Anononymous Messiah


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Chapter 1 : Creating an anonymous messiah


“Jifesh, I am here with a proposal which has the potential to provide life changing information to those undergoing the experiences in my service area as human beings.” Lifesh said starting the dialog for planning a new project. “I am requesting your help in disseminating the information.” He was pronouncing my name with a little more emphasis on the alphabet f. I know. My name is composed out of a word that is not found in any dictionary and hence would sound somewhat weird to all those who are living on the earth. Fortunately, it sounds similar to words like life and wife with an ‘esh’ attached at the end. 

His voice sounded melodious like harmonically produced music and actions seemed appropriate for an adult speaking to an innocent young child. I felt like keeping on listening to that voice forever. He had appeared for this discussion as a tall mature and handsome person wearing a hat while I was there appearing as a dwarf with an innocent face of a healthy child. We both saw Joshus joining us as an elderly person resembling Santa in full costume, including the trademark beard.

The dwarf child in me replied back to Lifesh with the same zeal. “Lifesh, we all know you as an interesting and lovely person who runs an amazing service called Life. Your creativity is well known in our realm.  In recent times, I have not been able to avail your services. I know, it is time for me to have some beautiful and mesmerizing bunch of experiences under your supervision. Before I can make up my mind about it, there you are with a proposal. I know it will be a very interesting proposal. I am thrilled.”

Lifesh smiled at my response. It was a friendly smile. I felt disarmed and completely surrendered to the friendliness. It looked like the smile coming from an adult who comes across an innocent kid.

“We are here to create a personality having a lifetime of experiences in the service area of life. We are here to create a story containing the information which has a chance of producing life changing experience. The idea revolves around verbally demonstrating the actions which provide understanding whatever is happening in human life right at this moment. More importantly, it will expose a large number of secrets hidden away by life; making it easy to understand why the events are happening and what can be done to experience it in a better way.” Joshus said in a serious tone, fitting the role of a facilitator.

"Jifesh, you will don a pivotal role in the story Joshus is talking about. Consider it as your time has come and your wish is granted right away. Last time when you availed my services, you went in as a nurse. You wanted to see how people go through the pains of life firsthand, particularly when they are about to complete their quota of experiences they desired to have. You were  particular about having that experience in spite of the fact that it is a very constrained experience. Let us make it a bit different this time around. I want to send you as a messiah. Unless you want to constrain yourself like last instance, there are no other conditions to meet." Lifesh said.

Those were the words which formed the foundations of my new special personal connection to your world. As you notice, it was a request from Lifesh, not an order. Hence, more digging was necessary before I could accept the offer.

“Why do you want me to take up that role and go through that experience, Lifesh?”I asked innocently.

“Well, that is an interesting question with an obvious answer, Jifesh. As  creators of the service we all have our own reasons to offer new kinds of experiences within the service area. I am acutely aware of my responsibilities towards life, particularly in improving and expanding it.” Lifesh said with a cute smile on his face.

I know. It is difficult for you to understand what is transpiring between the three of us. Some necessary details need to be spelt out before you can understand what is transpiring in this conversation. I will spell out those details as we move along. However, those details might look unrealistic and you have the liberty to pass those details off as a fictional speculation.

But, wait! Before dismissing those details please do a favor to yourself. I hope you are aware of your conscience, I mean, that small voice at the back of your head keeps telling you about rights and wrongs about your actions in the process of living. I know you have never done this. For a change, ask a simple question to that voice with the specific intent of getting a correct answer : Who or what is controlling my life? Do not fool yourself with a generalized unproven meaningless answer that has been circulated around for ages.

(to be continued..)

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Chapter 2 :Structural foundations of Life

Once the task of conception of messiah was completed, we moved back to our regular inhabitation. Lifesh indicated that we continue with our meeting as he had some important information to pass on about the project. He wanted all other souls to hear our conversation and whatever we discussed was broadcasted.

