Anononymous Messiah


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Chapter 1 : Creating an anonymous messiah


 “Jifesh, I am here with a proposal which has the potential to provide life changing information to those undergoing the experiences in my service area as human beings.” Lifesh said starting the dialog for planning our new project. “I am requesting your help in disseminating the information to the needy.” He was pronouncing my name with a little more emphasis on the alphabet f. I know. My name is composed out of a word that is not found in any dictionary and hence would sound somewhat weird to all those who are living on the earth. Fortunately, it sounds similar to words like life and wife with an ‘sh’ attached at the end.

His voice sounded melodious like harmonically produced music and actions seemed appropriate for an adult speaking to an innocent young child. I felt like keeping on listening to that voice forever. He had appeared for this discussion as a tall mature and handsome person wearing a hat while I was there appearing as a dwarf with an innocent face of a healthy child. Joshus had joined us as an elderly person resembling Santa in full costume, including the trademark beard.

The dwarf child in me replied back to Lifesh with the same zeal. “Lifesh, we all know you as an interesting and lovely person who runs an amazing service called Life. Your creativity is well known in our realm.  In recent times, I have not been able to avail your services. I know, it is time for me to have some beautiful and mesmerizing bunch of experiences under your supervision. Before I can make up my mind about it, you are approaching me with a proposal. I know it will be a very interesting proposal. I am thrilled.”

Lifesh smiled at my encouraging response. It was a friendly smile. I felt disarmed and completely surrendered to the friendliness. It looked like the smile coming from an adult who comes across an innocent kid.

“We are here to create a personality having a lifetime of experiences in the service area of life. We are here to create a story containing the information which has a chance of producing life changing experience for the reader. The idea revolves around verbally demonstrating the logically appealing actions which provide understanding whatever is happening in human life right at this moment. More importantly, it will expose a large number of secrets hidden away by life; making it easy to understand why the events are happening the way they are and what can be done to experience life in a different way.” Joshus said in a serious tone, fitting the role of a facilitator.

"Jifesh, you will don a pivotal role in the story Joshus is talking about. Consider it as your time has come and your wish of availing the service is granted right away. Last time when you availed my services, you went in as a nurse. You wanted to see how people go through the pains of life firsthand, particularly when they are about to complete their quota of experiences they desired to have. You were particular about having that experience in spite of the fact that it is a very constrained experience. Let us make it a bit different this time around. I want to send you as a messiah. Unless you want to constrain yourself like in the last instance, there are no other conditions to meet." Lifesh said.

Those were the words which formed the foundations of my new special personal connection to your world. As you notice, it was a request from Lifesh, not an order. Hence, more digging was necessary before I could accept the offer.

“Why do you want me to take up that role and go through that experience, Lifesh?”I asked innocently.

“Well, that is an interesting question with an obvious answer, Jifesh. As  creators of the service we all have our own reasons to offer new kinds of experiences within the service area. I am acutely aware of my responsibilities towards life, particularly in improving and expanding it.” Lifesh said with a cute smile on his face.

I know. It is difficult for you to understand what is transpiring between the three of us. Some necessary details need to be spelt out before you can understand what is transpiring in this conversation. I will spell out those details as we move along. However, those details might look unrealistic and you have the liberty to pass those details off as a fictional speculation.

But, wait! Before dismissing those details please do a favor to yourself. I hope you are aware of your conscience, I mean, that small voice at the back of your head which keeps telling you about rights and wrongs in your actions carried out during the process of living. I know you have never done this. For a change, ask a simple question to that voice with the specific intent of getting a correct answer : Who or what is controlling my life? Do not fool yourself with a generalized unproven meaningless myth filled answer that has been circulated around for ages.

Lifesh, Joshus and I belong to a group of extremely powerful alien beings. For your conceptualization, you can think of us as Souls. We are the creators of your world. We minutely control whatever is happening in your world.

It is time for me to tell you a secret about your connection to us.

Believe it or not, you have a direct connection to our world because you are living in a world created by Lifesh, a colleague of mine. One of us conceived and created you, and, sent you to the place where you are residing at present. That colleague of mine wanted to undergo a specific set of experiences and Lifesh was providing those specific experiences where you are having them right now. You call it as life, more specifically, your life.

“That precisely is what I want to know, Lifesh. The reasons! You say there are the reasons from your side without specifying them. There must be appealing reasons for me to accept and get ready to undergo what you are asking me to go through. Your request is a surprise to me because this is something that defies the tradition. Messiah, as I understand the word, represents an extremely responsible role. Generally, when someone opts for undergoing an experience with any of the services on offer, that soul undergoes it with gay abandon and does not take responsibility for anything that happens as a result. All responsibility lies with the service owner. As a service owner, your aspirations are absolutely normal and appreciable. But as a service seeker, why should I burden myself unnecessary responsibility? Why should I even consider taking up the role which you are offering me? Is it a secret mission?”I must have looked like a question mark with all confusions expressed on my young innocent face.

“No. It is not a secret mission. But, the word secret is very much involved in the game. There is much more behind something that is called as 'secret' than generally accepted and understood. We will uncover it in a unique way. At this point, I am confirming that the mission is about the word secret. As far as the responsibility is concerned, you need not take any of it.” Lifesh said, clarifying his earlier statements.

“Why do you want to do that?” I was a bit curious.

“There is a riddle like situation that has formed in the service. Life, as the participants feel has become so boring by being predictable. At the same time it has become extremely complex and is getting out of control. Once in a while, an unexpected jolt needs to be given to all who are having the experiences. This will make them happier and makes the service itself more agile. As you can see, I am making an attempt to provide a fair barter to all of them for availing the service.” Said Lifesh.

