How a UK Student May Find Money for His Studying


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How a UK Student May Find Money for His Studying

The United Kingdom is a great place to study for both local and international students. First of all, degrees from here are widely recognized by employers and universities all over the world. This is largely owing to the fact that colleges in the country are renowned for their high standards when it comes to education. A student who attended a British school is presumed to have studied in a challenging and nurturing environment.

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That being said, it can be quite costly to study in the United Kingdom, especially if you are pursuing a valuable degree such as engineering, business, nursing or medicine. Furthermore, assignments, especially written ones, can be quite tough and a student may need to rely on some of the online assignment help UK has to offer. While the latter can be quite cheap, if you want to use these professional writing services often, you need to have some money saved up.

Moreover, students may require around £12,000 pounds each for living expenses. The cost will be significant if you can live at home during your period of study.

In this article, we discuss how someone studying in the United Kingdom can earn money to cover their tuition and other expenses.

Find a Part-Time Job

Lots of students from the United Kingdom make money by working part-time positions, which are either related to or unrelated to their field of study. Many companies have paid internship positions open to college students. This is also a great way to increase your chances of getting a full-time job once you’re out of college. The experience you gain and the connections you make through networking are bound to pay off in the future.

International students are in luck too because, by British law, they are allowed to work a maximum of 20 hours a week while the semester is in session. This means that an international student can hope to earn between £123 to £154, depending on the age category they fall into. Considering the United Kingdom’s openness to diversity in workplaces, international students should have no trouble finding work.

Become a Freelancer

Students can now offer their services online, thanks to the advent of freelance services. So if you’re skilled in something like web development, graphic design, copy-editing or illustrating, you will hardly need to leave your dorm room to make money. Another huge advantage is that, unlike with a part-time job, you can set your own custom hourly rates.

For example, if you’re particularly good at doing coursework, perhaps you can offer to take on assignments for other students. Before you do that, it’s best to familiarize yourself with the typical coursework standards enforced by colleges in the United Kingdom.  

Your success as a freelancer greatly depends on your performance. If you get bad reviews, then potential clients may not even contact you. If you have to spend time sharpening your skills for your freelancing gig, it may end up eating into your study time. Hence, we suggest that you think carefully before you get into something like this.

Sell Stuff Online

This is another way to find money quickly and therefore is useful in an emergency. Everyone has items of value that they don’t use anymore. These could be books, video games, clothes and more. When you’re selling something, always make sure to use a reliable, reputable merchant website and take care not to deal with shady customers.

Offer Tutoring

A great way to earn money for college is by offering tutoring services. You could teach other university students or high school students. Tutors have the potential to earn a lot; twice or thrice the minimum wage you would get with a regular part-time job. Also, it can be very satisfying to teach others and impart your knowledge. At the same time, your own learning will be strengthened in the process.

The United Kingdom is a great place to study, considering the high standards for education and its acceptance of all students. However, the problem lies in both the cost of tuition and living expenses, which although cheaper than some countries, is still not all exactly affordable. Hence, in this article we have discussed four ways in which students can earn money to cover their costs: part-time jobs, freelancing gigs, selling stuff online and tutoring. 

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