“Since we have created our messiah” Lifesh started “let me go ahead and give you useful information to develop a plan for the life progression of the messiah. I intend to expose and share almost all structural details of the service I offer. Jifesh, the information I am sharing now will give you enough room for thinking, analyzing and arriving at what actions are needed from your end. Using and analyzing this information, you can plan the individual activities and provide timely directions to Enlighto.”

“Do you think I need this information? Can I not pick it up from our consolidated footprint library?” I asked.

 “Of course, you need this information and for sure you can pick it up from the consolidated footprint library. And that is a good idea. Yet, I need to tell you some important things which must go into your planning. Otherwise, our experiment will remain incomplete. Also, once you go through the footprint, we can discuss the remaining items for clearing any of the doubts you may have about the service.” Lifesh said.

“Go ahead, then.” This time it was enthusiastic Joshus prodding Lifesh.

 “This a extremely simplified view, Jifesh. Let me describe the service details in two parts. First of them is a service personality. Second one is about service components in terms of spider webs I mentioned earlier.” Lifesh said.

“When you refer to the term service personality, do you mean the warrior who welcomed us to your universe and shape shifted as a priest while messiah was conceived?” I asked.

“Yes. That is the personality I referred to. And that is the person Enlighto needs to deal with. The process of life is fully a programmed behavior. This personality is the mechanism that is used for reporting program errors and reprogramming for an upgrade. Of course, at the core he is a mechanical monster. He is so extremely mechanical that sometimes he looks and feels completely merciless and cruel. What I mean to say is, you can expect same results for same actions.” Lifesh started explaining.

“I have one simple doubt, Lifesh. That person looked like an intelligent person. He looked like a very powerful person too. He can shape shift like us. Why did he not see Joshus and me?” I asked inquisitively.

Joshus said “That’s for a simple reason, Jifesh. He belongs to a different paradigm.”

“Joshus is right. Currently, let us specifically focus on personality. Of course, there are other parts to this programming interface as a person than what you have observed. Within the service, he is the most powerful person who can encompass everything. Within the service he can shape shift to any physical component that exists.” Lifesh said.

“Surely, the service feels unique. According to my earlier experience as nurse, he is invisible to the seekers in the service area too! I had never seen him.” I wondered.

 “Not only that, Life has another specific difference compared to all other services. A lot of repetitions keep happening within the life. I do not interfere directly in creating the experience for individual customers. Life is programmed to do it on its own using the collective energy produced by the participants and using that energy against those very same participants.” Said Lifesh trying to elaborate.

“I do not understand the reason why that kind of an arrangement is needed.” I expressed my doubt. 

“That is how the service manages energy balance without any further need of pumping energy from this side. That is how the service ensures that it is not defeated in any kind of confrontation. That is why it can shape shift in parts or as a whole. Like we can do everywhere, it can individualize in any form it desires inside that space. It cannot see any of the souls, except for me. In fact, it does not know the existence of any other souls except me. Its lifetime extends until I decide to destroy it, which can be as simple as waking up from a dream. It also thinks I am doing some magic to send seekers of experience and they are connected to me. It believes, I am the true nature of all those seekers.” Lifesh said.

“Okay. I got it. Are there any other specific differences?” I asked.

 “Here is another big one for you, Jifesh. All other services offered by our companions are built on the principle of ‘give everything happily’. Life acts differently in this case. It has an extremely demanding ‘take more than given’ part. Just to make sure that both give and take happens with respect to experiences, there is a reflection of all experiences of participants inside Life as a person. No participant can ever hide anything from Life. Hence, you can treat Life itself as a limited personality like all others undergoing the experiences. At the same time, that person possesses some of our infinite characteristics.” Lifesh said revealing a big secret.

“That is feels pretty weird. When I was there, I could not make this out.” Joshus said. He seemed perplexed at the kind of complexity employed by Life to just make a small portion of the service work.

I too could not fathom the depth of what Lifesh was saying. So, it was time to clarify.