It is right time to tell you about us, our realm and its characteristics. This description might make our place of inhabitation look like an alien environment. It really is. You need not speculate about it anymore.

We are the part of a group of billions of eternal souls enjoying a bliss filled existence at all times residing in a realm beyond the space and time. We need not do anything for a living. There is no birth and no death for us. We do not get hungry, angry or thirsty. We do not grow, shrink or wink. We do not have a fixed body like human beings and animals which inhabit a dimensioned space like earth. In this location, our existence is felt by a highly dispersed ethereal looking matter which we call as our demeanor.

Do not mistake these statements. Not having a well formed identifiable body is an advantage. That allows us to take up any required shape or form whenever we want. We chose the shape and form suitable for the situation. It works exactly like wearing matching clothes for the occasion in your world.

We do not have a need for sexual distinction in our realm. There is no need for us to copulate for the sake of producing an offspring. There is no need of multiplying our tribe because all of us are eternal beings. We do not communicate using a linguistic process. All of our communications are instant and totally understood. All these supernatural things are possible because we are located in a paradigm beyond space and time.

The major portion of our existence is spent by immersing ourselves in total bliss. As individuals it is our main job. All of us hold a secondary job. We choose our secondary job to showcase our creative abilities. For secondary job, each of us creates an entity which is called as a service or unique world. The secondary job engages every individual soul creating, managing and controlling at least one unique world. Every world has a specific kind of environment, which produces a specific set of experiences matching the environment other souls in our realm aspire for. In effect, collectively we have created trillions of worlds, producing trillions of unique kinds of experiences.

The service owner’s soul has full control over the worlds created by it. Other souls enjoy the specific experiences provided inside that world as customers of the services. There is no payment or fee involved to avail any service. There is a negotiation process about what exact set of experienced the customer will go through while enjoying the service as a customer. There is one condition customer souls must meet. The customer’s souls are barred from using their infinite power and adhere to the powers given by the service owner’s soul.

For example, I have created a world called Jife, which  rhymes with the very familiar word life and another equally familiar word wife in your world, and I manage it all by myself. The services provided at Jife are creative adventure games, played in what can be called as two dimensional time. This game is designed for creatures having seven legs and two wings and serenity is the theme of the game. I can create more worlds made up of interesting and different characteristics, if I desire so. To create a world, there are no restrictions other than the amount of creativity and imagination we can pour into making that world gel.

Producing experiences to a customer soul meets two different purposes. On one side, the customer enjoys the experience. On the other, it provides valuable feedback about the service itself. The soul receiving the services is always connected to our world by sending out the details of whatever is going on in its experience profile. We record and store those details as a footprint for reference and further analysis. This footprint can be looked up for reference whenever we need. The entire footprint is accessible to all of us without any restrictions or limitations. It helps the provider soul to make necessary corrections to the service and offer new exotic experiences. It helps seeker souls to pick and choose the kind of experience they aspire for.

This specific arrangement is necessary for a reason. Because we are powerful, we have one big weakness. In the paradigm where we are located, all that we can do is to love everyone unconditionally leading into no definable distinct experience which we identify as bliss. This is the result of being beyond space and time. There is no future and there is no past. There is no sequence either. All that exists is now and we are always here putting us into the realm of ‘now’’here’, I mean, “nowhere”. For example, in our current location both pain and pleasure are experienced as one and the same without making any distinction. Fear, which is the driving force of your world, does not exist in our current location because there is no death for us.  We cannot hurt ourselves or any other soul in any manner. In effect, we cannot experience any of the emotions and the accompanying feelings those emotions produce. If we desire to experience the emotions and sensations as separate feelings we need to avail the services offered by a soul called Lifesh or similar services offered by many other souls.

Our normal existence is a dreamlike state which is specially crafted as a rhythmic dance using color, light and sound. The colors are a great deal sharper and the sound is more melodious than on earth. Since we do not have eyes or ears, we sense the color and sound through our entire demeanor. In our realm, generally, a beautiful celestial dance of colors accompanied by matching music would be playing in full flow resulting in a comfortably pleasant dream inducing environment. The combination of color, music and ambience create a serene, blissful effect. All of us love this tranquil feeling and enjoy the bliss produced by immersing ourselves into it.

When time and space do not exist, the events do not happen in a specific sequence. That is why the story I am narrating, is already complete. It is already stored as a footprint. All the events have happened simultaneously. That poses a difficulty for both narrator and the reader. Sequencing the events in a specific order is a challenge faced by the narrator. If something goes out of sequence, understanding the story becomes difficult. Also, the linguistic process we use for communication works totally differently. You will not understand a single word of what I say, if I use that language here. That is the reason I am using your language and I am happy to take up the responsibility of sequencing the events in the form of a story in a language you can understand. There is an issue with the language though. This issue needs elaboration. Enlighto, the main character of the story will uncover it using an example for you in a later chapter.

I can give you two examples which are meant to help you in understanding the issue of sequencing. The first example is this book itself. The book exists in the completed form in your hands, which means that the whole story is already in your hands. Unless you read the story sequentially, you will not be able to make any sense out of it.

For the second example, you can think of a DVD where the full movie is recorded. Just by looking at the DVD, you will not see the movie. You need to play the DVD with a player. On the DVD, the beginning, middle and end of the story exist simultaneously. The player sequentially reads the information and shows it as a story on a screen. As a narrator, I am doing the job of the DVD player.

