Sci-Fi | Part 1


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My New Invention

Steadily I was walking down the slippery staircase lit by candles and flooded with cobwebs I was carrying the final touches for my new invention. BANG! CRASH! My blueprints and my paint buckets fell down the stairs along with me. OUCH! I rubbed my head and got back to patching up the invention. I grabbed my aluminium claw (which had twenty tools in it at once) and started to patch up my invention with car scraps and go over it with paint. Even though it was late I carried on working on my invention. Then I noticed my lab partner dr.Dewhurst had already gone home. Suddenly a knock at the door it was my mum she wanted me to get dinner but I denied.

 Quickly I noticed that the invention had been completed however it is not completed if dr.Dewhurst is not here I decided to call her. I screamed at her to come over fast 5 minutes later she was here it felt like an hour for me. I blind folded her taking her down the stairs we were both smiling on the way down which it was impossible because our idea was now reality we were so exited. I removed the blind fold and I could see that her face lit up I was smiling to. Our invention will go down in history as the first ever time machine. Another knock at he do my mum and this I accepted to go and get my dinner and it was my favourite. Yum! Yum!

I have an amazing plan to go back to the Romans in Rome ... No Victorians in England ... No ... WW1 in Germany. Now you might be wondering why WW1 because I won't to see for myself what the history books tell us. I think it will be interesting to see people's past lives and what they had to survive through. I know it will be a horrifying to see people dying or so many people but don't you think it would be interesting. Nervously I told dr.Derhurst she could leave to go home and so she did.

I looked at he time machine blue car scraps that we painted they used to be white not anymore the legs of the machine we bright green. It was round on the out side and the legs were bent but bent because they are supposed to be like that. It all together looked amazing but just the colours were a bit well the same the only colours are green and blue. Delighted I though I did a far well job well we both did.

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Time to Travel

Amazingly my plan were to go popped in my head straight away to go back to the Romans in Rome ... No Victorians in England ... No ... WW1 in Germany
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