've never seen him before." He had the same color blonde hair as me and was wearing black jeans and a grey short-sleeved shirt.

" Are you sure? Not even when you were younger. Because he looks like he knows you." Ryder asks.

" You know I don't remember anything before the age of 12. I only remember you guys." I say to him.

It's strange that I don't remember my life before the age of 12. Somehow Ryder and Lily stayed in my memories but that's it.

I look behind me again to see the guy but he's gone.

" Who wants to watch a marathon of Teen Wolf with me tonight?" Lily asks.

" Sorry Lil but I've got work tonight," Ryder says.

" Same," I say.

" This is why I don't work. It takes up all your free time." Lily says picking the grass.

" Yeah, but you also get money. I could always put in the good word for you with my boss." Ryder says to her.

" No thanks."

" Whatever you say."

The bell rings and I say goodbye to Ryder and Lily and make my way to English.


English was alright because all we did was read, Romeo and Juliet.Then I had History and now I'm at work.I work a restaurant called ' Hungry Or Hungry?'

I start at 4:30pm and finish at 9:00pm. 

Long night ahead.

At about 6:00pm it starts to get busy.

I see the guy that was staring at me today with a familiar looking guy. I really don't want to go over there because I just know.

But I feel kind of safe.

"Bella, can you get table 11 for me? I'm really busy at the moment." Linda the manager asks.

I look over at tables 11 and of course it the table I'm trying to avoid. But I don't want to get fired.

"Um... sure," I say to her.

"Thanks, Arabella, your the best." she says while managing 8 plates and 4 cups.

I get my notepad and my pen and walk over to number 11.

"Hi welcome to Hungry Or Hungry, my name is Arabella  and I'll be your waitress for the evening. Can I start you guys off with a drink?" I say to them.

They both stop talking and look at me.

I look at the familiar face and ask, " Do I know you?"

He laughs and says, " Yes Arabella, we go to school together. I'm in your history, math, English and PE classes. I started 2 years ago."

Now I feel like an idiot.

"Oh right, I'm so sorry. Charlie right?" I ask him.

"No my brother's name is Charlie, my name is Carter." He responds.

Now I feel like a COMPLETE IDIOT!!

"Oh my god, I'm so sorry. I've had a bit of an off day. Anyway, what would you like to eat?" I ask them.

"It's alright, Charlie and I do look alike. I will have the big burger with a side of fries, thanks." Carter says looking at the menu.

I quickly write it down.

"I'll just a water thank you." The mystery guy says.

"Are you sure Cole?" Carter asks him.

Seriously?  There is another guy starting with the letter C?

"I'll be fine." He says.

"Okay, it shouldn't take long. about 10 minutes or so." I say to Carter.

He nods his head.

I walk over to the kitchen and give the paper to the chef.

I pour water into a glass and give it to Cole.

"Thank you, Arabella ."

"Your welcome. Enjoy." I say to him holding his stare for a little longer than necessary.

I take care of 3 more tables, then Carter's is ready.

I grab the plate with the big burger and walk over to him.While I'm doing so, I hear Cole say 'if you tell her I'll kill you!' Then Carter says 'she's going to find out anyway, why not this week?'

They stop talking once I walk over.

"Here you go," I say sliding the plate to Carter.

He smiles and says, " Yummy. Thank you."

"My pleasure."

Cole and Carter leave about 7:30pm and I serve 9 more tables.

It's now 9:05pm and I'm exhausted!

Once I get home, I do some homework then go sleep.

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Chapter 2

I'm walking in the woods at night towards and old creepy house.

I walk up the squeaky steps and open the loud front door.

It's so dark I can't see where I'm going.

Suddenly I hear a loud bang and I scream.

I can see a silhouette walking towards me and I walk backwards until I hit the door.

" You shouldn't be in here, Blue. Especially this late at night. Now I don't have a choice but to kill you." The voice says.

" No! Please don't!" I scream.

I feel a cut on my arm and I scream again.

" Bella wake up! Your screaming." Ryder shakes me awake.