Let me explain how I landed myself with the conversation I was having with Lifesh. It happened in our realm in an experience planning meeting. 

In the present, there was a disturbance in the dreamlike state of our existence. The tone of the music changed to a slower beat. Colors changed their rhythm matching the music. The music started winding down. At the same time, the pace of color change too slowed down matching musical beats. Finally, everything came to a complete halt. Suddenly, there was absolute silence.

Immediately, a bright transparent stream of white ethereal fluid replaced color rainbow matching the silence. All of us were immersed by the pure whiteness of transparent ether. Usually, this is the situation before a new melody is played and color regrouping is carried out to indicate a change in paradigm. It also results in applying corresponding changes to the deeper parts of the environment.

On rare occasions, music came to a halt producing a situation of silence like it has done now. In our understanding this is an indication for starting a new activity which has no precedent and is attempted for the first time. Our blissful existence was interrupted by these kinds of announcements which we considered as interesting. Some of us are about to individualize for creating something valuable. We welcomed it happily because it meant doing something different than aimless bliss filled floating.

All of us, who were merged as a single entity enjoying the swirl of colors and pleasant music, turned our attention towards the broadcast about to begin. We looked up expecting identification of players designated to take part in the activity. 

We have been using a simple mechanism for the purpose of identifying the players. A focused beam of colored light, like the shaft of a searchlight shown in adventure themed movies, focuses itself on each player separately. After marking all the players who are required to participate in the game by using the beam of same colored light, an independent person is identified with a beam of light having a different color. This person has an important role in facilitating the discovery, formalization and execution of the plan. Following identification of the players, idea exchange dialog takes place between the players under the careful watch of the facilitator which gets broadcasted for the benefit of everyone. Sometimes, listeners may take part in the activity by giving suggestions on the details involved in the plan.

As I watched, a crimson red beam appeared. I felt it something is out of sync with tradition. In our eons of history, the traditional color of the pointer beam had been a hue of blue. Once in a while, a hue of green served the same purpose. 

This abrupt departure to a new color meant something unusual and special item is under consideration. 

Suddenly, the crimson red beam started shaking wildly before it focused and settled on me. Then, another crimson beam appeared, moved rhythmically in a random pattern and finally settled itself on Lifesh. We began drifting towards each other. Yet another deep blue beam appeared and settled itself on Joshus and immersed him in blue. Joshus immediately started drifting towards us. When our demeanors met, it resulted in a tight love filled hug. We remained hugged enjoying each other’s company for quite a while.

Then it was time to get on with the business at hand. For that we needed to be individualized.

I individualized as a dwarf with an innocent face of a healthy child. Lifesh individualized as a tall mature and handsome person wearing a hat. We both saw Joshus individualizing as an elderly person resembling Santa in full costume, including the trademark beard. While individualizing ourselves, we generally do not carry all of our soul powers. We carry just enough power for the assumed purpose.

Then, the conversation described above started and we had reached a stage where I could see Lifesh’s zeal towards improving the service. But, his request has created a   reversed scenario. Normally, the soul desiring the experience is the seeker and in this case the service provider was seeking. I could understand the reason why the crimson light was used in the identification process.

“Actually, I want to go as a regular customer soul and enjoy your services for a while. I want to enjoy my life in a carefree manner when I go there. From what you say, I am feeling that you want me to do something else. Did you want me to don the role of a messiah...the enlightened…a cult leader with a new set of ideas and huge following which will eventually convert those ideas into poison?” I asked Lifesh.

“That is not exactly what I said. Let me clarify. Yes. I want you to don the role of a messiah. That does not mean you have to become a cult leader or you should have a mass following. By the way, you seem to have an unfavorable opinion about cult leaders and messiahs. There must be some reasons for that.” Lifesh said.

  “I have solid reasons, Lifesh. Becoming a cult leader is not my kind of a thing. In fact, the cult leaders are the ones who are selling enlightenment without themselves being enlightened. Their descriptions of enlightenment are laced with commercial hype and promises of unattainable bliss. Their prescriptions to realize the promises are awkward. Fortunately, for them it sells in large quantities without putting in much of an effort. That snake oil smells nice and often produces a fatal mental high. I do not want to be a producer of yet another new brand of snake oil. I hope you get the clarity about my opinion.” I said sneering.

“I do. But that should not be a deterrent to don such a role.” said Lifesh.

“You seem to want me to act as a responsible person by projecting an image which is destined for worship by being different and strictly adhering to an imaginary standard code of conduct.” I replied.

“Not really, Jifesh. Let me try to approach the issue from a different perspective. Suppose, you decide to go into my service on your own, then what is going to be your choice?”

  “Let me think. Oh! I remember now. Sex is the most enjoyable experience in human life. When I went there as a nurse, I have enjoyed it the most as a collateral experience. In fact, I would prefer to have an experience as a female sex worker. But, going there as a messiah? Am I not supposed to have sex and practice complete celibacy while having a fully capable body burning with sexual desires? am not cut out for that role. That is deprivation and I am not interested in going through such a suffering.”

“That can be changed, Jifesh. Are there any other reasons why you do not want to become a messiah?” Lifesh questioned back.

 “I do not want to become a big fellow sitting on the pedestal when I am alive and occupy a prominent place in the pages of history books for my temporary name after I leave that place for ages to come. An experience should treated as just that. Come easy and go easier. Can I suggest some alternatives for you so that you can move ahead with your plan?” I said.

“Go ahead.” Lifesh said.

