The Monster Under the Bed


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It was a wet and wimbly night. The trees blew and the wind shook. Karaoke, Argyle Socks, and the Red Duchess sat huddled together on a couch in the 2GOI5 head quorters. Black Rose, Mantis and Four had all gone to the marathon of “The Chicken Lord” that was aering that night leaving Death, Doom and Destruction home alone. That was their nicknames of course. Red being Death, Karaoke Doom, and Socks, of course being Destruction.

“So, what time did they say they'd be home?” Karaoke asked shuddering as an earie howl echoed through the thunder and the pounding of rain on the roof. Outside the window a crack of lighting flashed on the tree outside the HQ. They heard it creek loudly before it came crashing down on the house.

“Socks? Socks where did you go?” Karaoke called out pushing herself out from beneath the soiiaked braches.

“Kary? I'm over here. Where are you? I can't see a thing,” Socks said moving the wet prickly pines of the tree away as she pushed toward where she heard Karaoke's voice.

“I'm over here,” Karaoke said reaching her hand out toward Socks.

She grasped the cold fingers and held on tightly.

“Where's Red?” she asked.

Socks eyes got wide.

“Oh, no. did she get crushed?” She said loudly.

“Red? Red?” They called out filtering through the branches and leaves.

“Oof!” Karaoke tripped over a branch. Well, she thought it was a branch.

“Hey, I found her,” she said grabbing her around the waist and hoisting her off the ground.

“Oh good. Now what are we gonna do about the roof?” Socks asks looking up at the giant hole in the roof through which buckets of rain were pouring down on them.

“Yeah Four's not gonna be happy about that.” Karaok says shaking her head.

Socks scoffs.

“Ha, Four? Rose is gonna be so mad. She just cleaned this carpet.” Socks says.

Karaoke nods her head in agrement.

“Oh my cheese,” Karaoke shouted falling to the ground as a huge bolt of lighting struck the house. Flame spurted up immediately sparking the wood on fire.

“Run,” Socks shouted grabbing Karaoke by the hand and dragging her out,Karaoke lagging behind her(she was still carying Red.) They got out of the house just in time to see it spark up in red flames and balls of sizling fire shoot into the sky and explode in all kinds of colors.

“Dang, there goes my fireworks,” Karaoke pouted.

“Ooh, pretty!” Socks chortled clapping her hands together.

“Man, now Mantis will never let me borrow his fireworks.” Karaoke said sadly.

“Aw, it's okay Kary, we can just make some BIGGER fireworks!” Socks said giving Karaoke a great big hug. This idea perks Karaoke up immediately.

“yay,” She said. I'm sure at this point she would have thrown her arms up in the air dramatically, but Red was still flopped over her shoulder, so the best she could manage was a half fling, extending her wrists up as far as she could, rather like a penguin.

Socks stroked her chin.

“Hm, it's getting wet, and I don't like being wet, plus it's cold. We should find somewhere dry that isn't on fire.” She said decidedly.

“Um, shouldn't we try to wake up Red first?” Karaoke said.(Red was aparently getting pretty heavy.)

“Oh, yeah,”Socks said. She looked around.

“Lets lay her down over there,” she said pointing to a little grove of SHORT trees, much safer then tall poines. Socks thought.

“Do you know CPR?” She asked Karaoke as they looked over Red's body laying on the wet ground.

“Hm, me neither. That's okay.” Socks said leaning over.

“oh, come on I want to do it. I like to see her face.” she whined.

“Oh,man okay,” Socks said.

Karaoke smiled evilly leaning over Red maliciously.

“Don't worry, we're gonna do CPR on you make you all better,” she took in a deep breath and paused for dramatic effect before plunging toward Red.

“AHH! NO!” Red screamed sitting up like a board. Sh She spots Jude and Sony. She walks e looked over and glared at Karaoke and Socks.

“You weren't really gonna do CPR on me, were you?” she asked staring at her distrustfully.

Karaoke looks wide eyed at her.

“What? No,pfffff why would I do that?” she said. The moment Red turned her back Karaoke and Socks did a quick highfive, their trademark move and return to standing position before Red could notice anything.

