Monster Love


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I Saw Him

 Ashlynn Leroy is a vampire, she feeds off blood. She also goes to a school for monsters, she has a best friend named Claudette, this is the story of a monster love.

Ashlynn! Called my best friend Claudette. The monster exams are coming up! Have you studied?

No, I said, I really don't need to though, I am 124 years old and I go through the same classes over and over again. I already know all of the answers to everything.

Well good, said Claudette. Because the exams are right after lunch!

Class dismissed! Yelled Ms Rugknot. Ms Rugknot was the zombie teacher who was strict and stern. Lunch! She yelled.

What would you like deary? Said the lunch lady. Uh, I guess I will have some screaming taters.

After Ashlynn had taken a seat beside her friend Claudette, they started talking about boys.

Who do you like? Asked Claudette. Well, I replied, I think Connor Casrow is pretty cute. You mean the son of death, wow, I don't think he is really into anyone here. Said Claudette

Who do you like? I asked. Well I think the Walley Werwolf is nice, he is a werewolf, just like me!

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Exam Grades

 After the exam Mrs. Death passed out the exam results, I already feel like I'm dead, said Claudette. I can feel it in my whiskers.

What grade did you get? Asked Claudette. I got an infinity, I replied.

What about you? Oh, said Claudette, I got a death grade. Rats!

After class Claudette went to the restroom while Ashlynn hung out by her locker. 

Then she saw Connor walking towards her. Hey, he said. Hi, I replied. So do you want to go to the monster dance with me? He asked. Sure, yes, of course! I said. That would be amazing!

So, I guess I will pick you up at 12:00 tonight? Ya sure, I said.

See you then!

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The Dance

 At the dance Connor and Ashlynn danced and laughed. After a while of fooling around they went to go get drinks. Connor got some bone rattler and Ashlynn got some blood beer.

After drinking dozens of these bottles they headed upstairs to talk. 

So, said Ashlynn, what do you want to talk about? I want to talk about us. Said Connor. Do you love me? I do, said Ashlynn but do you love me? Yes, I do, said Connor. 

That's when Connor pressed his cold lips onto hers, they kissed. He locked his top lip onto her bottom lip leaving there tongues touching, Ashlynn pulled her body onto Connors lap. They stood up and kissed, Ashlynn then jumped and rapped her legs around his waist and there was more passionate kissing. They jumped onto the bed and Ashlynn lay on top of Connor. He then pushed her off and slipped her crop top off, leaving her in a black bra. She undid his jeans and he took off her shorts, he then took off his shirt. He pressed his hands against her breasts and then slipped them into her bra. He squeezed on them and rolled them around. She put her hands onto Connors six pack. And Connor then undid her bra and started kissing on the center. He then took off his boxers and he slipped off her underwear. Then "it" happened. She groaned in delight as he pushed in deeper.

After an hour of this she couldn't bear it no longer, he then gave in one last thrust and they got dressed once again.

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The Baby Shower!

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I Love You!

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