“There should be millions of power hungry human beings existing already within the service who are aspiring to take up that role happily. If you look around, there must be millions more souls eager to take up this role around here. With all buzzing bells and whistles, I know what a mess that service itself has become. I know how seductively attractive it is. I recognize how deep the rabbit hole goes. I know this is sounding pretty harsh. I wish I could respond to you more politely.” I said weighing my words.

In our realm there is no concept of rejection. Hence, no proposal could ever be rejected, however weird it might look and feel. ‘No’ was just a word available for presenting the analysis as part of the discussion. However, the proposer of the idea would take the reasonableness of the argument into account and drop the idea itself. That, we found, eliminated all the scope for fighting with each other. However, dropping the idea happened very rarely because we recognized the fact that weirdest ideas turned out as most creative ideas.

Joshus interjected.” Jifesh, I know exactly what Lifesh is offering in his service. I think you have not watched his service offering in the current state. It looks like you had availed those services when it was not as matured as it is now. Things have changed dramatically in favor of liberal expression. These days messiah’s can come in different shapes than the stereotype you are referring to.”

I was glad for the conciliatory note emanating from Joshus. He seemed enthusiastic about marketing the services offered by Lifesh. In fact, the role of facilitation demanded that skill. I looked at Lifesh. He was not disappointed at the strong words I had used.

“Lifesh, I know I am bound by the lovely nonexistent rules of this paradigm to assist you in improving the service. That is the unconditional love operating from my side. However, this proposal calls for more brainstorming. We will have to think more about what we will achieve in that illusory world and why we are going to do it this way. I do not think sending a messiah is the only solution. If you plan it right, the desired result can be obtained in many other ways.”I said.

“Sure, Jifesh. As you have pointed out, there are many other ways and some are logically appealing too. But, I have a different kind of idea and want to do it as a fun game. That is why I am here with a proposal. Anyway, let us go ahead with the brainstorming. For a start, I have a question. Have you ever undergone an experience of spiritual serenity in your existence as a human being or anything similar?” Lifesh asked.

“Yes, I have undergone it and I liked it a lot. It was not when I had taken up the role of a nurse in your service. That time, my concentration was focused on reducing the pain of dying persons as part of the profession and enjoying the bliss produced by involving sexual activities in my spare time. Joshus too offers human existence experience where serenity is the theme of experience.” I replied, pointing to Jushus. Suddenly, I became aware of the reason why Joshus was chosen as the facilitator.

“The human intelligence is a special and unique expression of the divine abilities. When it comes into my sphere of influence, it gets ignited producing fantastic results. That is why so many souls are going through the human experience and a large number of souls are waiting to jump in.” said Lifesh.

I interrupted him sensing an opportunity. “You can choose anyone on that waiting list for the role. Why pick on me?”

“I will answer your question convincingly. At this point I need to tell you about higher level design aspects of the service. I will tell more about the structural design aspects of the service later. That is because of the uniqueness of service design itself.”

 “What is so exceptional about the service design?” I asked.

“I do not manage it day-to-day like all other souls do. For managing the service, I have created a service name personality called Life who follows a set of specific guidelines. Because of that, there is a lot of room to play freely when you avail the service.”

“I have felt the kind of freedom you are explaining when I was there and people in your world are hell bent on misusing it. Does that offer any special benefits?” I asked.

“That is an important question. We cannot cause any damage in our paradigm. Neither can we construct anything. All that we can do is planning and executing the plan using a service run by one of our colleagues. Our group members with an exceedingly high level of intelligence would like to use their intelligence to cause maximum damage and enjoy the process of damaging the world in creative ways. You should take note of this very special behavior. While causing the damage they think they are saving the world by their actions. Saying something on the positive side and doing yet another thing which is on the negative side is called hypocrisy. You cannot experience hypocrisy in our inhabitation how much ever you try. I have ensured that the human world is working because of hypocrisy. It is a very tasty substance. There never was a tastier substance than hypocrisy except elixir, the famed liquid of immortality. ..and I am the only one who is offering hypocrisy as part of the service. You need to taste the hypocrisy in its different forms. You will love it. If ever I venture into marketing my services, the pitch would be : taste something new that tastes as good as elixir.”

Joshus interjected "I agree with Lifesh on hypocrisy. I had liked that substance very much in my tour of Life and I tried to introduce a modified version of it in my world. Somehow, every participant who tasted and relished it, was of the opinion it is not compatible with the kind of serene environment I am offering. They did not have any complaint about the taste per se. Actually, it is the death process in the Lifesh's world that is making hypocrisy tasty. As I did not want to adopt same death process from Lifesh, I decided to discontinue the use of hypocrisy. Jifesh, you are in for a treat because you are going to experience hypocrisy after undergoing the serenity experience offered by me. You will reach a point where you will wonder whether the serenity experienced is real. The hypocrisy is so powerful."

I looked at Joshus. He was smiling at me appreciatively. I did not know this input about dealing with hypocrisy from Joshus will become a reality of mine very soon.

Suddenly, I felt the need to move away from this discussion and think about the proposal from Lifesh and possible alternate solutions. I started to move away. Lifesh or Joshus did not try to stop me from moving away. In fact, Lifesh smiled and went on to say “Jifesh, please listen to me carefully. I acknowledge that your perception about my proposal is correct. There are millions of them out there already inhabiting my world. They are all wannabe’s trying to do something else than what they bargained for when they wanted to avail the service. Asking for one thing and trying to do something else is the definition of hypocrisy when you use alternate words. Of course, all of them are enjoying the hypocrisy by wanting to do this. No one has the capability to withstand the rigors of what I am proposing. No one is perfect enough.”