“What happened? What happened to the house?” Red said noticing the inferno of flame burning just twenty feet away. She looked at Karaoke and Socks accusingly.

“What we didn't do it this time, honest!” Karaoke said trying to look as honest as she could.

“Alright, well better all them,” Red said.

“Can't the power is out.” Karaoke responded.

“Hm, well we better wait for them to get back,” Red said.

“Can't they'll be at the Chicken Lord all night,” Karaoke said again.

“Well, we could try to get back into HQ?” Red questioned.

“Can't, the HQ is on fire,” Karaoke pointed out quite correctly once again.

Red glared at her. She was beging to get pretty annoyed, and it was at this moment, when Socks postponed Karaokes death with an evil chuckle.

“I know exactly the place we should go,” She said rubbing her fingers together evilly.

Karaoke turned her mouth open wide. She gasped.

“Perfect, I think I know where we're going.” she said chortling gleefully and grabbing onto Socks hand as they marched down the winding gravel road.

“Come on,”Karaoke said turning to Red who was standing behind them her hand seemingly stuck to her fore head in an eternal *facepalm.*

Karaoke ran back and grabbed her by the hand not stuckto her forehead.

“I have a really bad feeling about this,” Red said as she was pulled of down the dark road and into the night.

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The Haunted Cathidral

“Here it is, the Brillig Cathidral,it's over 300 years old,” she said swinging her arms toward it dramatically.

Thunder crashed and lighting f;ashed putting on the final touch of drama.

“Ooh, I knew it. This is gonna be awesome.” Karaoke said clenching Jumping up and doing a big fist pump.

Red shakes her head.

“I knew it.” she said.

“This is the perfect night to spend in a haunted house. This is gonna be so great,” Karaoke says highfiving Socks.

“Are you ready to go in?” Socks saidwiggling her eyebrows eerilly.

Karaoke was so bursting with happiness that she had to squinch her eyes together to avoid absolutely bursting with anticipation.

“We go!” she shouted pumping her fist into the air as she and Socks dashed into the door looming over their heads.

“This is a really bad idea.” Red said shaking her head and following after them.

As soon as they were inside the huge door slammed behind them. Karaoke turned around and tried the handle.

“It's locked,” she said.

“Of course it is,”Red said drerally.

“Wellarn't you justmiss grumpy pants.” Kaaoke said putting her hands on her hips and shaing her head back and forth.

“Yes, yesI am. Because this is a stupid idea, and we should have just listened to me the whole time. Ofcourse the dooris locked, because it's a haunted house. They all do that. It won't let us out unil we've been sufficiently terrafied, and have been scarred for life. Who knows what kind of terrable things are in here.” Red said.

“Wow, you are really grumpy,” Karaoke said.

Red turned around and folded her arms in a huff.

“Oh,come on miss sassy pants, it will be fun.” Socks teases pointing her finger at her.

Red rolls her eyes.

“ugh,alright fine. It's not like we can do anything else. Let's go explore the creepy mansion. It still think we should have stayed home.” She said.

“yay!” Karaoke and Socks shouted.

“Quiet, you might wake up some Zombie or something.” Red said as they walked through the large dining room. Suddenly Red screamed and dissapeared as she fell through a trap door in the floor.

“Red,” Karaoke screamed dropping to her knees and lookin down the open hole. No answer came. The board snapped back in place.

“Oh no. We've got to rescue her.” Karaoke said standing up with the aid of Socks.

“She probly fell down into the basement.” Kaaoke said.

“Hm, well we're on the first floor. I wonder how many floors are below us?” Socks said.

“Oh, how conveniant.” She said noticing a large map hanging on the wall.

“Lets see, it looks like there are six floors beneath us. Hm, that's weird I wonder what that big red dot is? Oh well. Come on Kary, let's go rescue Red,” she said gallumphing through another door followed by Karaoke happily trotting after her.

“Woohoo! Adventure time!” She said.

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Karaoke whipped out her flashlight and shone it through the dark room. The last door again had locked behind them, so they were trapped in this large room that echoed their footsteps. Everything was dark as they stepped farther into the room. Their hearts were in their throats when suddenly the light clicked on.

