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Chapter 1

To write well and create your own style you need to read a lot. And not everything that catches your eye, but only what helps to write more interesting, accessible and faster. Every week you should start a new book which will help you compose better texts Also, you can find professional capstone project writing service and get help with your writing skills from experts. The capstone project is a complicated task for students, so writing service is an excellent way to find help and support in writing for all students.

Psychology for Screenwriters

by William Indick

A successful author is, above all, an excellent psychologist. Knowledge of the main psychological conflicts allows you to create images of heroes that come alive on the pages of the book, forcing the reader to sympathize with them, to go with them through all events in the novel. But psychology is a very complex science, and it is easy to get lost in it, especially if psychology is not a matter of a lifetimeit is not what you want to explore through all life. The book deals with one psychological conflict that the main character has. The author analyzes the influence of the battle of the hero behavior, gives examples of works in which the main character has such a conflict, and completes each chapter with a brief homework.

Why We Write: 20 Acclaimed Authors on How and Why They Do What They Do

by Meredith Maran


Meredith Maran asked 20 modern authors why they were writing and published the answers under one cover. If you compose at least sometimes, it is, of course, worth reading. Here is a list of authors whose opinion you learn:

·        Allende Isabel (Chilean writer and journalist),

·        David Baldacci (American writer),

·        Jennifer Egan (American writer, Pulitzer Prize winner),

·        James Frey (American writer),

·        Sue Grafton (American writer of detective stories),

·        Sara Gruen (Canadian writer, author of novels about the animal world),

·        Catherine Harrison (author of scandalous memoirs),

·        Gish Jen,

·        Sebastian Junger (journalist),

·        Mary Carr,

·        Armistead Maupin (author of the series of short stories),

·        Terry McMillan,

·        Rick Moody (novelist, author of short stories),

·        Walter Mosley (author of detective stories),

·        Susan Orlean (scribe and journalist), etc.

Your Writing Coach: From Concept to Character, from Pitch to Publication. Everything You Need to Know About Writing Novels, Non-fiction, New Media, Scripts and Short Stories

by Jurgen Wolff

If you are dreaming of becoming a writer or have already written a couple of pages you should read this book. It will not only inspire but also introduce you to the secrets of writing skills. At the same time, you will feel an equal footing with the author, even though Jurgen Wolf is much older and more experienced than you. The author begins the book with basic psychological attitudes that help the beginners in writing to believe in themselves and start to work with full dedication. With this manual, you will learn how to use your own experience when creating works. Also, you will choose your main writing niche and become an expert in it. Jurgen teaches how to create lively and interesting characters, how to hold the reader's attention, compose regularly, plan your time, sell and advertise your work. And the most pleasant thing is that all the information in the book is very structured.

Create Your Own Universe: How to Invent Stories, Characters, and Ideas

by The Brothers McLeod

If you have an idea for the text, but you don’t know where to start, then the book "Create Your Own Universe" will be your reference point. Performing fun, creative tasks, you will not only pump your idea, but you can recharge yourself with new ones and improve personal style. The book shows how to work with brilliant ideas, arrange raw material into something coherent and share it with the world.


The authors of this original booklet are the MacLeod brothers, BAFTA award-winning author, and illustrator. They will force your imagination to work.

Bird by Bird: Some Instructions on Writing and Life

by Anne Lamott

Do you think that an unwritten book is already created in your mind? Anne Lamott is ready to help you get it out in reality. It will show where to find inspiration, motivation, your style, starting with raw drafts and ending with the weirdness of communication with publishing houses. Read NY Times review on it.

“Bird after bird” is a practical and wise textbook on writing skills. This book will teach specific writing techniques and answer the eternal questions of beginning authors: what and how to write? How to start doing it? How to find your hero? How many pages per day do I need to c

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