Something stopped me in my tracks. Same thing made me to respond. I turned back and faced Lifesh.

“You know your world well enough and I have to agree with what you say. But there are enough around here and all of us are perfect. You can ask someone else who is interested in the job. I think Joshus is interested in the deal.” I protested along with the suggestion of a viable alternative.

Lifesh laughed out loudly at my suggestion and said “That exactly is the reason you were chosen, Jifesh. Someone needs to carry out these duties. Anyone around here can do it. The system has identified you and Joshus as companions for me in this activity. As you can see, Joshus is already taking care of his responsibilities as a facilitator.”

“So, you want to send me as perfect one. Rhymes well with Enlightened One! And I can aspire to get the title of one and the only ‘Hypocrisy Buster Messiah’! ” I retorted back.

“From your point of view that is a perfectly valid observation. What I can tell you is this. What is on offer is a different kind of role and I am making sure that my world has never seen such a person before. You will not become a messiah of the mass. Surely, you will not become a cult leader. You are not required to ask anyone to follow you or produce weird magic to keep your followers entertained. You will not tell any truth which others are compelled to accept. Most importantly, you will not be barred from having sexual experiences.” Lifesh said.

“Then what kind of a role it is going to be?” Curiosity made me speak.

“This role provides you the opportunity to have as much sex as you want, this time as a male partner. You know me well enough. You also know there is no truth in experiences produced by Life. There is no truth in life either as an experience or personalized existence. From that perspective, all that you will be doing is nothing. You will simply keep a watch. Whatever needs to be done gets done in your presence and under your observation. At times your body might be used and your mind might produce reactions in your own words. You will record those reactions.” Lifesh said.

“How do you plan to achieve that without creating a cult or a group of followers?” I asked.

“I have created enough number of idiots to do your bidding in that world. The majority of them will never come in direct contact with you. In fact, lots of souls have gone out there to have an experience of idiotic behavior. They have been made to occupy powerful and controlling positions in the game. They are waiting there for someone great to come perform the magic of bursting their painstakingly constructed bubble without even touching it physically. I will ensure sufficient number of additional idiots is created as per the needs of the situation. All through the process, you will remain as a passive observer or a withdrawn commentator. Your lifespan will be what can be called as obscure existence except for the initial stages.”

 “Hmm..feels nice and interesting and ridden with contradictions!” I exclaimed.

“It is not contradiction. It is a kind of myth busting. As a service provider, for me, creating the myths is a pleasure filled activity. For all seekers of experience, busting the myths is a pleasure filled activity. Between these two activities, the word secret gets its meaning. That too from the myth busters’ side. In born stupidity is the cause of perpetuating the myths. I have deliberately spread a wrong belief in my world. Enlightenment and stupidity are poles apart. That is a myth. What is represented by the word enlightenment is a matter of perspective and so is with the word stupidity. Enlightened ones can be stupid and stupid fellows can get enlightened. In fact, many persons who are destined to get enlightened in the future will be rank simpletons. There is no tangible pleasure in getting enlightened. Neither there is one in being stupid.” Lifesh said.

“Then what is the purpose of sending a messiah?” I asked.

“There is an acute need to bring the people undergoing the life experience out of the overused parts of the spider webs I have created, so that they can get into under used parts of the spider webs and have out of the box thrilling experiences. Along with that, there are several problem areas in the service which need some sort of idea infusions. With respect to the world, my thinking and implementation is coming from a specific intellectual level. I am convinced about the fact that the problems mentioned cannot be solved from the level they are created. That is where this meeting comes in. You have proven yourself with a high level of service oriented thinking. I had experienced Jife recently. I appreciate divineness of the game and the satisfaction it produces as serenity filled experience. My game too needs some infusion of divinity at this point and I am seeking your help.” Lifesh said in a persuading tone.

The request was so well worded that I felt full appreciation for Lifesh. I went into a thinking mode.

Lifesh continued “I have chosen and accepted you as the right person for the job. You must accept this assignment. I guarantee you will enjoy the entire game differently.”

The tone used by Lifesh was enterprising like the one coming from a seasoned politician making an outlandish undeliverable promise in exchange for the vote in a democratic set up. I was surprised about why Lifesh is not resorting to creative marketing in the persuasion process. I was surprised why my greed for new and exotic experiences is not being exploited.

“I know what you are thinking my dear one. I have no interest or wherewithal to try creative marketing or hyping it up to make a sale. I am not going to do it even if I have to drop this idea. The truth lies here in our paradigm. Truth is not marketable. What all I have is impermanent truth to offer in my service area. I mean, the truth I offer changes with time person and situation and is highly interpretable. I need not explain this further. You know this already.”

“I understand it well, Lifesh. Still, I am trying to convince myself.” I said.

“In the current scenario, the illusory world created by me needs some temporary adjustments through the use of a passive messiah. The messiah will use two specific words at the theme level which have opposing meanings and expose as many secrets as possible hidden inside my creation using these two words. Of course, the explanation produced by you and you as the messiah will be made public. The task is laborious, but not difficult. It is easier than you perceive at this moment. The required creative background is already in place in the illusory world. It is available as hardcore infrastructure facilitating various forms of communication. All that you are expected to do is to use the infrastructure actively.” Lifesh was forthcoming with the information.

“What are those two words? I am interested in knowing more about those words.” I said actively.