“Oh, that works.” Karaoke said stuffing her flashlight into a pocket.

“Um, Kary? What's that?” Socks said pointing to a flap on the wall. There were multiple, all lining the walls with various shapes and sizes. That flap was moving. It swung back and forth gently, then suddenly a hideous monster jumped out of it. It roared and ran at the two girls with it's teeth bared.

“Come on,” Karaoke said diving for a pile of weapons sitting on the floor. She grabbed a big sword and brandished it as the monster ran at them. Karaoke yelled and thrust her sword into the monsters ugly head. She recoiled as purple gook oozed out of it's skull. Reluctantly, and with much disgust, Karaoke pushed against the monsters head and pulled her bloody sword out.

“Ew,” Karaoke moaned holding in throw up.

Socks took the golden oportunity to gross her out.

“Hey, look Kary, blood.” She said pointing to the purple liquid.

Karaoke swooned.

“Oh, Socks you're gonna make me puuuke.” She said turning away and covering her mouth.

“Oozy goopy pussy blood,” she said chortling evilly.

“Oh, Socks, don't.” Karaoke says.

“I think I'm really gonna throw up,” she said rocking back and forth.

“Um, Kary now might not be a good time to get sick, look,” Socks said pointing to the flaps around the room. Monsters of every shape and size were emerging out of them one by one. Socks grabbed some weapons from the pile on the floor, a dagger and a Mace. Karaoke stood up quickly and stood by her brandishing her sword at her side.

“Oh, cheese,” she said.

“You ready?”

“I better be,” socks responded. Then they jumped on them. In a flurry of dodge, slice and duck, Karaoke and Socks bashed, bit and bruised every monster they could get their blades on. They fought their way through the awful crowd until they reached the door on the other side of the room.

“Try the door,” Socks yelled.

Karaoke dashed to it and pulled on the handle.

“It's locked,” she shouted.


“I think we have to kill all the monsters.” Karaoke said lifting her sword and chopping off a monsters head.

“What makes you think that?” Socks said gouging one in the brain.

Karaoke shrugged.

“I saw it in a vidio game once.” she said.

Socks nodded.

“Good enough,” she said. The monsters advanced on them from every direction, pouring out of the flaps in dozens, all different shapes and sizes. Some were small and purple and devlish with long biting tongues, and slithery purple scales that extended all the way to the end of their ugle spaded tails. Others were lumpy and yellow covered in pasty warts that cropped up here and there out of every skin cell in their body it seemed. They had an awful smell as well, like rotting flesh, or old cabbage that has st through a hot july. Others still were green and brassy, with unshapely body parts that bulged out here and there in the most bizzare places. Their huge claws left chunks out of the floor as they scuffled across it toward their enemy with wide open mouths, ready todevour them with their huge gaping cavernous pits of death.

“Socks, we should get them at the outlets, kill them at the source,” Karaoke shouted as she swung her blade violenty, sliving as arm off one of the great green ones.

“Got that,” Socks said, gouging ones eye out, then running after Karaoke to the flap with the most monsters pouring out of it.

“Woohoo! It's like Zelda real life,” Karaoke warbled gleefully.

“Ha, take that you monster,” Socks said, sparing one with her mace.

Karaoke smashed one on the head, and waited for another to come out. She peaked her head through the flap.

“Hello?” She asked looking into it.

“Hm, I guess that's all, wonder why the door isn't open yet,” She said looking over at the still barred door.

Suddenly the ground began to shake. The floor tiles began falling away revealing a cavernous abyss.

“Grab on,” Socks shouted whipping out her bull whip and catching a low bar on the ceiling, lifting them up just in time for the floor to fall out beneath them, taking the dead bodies of the monsters with it.

“Great, now how are we gonna get out?” Karaoke said pesimistically, holding onto Socks waist to avoid plumetting to her doom.

socks looked down.

“Um, fly?”

Karaoke rolled her eyes.

“Yeah, good luck with that,” she said.

The walls began to shake, and to Karoake and Socks releif, a floor extended out of it, slamming together below their feet.

“Are you sure it's safe to walk on?” Karaok said putting a toe down on it caughtiously.