“What difference does it make, Lifesh?” I asked.

“Let me answer both questions. There is nothing weird about it, Joshus. By arranging it that way, I need to check at only one place to know the deficiencies in the service. A service which is operational using ‘give only’ principle requires pumping of energy into it continuously from this side. I do not pump any energy from this side because of the take more than given part. The service balances itself by generating and transforming energy and sustains itself.” Lifesh said clarifying our doubts.

“That is a totally hands off approach, Lifesh. But, does it not create embarrassing situations when the limits of programming are violated accidentally or otherwise?” I asked, scratching my head.

“Violations happen now and then. They are not embarrassing in any way. Life acts erratically only when creative souls try to operate on the edges of its structural limits and I come to know about the kind of incursion and the action taken by Life. A breakdown of any sort is prevented at all costs, including destruction and reconstruction. Also, I have taken care to see no single soul has the capacity to cause unnecessary damage.” Lifesh said as a matter of fact.

“That gives an idea about how Life as a personality acts. That is a very good planning input.” I weighed in.

  “In the next part, I am going to describe the spider webs I mentioned earlier.” Lifesh paused to look at our reaction.

 Something felt amiss to me in this explanation. I needed clarification.

“You mean, Lifesh, I have to play around with those spider webs hanging out loosely without a defined support over there?” I was in a mood to clarify.

“A positive yes, Jifesh. It is a lot more complex than handling those spider webs. You will need a little more input to get the full picture. For that you need to study the footprint and write a report which I can verify. Then you will know how complex the whole set up is.” Lifesh said preparing for a long haul.

“I understand Lifesh. Figuring a way out of the spider webs is nothing new to me.” I said.

 “There are two layers of structures. One layer is physical and the second one is ethereal. Until now, in the course of offering the services, the physical structures have been challenged many times while ethereal structures have not been tested. Enlightenment deals with ethereal structures and Enlighto needs to attempt expanding the boundary of ethereal experiences. Secrets belong to half opened ethereal structures. This simply means thinking beyond the individual mind inside that world.” Lifesh stopped and looked at me inquisitively.

“So, you are pushing me into having ethereal experiences this time? No physical experiences like the little nurse, I was last time?” I was all questions.

“Not really so, Jifesh. You will have all sorts of physical experiences and you will start equating them in terms of the ethereal structures. The ethereal structures can be confusing to explain. The whole game of life as a human is to lead the person by misleading. Nothing is clear, except the start point. That also in the limited hindsight perceived through five senses of the person represented by using a physical structure. Beyond the starting point everything is an event in search of the end point, finally leading to the end point. No one is allowed to know about their own end point in advance, which can occur anytime. Within the context of the world, there is no hindsight for the end point to the person who passes through it. It is because along with the end of the game sensory mechanisms also get destroyed. In between, everything is made to look clear once the event is relegated to the past. It is not really so. Only partial information is made available from the reference point of the senses. This is the reason for existence of secrets.” Lifesh was moving full throttle into explaining his creation.

“I relate to that very well. I have seen too many deaths of people I had served with love as a nurse. Of course, I have not analyzed my own death of that lifetime. The only thing I felt about the death was sweetness I experienced as the weights and bindings got released.” I said, trying to internalize the information provided by Lifesh.

“The world is all about dealing with resources which in turn creates the experience by misleading. I mislead the one who is experiencing through overlapping layers of resources. In fact, those layers act like interwoven spinning spider webs. There are many such spider webs and I will cover only limited number in this discussion. Your report can uncover the rest whenever you produce the report. All spider webs conceptually expose themselves as triads. Currently they are raging and spinning themselves towards a situation where they might get out of the control of Life. More I try and simplify them, they are becoming more complicated. I can shut them down completely causing a lot of destruction. Shutting them down completely is a retrograde step. That will make my service offering unattractive and reduces the chance for creating innovative experiences.” Lifesh opened up the high level architecture component of the operational world.