“One of the two words you are going to explore deeply is ‘enlightenment’ which incidentally is your favorite. In the process, I will help you to extract the meaning of the word secret. That is going to be the theme of first set of experiences and the explanation given as a reason for having those experiences. You need to do the guess work about the second word and I have dropped some hints already. By the way, please do not use your soul powers for the guessing the second word. There is fun in an automatic situation based discovery. It will feel different.” Lifesh was perhaps trying to give a broad outline of his plan.

The word enlightenment sealed it for me and the decision was quickly made my side. It looked funny, yet, interesting. Becoming anonymous messiah in a world that depends on hypocrisy filled visible marketing to run smoothly looked funny.  The real challenge is in trying to push serious spiritual messages without using a larger than life personal profile, in a world starving for spiritual inputs. It will result in interesting struggle. Everything taken into account, the overall proposal felt a right choice for the kind of outlook I had as a soul.

Now you know. That is the background of my connection to your world.  Soon, a part of me will come and reside as a human being amongst you on the earth. I will assume the role of a special kind of messiah and expose the secrets of Life which are needed for your immediate use and have been hidden from you purposefully. In these pages, you will have a chance to connect with me, if you desire so.

As far as possible, I will remain anonymous. I have no intentions of crossing your path personally and affecting your day-to-day life in any manner, unless you desire to do it yourself. All that I am going to do is broadcasting the information in the form of messages using all possible means of communication, which can be used as an advice. If you get interested in those inputs, it is a sign of your aspiration for the specific experiences you will have by using that information. In fact, Lifesh has decided to present you with those inputs through me for helping you to complete the set of experiences you desired as a soul.

“There is nothing to seek in the kind of bonding we are involved, Lifesh. Let me reiterate. I love you unconditionally. Now, go ahead and tell me details of your plan. I am ready for the role.” I said in a meek surrender.

“I do not have a concrete plan, Jifesh. It is going to be a situation based discovery all the way. Let us enjoy by surprising ourselves in the process. As I told you earlier, being the service provider of Life, I have certain classic experiences to serve. With a large number of souls taking up the service they have been able to explore the limits of those experiences and those experiences have reached an unsustainable level of complexity and crudity. Complexity is acceptable, but crudity is not. Complexity always results in confusion around the experience generated and enhances the depth of experiences extracted while crudity leads to unnecessary bloodshed. There is a necessity to bring in sophistication by eradicating the crudity. An urgent message needs to be delivered. Other than using the blood for essential life progression, there is no necessity to shed blood at all.” Lifesh said.

Those words from Lifesh were enough to finalize the deal all three of us. The decision was made. Joshus erupted into an ecstatic Santa dance jig to celebrate the success of his facilitation. We watched the beautiful dance.

Once the decision was made, it was time to act by creating the messiah and sending him to earth as a human being. On my part, I segregated a portion from myself and rolled it up into a black ball.  Then I filled it up with energy and intelligence required to fulfill my part of the obligation. Once a sufficient amount of energy was filled, the ball started shining and rotating around a horizontal axis in my hand. I handed the moving ball over to Lifesh. Lifesh took it in his right hand passed it over to Joshus. Joshus took the ball in his right hand. Then, Lifesh too segregated a part of himself which emerged out as a white ball slightly bigger than mine. He too impregnated the ball with his energy and intelligence. Once impregnated, the ball started hissing. Lifesh handed over the ball to Joshus. Joshus took the ball in his left hand.  Then Joshus asked for the permission to merge my ball of energy into Lifesh’s ball of energy. Both of us agreed. Joshus smashed my ball into Lifesh’s ball. The balls collided with each other producing a grand colorful explosion. A bright point of light emerged out of the explosion and started moving towards the horizon.  Suddenly, the musical instruments started playing a new tune and a pattern of light formed which read “Long live Soulabud Jaanik Enlighto” on the horizon in shining deep blue letters.

Naming all new entities arising out of the plan is the responsibility of the facilitator. Joshus was well known to produce names with excellent meanings. Looking at those words in the messiah’s name, I became curious about the meaning of those three words. It needed using my soul power. Suddenly, I knew it all. Soulabud was standing for buddy of a soul. Jaanik stood for the meaningless world he was entering and the rest is too obvious. Later, when I checked the human dictionary, all these words were not a part of it.

There was jerking movement as we started following the point of light. The journey went on for quite a while.

The scenario changed abruptly. In front of us there was world in full view. All three of us started watching the beautiful world created by

Lifesh. An enormous person in full war gear materialized and greeted Lifesh.

 “Father, welcome and salutes. I have been waiting for quite a while to meet you. Have you brought the messiah you promised during the last meeting?”

Lifesh said “Yes Life. Here is the messiah I promised you. He exists as a point of light now. He will be known as anonymous messiah. You can go ahead with the process of taking him into your world. Please provide him enough freedom to act the way he prefers. Do not allow him expose your secrets. But, ensure that he will face the consequences whenever he breaks a rule. You can treat him the way you like except for the easy way out.”

Life told Lifesh “Everything will done as per your wish, Father. They are my orders and they will be carried out in right earnest. What about the religious, political and money orientations of this person? Should he get bounded into any specific religion?”

Lifesh said “I will provide you with the information at the right time. For now, let us go ahead with the birthing process of the messiah. The overall process needs to be a completely low visibility normal process and there should be no reference to the event in the published history.”

“Yes, father. I am ready. Let us go ahead.”

Lifesh looked at me with a smile on his face. Instantly, I knew. Joshus and myself were not visible to Life. Also, intuitively I knew that there will be a detailed clarification about this coming from Lifesh very soon.

