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Naples is a high-spirited city and a Italian gem which is worth more exploring for its diverse experiences. Naples is famous for its art and architecture and most importantly for significance of ancient Roman town, Pompeii which was once destroyed by Volcano eruption. City is full of attractions inside and out, for better experience having a car rental is most convenient way and car rentals in Naples are easily available and can also be booked online with car4hires. Naples nightlife is one of the hidden treasure of this city. You will find a lively nightlife scene throughout the city. A huge student population is also the reason behind happening night scene of Naples. There are countless bars and clubs in city bustling with old to young crowd and some of the best ones are listed below.



A popular Italian gastropub Bar, Bar Tulia features hip yet intimate tavern-style atmosphere. Club’s active bar scene focuses more on craft cocktails and food. Club is open till midnight and its all-evening menu is packed with all the must try dishes. The modern yet classic Italian fare of Bar Tulia is a must try to explore more of the locals preferences and choices.



A well known chain of upscale bars, Blue Martini promises the most happening experiences of clubbing. Naples Blue Martini has two sections both inside and outside. Live band from 7:30 to 11 p.m. and popular hits and beats played by Djs till 2 am occupies the guests. Their signature drink- over sized blue martini is a must try. Light snacks to full blown dinner is available. It is a perfect place to dance and drink night away.



It is one of the best nightlife spots in Naples with many latest sources of entertainment. Open-air grill is the latest feature added to this happening place. Whether you are looking for delicious food, live entertainment or beach relaxation, Sunset Beach Bar and Grill is perfect place to go. Sunday night party is very popular among locals and one must visit to enjoy the local punk.



As night falls the courtyard turns into a hot music and dance arena. The best Craft cocktails in Naples are found here. The continental wine list is outstanding and perfect give a try when grooving to some latest beats at night. Frankfurt is packed with top-notch to cheapest nightclubs and bars all of them offering a night full of fun and dance. 

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