“Um, I hope so, or we're gonna get really bored up here,” she said.

Karoake was first to fall onto the floor wincing in prayer, and hoping it would hold, it did, and Socks came down after landing on the brown sandy tile with a thud.

“Well, what happened? We survived? Wheres the treasure chest, and the open door leading to the next leval?” She asked. In answer to her question a loud menacing roar echoed out from above them.

“Oh, yeah, Boss fight. Wonderful.” She said swishing her sword lethargically.

“Alright, lets get this done. Man, I hope I get some serious leval up from this.” she said as a giant purple creature dropped onto the floor in front of them. It's red eyes glowed over it's hidious snout as it roared at them through it's toothy jaws.

“Alright, lets kick some boss butt,” Socks said punching her fists together.

“Woo!” Karaoke said swinging and catching Socks in a highfive.

The boss began to circle around them. There seemed to be no vunerable place on it's body. That's when it roared again, exposing a huge red throbbing sore in the back of it's throat.

“Ha, hey Socks throw a knife into it's mouth,” Karaoke said rolling out of the way as a huge sharp claw as it came down right next to her.

“Ha ha, I see it. Looks like somebody needs a Dentist,” Socks said, hurtling a knife into the center of the sore.

The beast roared and rolled onto it's belly, it toungue sticking out of it's mouth. Karaoke ran in, slashing away at the soft underbelly interior until the boss jumped up again, roaring all the more ferocisouly and throbbing red all over his body, the blood pussing out of the wounds Karaoke had inflicted on his underbelly.

“Wo look out,” the boss rolled over on his back and began rolling back and forth over the ground. Karoake and Socks jumped out of the way just in time to miss being crushed by his huge body. When they thought they could catch their breath, he jumped up again, and roared furociously.

“Now,” Karoake shouted.

“I don't have any.” Socks shouted looking around for something to throw.

“See if you can find another one,” Karaoke said, running under him and slashing at his feet to slow him down. Socks sprinted over and searched through the pile of weapons frantically, looking for a throwing dagger, or anything she could throw.

“Got it,” She yelled triumphantly.

“Great,” Karaoke said jumping off the monsters legs.

“When is he gonna roar, darn it?” Socks said frustratedly, jumping out of the way as he hit the floor again and began rolling back and forth.

“Karaoke,” she shouted seeing the boss roll over her. She looked on in shock.

“Karoake?” She shouted again, as the boss jumped up roaring wildly.

Karaoke had gouged him with her sword when he tried to roll over her, and now he was extremely angry.

“No, no get him now!” Karoake shouted leaping from the floor.

socks through the blade with a valiant thrust, and it found it's mark in his throat, sending him to the floor with one violent thrust.

“Let's finish him off.”

They dove on him with all the force they could muster, stabbing, gouging, slashing until the monster lay still and breathed no more.

Karaoke and Socks jumped up with joy and danced around in circles, finishing with their customary highfive, when suddenly the beast began to stir. All of a sudden he was up, roaring worse than ever, and screaming like a banshee. Two more heads spurted up from his neck, all three of them screaming at a different time.

“Oh, no. How are we gonna get him now?” Karaoke whined.

“Come on, we'll just have to throw everything.” Socks said, running over to the pile of weapons and picking of a spiked ball. One of the monsters roared. Socks threw it as hard as she could, but it only damaged it a little bit.

“Shoot,” she said.

Karaoke hurtled a long saber at it. The saber stuck in it's throat, but once again little damage was done.

“Why isn't tis working?” Karoake asked, throwing another one at it.

“Look,” Socks said pointing to the underbelly.

“Look, it's there on his stoumahc.”

“Lets' go!” Karaoke shouted.

Socks grabbed a big sword, and her and Karoake ran toward the beast weapons bared.

They shouted as they dodged his feet, and stabbed their weapons into his red swelling lump. They ran as he began to scream and turn black, then tumble into dust. The bars on the door lifted up fast, and a tresure chest raised out of the floor.

“Awesome,” Karaoke said. They ran to open it, and inside they found a small golden key.

“Cool, you should keep it, I'll probly just lose it.” Karaoke said with a shrug. They ran out the door to the next leval.


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