Hidden World #1


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I was running, hurdling over objects, the cold rain baring down on me sticking my clothes to my body making harder to run. I tripped, cut my hand on a sharp rock, hissing I pushed myself back up and carried on running.

Wrong turn, I came to a lake, I stopped dead in my tracks, quickly I turn around there was the vampire, eyes glowing red, lips pulled back showing its long sharp fangs, slowing stepping towards me. It had me trapped and it knew it. I looked around panicked, no weapon to use. In a flash the vampire had me pinned to the ground, hand around my neck, it tilted my head upwards and lowered its bloodstained lips to my neck.

I felt the stinging feeling of its fangs piercing my skin, then seconds later I felt it drinking, my life slowly slipping away, my vision fading, I was becoming more and more tired. Hurriedly I skimmed my hand over the ground, gripping a stone I pushed it deep into the vampires neck, it hissed in pain and went to tear my heart out, not before I was able to muster up all my strength and push it off of me. With much effort I rose to the ground and ran. Stumbling along the path I finally reached the green field that held shelter. Then as I stepped on the soft green grass the vampire stopped, as though an invisible door stood between it and me. Smiling I turned and and picked up a sharp tree branch.

Slowly I walked across the space between the vampire and I, standing in front of it I smelt death, decay and blood, it made me sick.

'see you in hell' I said and plunged the branch into the vampires chest.

'screw you Alexis' it said and burst into flames, slowly the flames died down and there was nothing left of the vampire except a small grey pile of ash on the ground which was swept away with the wind.


Perhaps it would help if I explain myself.

My name is Alexis Alexandra, I am part of a long line of hunters, see there is a whole world out there hidden just behind the shadows of our world. Those monsters, legends you hear most are true, they have been around for years and the only way to know this is believe everything because it is mostly likely true. My job is to hunt these things and destroy them, it was my parents job and now its mine, they died protecting me from an enchantress, when i was a child, a close friend took me in and raise me within a place called the company, where there are hundreds of people like me who start training to kill these things. I am 17 years old, I have spent my entire life hunting these monsters protecting those I care about. 

I hunt the supernatural and I'm a legend in this line of work. I advise you stop reading here because the more you learn of this world the more in danger you become, the more your life will be at risk. 

Any way here is my story.

I collapsed, my vision went blank. I couldn't move, couldn't speak. I was immobile. The last thing I remember is killing the vampire, then I felt like I was falling into a deep sleep. I heard people coming towards me, running, their voices worried, I didn't understand them, or what they were saying. Then i felt my world move as though I was flying but I could feel a pair of hands underneath me. Someone was carrying me. Then the sleep took over.

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