As we watched, the scenario shifted to the middle portion of the earth. We were about to witness a fantastic, but a low profile event. We used ultraviolet, invisible to the human eye, layer for our exclusive use. We entered a house immersed in total darkness. We had to use our soul power to see what was happening. It was a bedroom where a completely naked man and stark naked woman were involved in sensuous love making. The atmosphere felt very charged. The things were approaching a crescendo. Passion was overflowing between the couple. Life too was there in the invisible infrared layer along with the shining point of light, this time in a priest’s attire.

As I watched Life, he split the point of light into two portions and sent one of those portions into the woman and the other portion into the man. The energy from the light got merged into the man and woman and point of light disappeared after splintering into small pieces which resembled shiny stars. Suddenly, the man exploded through an energy release and woman responded equally with her exploding orgasm. As we watched, the pieces of light reemerged in the reverse order of splintering and shined briefly as they merged, forming a point of light again inside the woman’s womb and then disappearing. I knew conception of the messiah has taken place at this auspicious moment. Lifesh and Joshus blessed the man and woman as they embraced each other after experiencing the peak of divine bliss. I too joined them in blessing the couple.

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Chapter 2 :Structural foundations of Life

Once the task of conception of messiah was completed, we moved back to our regular inhabitation. Lifesh indicated that we continue with our meeting as he had some important information to pass on about the project. He wanted all other souls to hear our conversation and whatever we discussed was broadcasted.

“Since we have created our messiah” Lifesh started “let me go ahead and give you useful information to develop a plan for the life progression of the messiah. I intend to expose and share almost all structural details of the service I offer. Jifesh, the information I am sharing now will give you enough room for thinking, analyzing and arriving at what actions are needed from your end. Using and analyzing this information, you can plan the individual activities and provide timely directions to Enlighto.”

“Do you think I need this information? Can I not pick it up from our consolidated footprint library?” I asked.

 “Of course, you need this information and for sure you can pick it up from the consolidated footprint library. And that is a good idea. Yet, I need to tell you some important things which must go into your planning. Otherwise, our experiment will remain incomplete. Also, once you go through the footprint, we can discuss the remaining items for clearing any of the doubts you may have about the service.” Lifesh said.

“Go ahead, then.” This time it was enthusiastic Joshus prodding Lifesh.

 “This a extremely simplified view, Jifesh. Let me describe the service details in two parts. First of them is a service personality. Second one is about service components in terms of spider webs I mentioned earlier.” Lifesh said.

“When you refer to the term service personality, do you mean the warrior who welcomed us to your universe and shape shifted as a priest while messiah was conceived?” I asked.

“Yes. That is the personality I referred to. And that is the person Enlighto needs to deal with. The process of life is fully a programmed behavior. This personality is the mechanism that is used for reporting program errors and reprogramming for an upgrade. Of course, at the core he is a mechanical monster. He is so extremely mechanical that sometimes he looks and feels completely merciless and cruel. What I mean to say is, you can expect same results for same actions.” Lifesh started explaining.

“I have one simple doubt, Lifesh. That person looked like an intelligent person. He looked like a very powerful person too. He can shape shift like us. Why did he not see Joshus and me?” I asked inquisitively.

Joshus said “That’s for a simple reason, Jifesh. He belongs to a different paradigm.”

“Joshus is right. Currently, let us specifically focus on personality. Of course, there are other parts to this programming interface as a person than what you have observed. Within the service, he is the most powerful person who can encompass everything. Within the service he can shape shift to any physical component that exists.” Lifesh said.

“Surely, the service feels unique. According to my earlier experience as nurse, he is invisible to the seekers in the service area too! I had never seen him.” I wondered.

 “Not only that, Life has another specific difference compared to all other services. A lot of repetitions keep happening within the life. I do not interfere directly in creating the experience for individual customers. Life is programmed to do it on its own using the collective energy produced by the participants and using that energy against those very same participants.” Said Lifesh trying to elaborate.

“I do not understand the reason why that kind of an arrangement is needed.” I expressed my doubt. 

“That is how the service manages energy balance without any further need of pumping energy from this side. That is how the service ensures that it is not defeated in any kind of confrontation. That is why it can shape shift in parts or as a whole. Like we can do everywhere, it can individualize in any form it desires inside that space. It cannot see any of the souls, except for me. In fact, it does not know the existence of any other souls except me. Its lifetime extends until I decide to destroy it, which can be as simple as waking up from a dream. It also thinks I am doing some magic to send seekers of experience and they are connected to me. It believes, I am the true nature of all those seekers.” Lifesh said.

“Okay. I got it. Are there any other specific differences?” I asked.

 “Here is another big one for you, Jifesh. All other services offered by our companions are built on the principle of ‘give everything happily’. Life acts differently in this case. It has an extremely demanding ‘take more than given’ part. Just to make sure that both give and take happens with respect to experiences, there is a reflection of all experiences of participants inside Life as a person. No participant can ever hide anything from Life. Hence, you can treat Life itself as a limited personality like all others undergoing the experiences. At the same time, that person possesses some of our infinite characteristics.” Lifesh said revealing a big secret.

“That is feels pretty weird. When I was there, I could not make this out.” Joshus said. He seemed perplexed at the kind of complexity employed by Life to just make a small portion of the service work.

I too could not fathom the depth of what Lifesh was saying. So, it was time to clarify.

“What difference does it make, Lifesh?” I asked.

