The Osprey


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The Osprey

 He glides over the Lake District

Wings spread out

He scans the water with his sharp eyes

Their skill is unmatched, no doubt

The water reflects like glass

But this does not faze him

He can see the creatures 

Swimming below. 

He wants those creatures

That's what he knows.

He spots one in particular

He judges the depth

And he stretches out his talons.

He starts to stoop

Bur before he hits the liquid

He folds his wings back and

Slices through.

He's grabbed the fish.

It does not want to be ended

But the bird is already holding

And will not let go.

But now, he has no waterproofing

To protect his wings.

How shall he rise again?


With a ginormous flap

Of his heavy wings

Water splashes about as he 

Makes his way out.

He frees himself 

Of the water's chains

And starts to fly back to his perch.

The spikes on his feet

Stop his prey wriggling free

And it is losing conciousness.

Its life slips away inside the claws of

The bird.

He reaches his nest

And rips it to bits.

And starts to feed it to tiny creatures. 

They will one day be like him

Using their claws for swordplay...

Lo and behold

The Osprey.

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