Why Me


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 I was sat in my room. Staring at my computer screen. 

The one sentence on the screen was only two words long but still held so much weight. I don’t know why it was me they’ve chosen as their new victim but I guess that’s just bad luck.


Sometimes I think don’t listen to them, don’t let them win.

But others they win, the evidence of that is in my top right drawer the sharp razor blade hidden under all my books.

The next day just got worse, school was hell, the sniggers and name calling was the least of my problems when the cheerleading squad took it upon themselves to humiliate me in front of the school by “taking me under their wing” what they really meant is throw me in the air and let me hit the ground.

Maybe those few words, the two words are right maybe I should do a that... but why is it me they’ve chosen. 


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