“Let me answer both questions. There is nothing weird about it, Joshus. By arranging it that way, I need to check at only one place to know the deficiencies in the service. A service which is operational using ‘give only’ principle requires pumping of energy into it continuously from this side. I do not pump any energy from this side because of the take more than given part. The service balances itself by generating and transforming energy and sustains itself.” Lifesh said clarifying our doubts.

“That is a totally hands off approach, Lifesh. But, does it not create embarrassing situations when the limits of programming are violated accidentally or otherwise?” I asked, scratching my head.

“Violations happen now and then. They are not embarrassing in any way. Life acts erratically only when creative souls try to operate on the edges of its structural limits and I come to know about the kind of incursion and the action taken by Life. A breakdown of any sort is prevented at all costs, including destruction and reconstruction. Also, I have taken care to see no single soul has the capacity to cause unnecessary damage.” Lifesh said as a matter of fact.

“That gives an idea about how Life as a personality acts. That is a very good planning input.” I weighed in.

  “In the next part, I am going to describe the spider webs I mentioned earlier.” Lifesh paused to look at our reaction.

 Something felt amiss to me in this explanation. I needed clarification.

“You mean, Lifesh, I have to play around with those spider webs hanging out loosely without a defined support over there?” I was in a mood to clarify.

“A positive yes, Jifesh. It is a lot more complex than handling those spider webs. You will need a little more input to get the full picture. For that you need to study the footprint and write a report which I can verify. Then you will know how complex the whole set up is.” Lifesh said preparing for a long haul.

“I understand Lifesh. Figuring a way out of the spider webs is nothing new to me.” I said.

 “There are two layers of structures. One layer is physical and the second one is ethereal. Until now, in the course of offering the services, the physical structures have been challenged many times while ethereal structures have not been tested. Enlightenment deals with ethereal structures and Enlighto needs to attempt expanding the boundary of ethereal experiences. Secrets belong to half opened ethereal structures. This simply means thinking beyond the individual mind inside that world.” Lifesh stopped and looked at me inquisitively.

“So, you are pushing me into having ethereal experiences this time? No physical experiences like the little nurse, I was last time?” I was all questions.

“Not really so, Jifesh. You will have all sorts of physical experiences and you will start equating them in terms of the ethereal structures. The ethereal structures can be confusing to explain. The whole game of life as a human is to lead the person by misleading. Nothing is clear, except the start point. That also in the limited hindsight perceived through five senses of the person represented by using a physical structure. Beyond the starting point everything is an event in search of the end point, finally leading to the end point. No one is allowed to know about their own end point in advance, which can occur anytime. Within the context of the world, there is no hindsight for the end point to the person who passes through it. It is because along with the end of the game sensory mechanisms also get destroyed. In between, everything is made to look clear once the event is relegated to the past. It is not really so. Only partial information is made available from the reference point of the senses. This is the reason for existence of secrets.” Lifesh was moving full throttle into explaining his creation.

“I relate to that very well. I have seen too many deaths of people I had served with love as a nurse. Of course, I have not analyzed my own death of that lifetime. The only thing I felt about the death was sweetness I experienced as the weights and bindings got released.” I said, trying to internalize the information provided by Lifesh.

“The world is all about dealing with resources which in turn creates the experience by misleading. I mislead the one who is experiencing through overlapping layers of resources. In fact, those layers act like interwoven spinning spider webs. There are many such spider webs and I will cover only limited number in this discussion. Your report can uncover the rest whenever you produce the report. All spider webs conceptually expose themselves as triads. Currently they are raging and spinning themselves towards a situation where they might get out of the control of Life. More I try and simplify them, they are becoming more complicated. I can shut them down completely causing a lot of destruction. Shutting them down completely is a retrograde step. That will make my service offering unattractive and reduces the chance for creating innovative experiences.” Lifesh opened up the high level architecture component of the operational world.

“This information is hidden from the majority of the participants residing inside the service. Am I right, Lifesh?” Joshus created a question from nowhere.

“Yes. That is true. The theme of misleading remains, and works the same way for all layers. In the first layer of misguidance comes in the form of personal attributes comprising of health, relationships and sex. In the second layer it is imposed intelligently through the society based tools comprising of religion, money and politics. This has immediate reference to the surroundings and produces the effects by being outside of the experiencing mind and hence beyond the control of that mind while the mind thinks that it is controlling those things.”

“That is a beautiful arrangement of resources. I know, I had used only body, mind and things accessible to me without thinking how they are connected. I had thought they were all discreet.” said Joshus remembering his lifetime on the earth. 

“This is an important input for planning, Jifesh. If you can address these, the first phase of our experiment will be through.” Said Lifesh.

There was lot to think. “Sure, Lifesh. Let us use this as a framework for reference. To tell you frankly, it is already looking very complex to me. How will I equip our messiah?” I asked.

Lifesh gave it a careful thought. Then he said “Complexity is the most helpful thing for the kind of messiah you wanted to become. Complexity provides hiding place in the open. We will look at this in a little bit more detail towards the end of the first set of experiences of your messiah.”

That left Joshus and me filled with thoughts.

 “Yes. I have exposed the tip of the iceberg. The footprint report can turn out to be very exhaustive and huge. Let me tell you one thing in advance. It will be a boring read. We need to take a decision about publishing it after you prepare the report. That is it for this meeting. Now, let us get on with the action. Thanks Jifesh and Joshus. We can meet again on the occasion of Enlighto’s physical birth.” said Lifesh closing the meeting.

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The Road Ahead

This story is just beginning and there is a long way to go……

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Anonymous messiah : A saga of true and false enlightenment

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