“This information is hidden from the majority of the participants residing inside the service. Am I right, Lifesh?” Joshus created a question from nowhere.

“Yes. That is true. The theme of misleading remains, and works the same way for all layers. In the first layer of misguidance comes in the form of personal attributes comprising of health, relationships and sex. In the second layer it is imposed intelligently through the society based tools comprising of religion, money and politics. This has immediate reference to the surroundings and produces the effects by being outside of the experiencing mind and hence beyond the control of that mind while the mind thinks that it is controlling those things.”

“That is a beautiful arrangement of resources. I know, I had used only body, mind and things accessible to me without thinking how they are connected. I had thought they were all discreet.” said Joshus remembering his lifetime on the earth. 

“This is an important input for planning, Jifesh. If you can address these, the first phase of our experiment will be through.” Said Lifesh.

There was lot to think. “Sure, Lifesh. Let us use this as a framework for reference. To tell you frankly, it is already looking very complex to me. How will I equip our messiah?” I asked.

Lifesh gave it a careful thought. Then he said “Complexity is the most helpful thing for the kind of messiah you wanted to become. Complexity provides hiding place in the open. We will look at this in a little bit more detail towards the end of the first set of experiences of your messiah.”

That left Joshus and me filled with thoughts.

 “Yes. I have exposed the tip of the iceberg. The footprint report can turn out to be very exhaustive and huge. Let me tell you one thing in advance. It will be a boring read. We need to take a decision about publishing it after you prepare the report. That is it for this meeting. Now, let us get on with the action. Thanks Jifesh and Joshus. We can meet again on the occasion of Enlighto’s physical birth.” said Lifesh closing the meeting.

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Chapter 3 : The enlightenment event

Medhidi Dhondiba Soulabud gave birth to a male child on third day of September in the local hospital. Like all other children, this child too cried announcing his arrival into this world. Later in the day, his father Rojajindo Relaxato Soulabud was thrilled to see a very healthy and almost smiling child. He was their seventh blessing from the heavens they believed in. They named the child as Enlighto Jaanik Soulabud.

Eight years in the human world passed by since the messiah’s conception event. For us in the other realm, conception was the event which was kept track of. Delivery is not a notable event.

There was no necessity to monitor him on a day-to-day basis for this period as he was in early childhood growth phase. I was carrying out a quick check of his experience footprint periodically, at least once in an earth year. My intervention was required only once. That was in the beginning of third year. It was the time when standard human beliefs were being built into his young mind. Life was treating him just like another child. However, in human life, it is an important period where beliefs required for future indoctrination are built. It was too early stage for building health, sex, relationship, money and political beliefs. Good amount of religious beliefs was being fed into him. I simply erased all of that from Enlighto’s memory and set his mind on auto erase mode about religious beliefs. It was important that he did not get trapped into any one religion. In fact, our experiment was to be religion, politics and money neutral. All this happened without the knowledge of Life. My analysis of Lifesh’s description had indicated that any kind of indoctrination would result in blinding the person completely to the other options available in the same area.

All of a sudden, I felt the need to find out in detail what Enlighto is up to. Immediately, I accessed his complete experience footprint. It looked beautiful, serene and normal representing the innocence of human childhood. Enlighto was not thinking about anything, although thoughts used to cross in his mind by virtue of events happening and the consequences of moving around. All religious inputs had bumped off his mind. He was an active kid. Everyone came in contact with him felt happy with his childish maneuvers. He was just moving from one event to the other without applying his mind. On some occasions like having a fever and physically hurting himself during play, he had felt pain without understanding what the feeling was. He had developed a dislike for the pain and knew how to avoid the pain as a natural instinct. He had become fond of sweet dishes. He liked to eat anything that is sweet. He disliked anything that is bitter. He was not able to differentiate between sour and bitter when it came to taste of food.

(Rewrite is due...please await)

This story is just beginning.

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The Road Ahead

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