It was only a dream, thank god.

" Sorry Ryder." I say to him getting up from my bed.

" It's fine. I came over to pick you up so we could go to school together. Lily is sick. Are you alright?"

" Yeah, I'm fine. Just a nightmare. I'll be alright."

I walk into my bathroom, brush my teeth and do my hair.

I ask Ryder to wait in the car so I can get dressed.

I put on black jeans and a blue sweater with white converse.

I grab my bag and walk outside and get into Ryder's car.

" What was your nightmare about?" He asks me.

" I don't exactly know. It was confusing and I just want to forget it." I say to him while looking out the window.

" Okay." He says.

Ryder and I finally arrive at school and I say thank you to him.

I find my science teacher and hand her my homework and say that I'm leaving early so I'll miss today's lesson.

Mum and dad need me to help out at the hospital to keep patients company.

The bell rings and I make my way to English for a single.

It's debating today and I'm really nervous.

I speak in front of the class and it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.

We have a little break separating 2nd and 3rd period.

I get my history book from my locker and while I'm walking to class I see Carter and Cole.

" Hey guys." I say to them.

They both look at me and Carter says, " Hey Arabella, how are you? Cole just moved to our school today."

" I'm fine thanks. Do you like the school so far Cole?" I ask him.

" Yeah it's great, thank you. Carter showed me a tour of it this morning."

" Oh, so that's why you weren't in English Carter?" I ask.

" That's why. But we all have history together now. Shall we?" Carter says.

Cole and I nod and start to walk.

" So where are you from, Cole?" I ask him.

" Well, I'm originally from England and I lived there for about 8 years, but my farther got a job offering here and so we moved about 10 years ago." He says.

" Oh, so you're 18?" I ask.

" 19 actually. I missed a year of school because I helped out my mother with the house." He says.

" Cool. So do you have any siblings?" I ask.

" Yeah a sister. Same age as you"

" Oh, do I know her?" I ask walking into the history room.

" Yeah I think you guys are pretty close." he says smiling.

Carter laughs.

Must be an inside joke.

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Chapter 3

" Alright class, today's lesson will consist of studying for your mid year exams. I know some of you may be nervous for them, but if you have been listening in class and doing your homework, you will be fine. But if you've been lazy, I have some sheets to help you with it." Mr. August says to the class.

About half of the students all get up and get a sheet from Mr. August.

I don't because I listen in class and do homework.

" Mr. Rowan, you will not have to do the exams only because your new. However, you will have to learn the basics of what everyone has learnt this year so far." Mr. August says to Cole.

Cole Rowan.

I feel like I've heard that name before.

Cole nods his head and says, " Sure."

I get out my history book and start studying.I plug my headphones into my phone and put them in my ears.Music helps me focus.

About half way into the lesson I need to go to the toilet.

I ask Mr. August and he says, " You have 3 minutes. Hurry."

He doesn't like people leaving his class.

Once I get out the class room, I run to the girls bathroom.

While I'm running, I run into a really hard person.

I fall onto the floor and hit my head.

" Out of my way outsider." I recognize the voice.

Harry Amell.

He's the most popular guy in school.

I get up from the floor and say, " Sorry. I didn't know you were there."

" Well maybe look next time. Not that hard. Now get out of my face." He says and his friends start laughing.

I start to walk away but then I hear him say, " Pathetic. Why does she even go to this school? She's so annoying. Can't believe we have to put up with her."

Then I don't know why, but I turn around and punch him.

This, time he falls to the ground.

His friends just stand there staring at me.He gets up and then throws a punch at me but misses.While he is doing that, I punch him in the stomach.

Him and his friends then walk away.

I forget what I was originality doing, so I go back to class.

I sit down at my desk and Cole and Carter just stare at me.

" What?" I ask them.

" Nothing." They both say.

I put my headphones in again and continue studying.

Why did I get so mad?

I felt like I wanted to kill him and his friends.

It's weird, because I felt like I could.

And that scares me.

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Trouble Is Here

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