the darkness


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 Sat in my room i was going through facebook when i came across a post with a picture of a girl surrounded in liquidy darkness, tears of blood coming from her eyes and the whites of her eyes were rolled back into her head. At the top and bottom of the picture said LIKE AND SHARE THIS POST OR THIS WILL HAPPEN TO YOU.

I rolled my eyes and carried on scrolling, i didn't believe in posts like that, they were just make believe.

Then out of the corner of my eyes I saw this black liquid seeping into my room from under my door. Then my window and then the vent.

Panicking I ran to my door and tried to open it in the hope that maybe i could get rid of it.

My door was locked and my room was almost full with this weird liquid smoke stuff.

In an attempt to escape it i ran to my bed and sat in the corner. 

I felt a drip against my arm, looking down it was a red mark. I got up and ran to my mirror it was blood running from my eyes.

Just like in the picture.

Then suddenly I couldn't see anything.


That's how i died...

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