Tips for Dealing with Anxiety at University


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Tips for Dealing with Anxiety at University

The modern student does not always have fun. A large load of tasks at the university leads to the fact that students have anxiety which eventually turns into stress. They, just like managers in positions of responsibility, are at risk of becoming a victim of burnout syndrome. Psychologists have noted a large increase in young people having obsessive anxiety during the education time. So, it is very important to stop and overcome anxiety before it develops into something more serious, like stress or even depression. We made a list of useful tips for dealing with anxiety.


Do not try to learn everything

No need to try to grab everything at once - this is impossible. To find in the library all the books that teachers have advised, to urgently enrol in a sports club, to participate in a student newspaper - all this is a matter of priorities. Wanting to cover everything and immediately causes alarming and sometimes even panic. Remember: the more correctly you define your goals from the beginning, the easier it will be to focus on the important.


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Do not try to do all the homework

The situation is the same as with the previous advice: do not try to cover everything at once. Homework can be "too much", and it can cause strong excitement. Especially when you objectively understand that you cannot physically manage to do everything. Sometimes you will need help, and this is normal. Help with math or help with essay is no matter. The most important is to be able to ask for it!


Learn how to "write off"

All around you are just as confused students as you are. So, one way on how to deal with anxiety is to help and support each other. Namely, lea+rn how to write off and give write off to colleagues when it is necessary.

There is nothing wrong with that, and we cannot call it cheating. Something you managed to write at lectures, something - no. So ask your neighbour for a notebook, look - maybe there is something that you missed. Combine your efforts, prepare for seminars, share information - it is easier to get into the rhythm of learning together.

Working with computer information is still working with information. Its quantity will increase, but the principles of work will remain the same - it will need to be selected and analysed. It is difficult for one to do this, but not necessarily!


Understand, extreme is the norm!

There are a lot of different ways to deal with anxiety, but one of the most effective is to accept the situation. You are not currently in a temporary emergency, like on exams. Now you are moving (or have already passed) to a new rhythm of life. Do not forget to give yourself time for rest, relaxation, entertainment. But it is important to accept the problems at the university as a norm, as a result, it will be easier and more comfortable to cope with them.


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Take time to relax

Experts in the field of psychology do not get tired of reminding that the best rest is a change of activity. The main thing is to move as far as possible from everything connected with studies; not to try to finish reading or to finish learning something missed. Chatting with friends, jogging on skis, going to the theatre or to the museum - any recreation that suits you.


Go home on holidays

Dealing with anxiety can be hard, so when you have holidays is better to go home to your family. The trip home is a wonderful vacation, especially for first-year students. Many of them have not yet had a clear idea of where their house is located: somewhere far away (where parents are waiting for them) or on campus with group mates. A trip home can become sad if the person has not fully adapted to the new living conditions. Then it is better to stay on campus, but if a student is already accustomed to independent living, he/she has acquired a circle of friends and feels comfortable in a new place, then returning home will bring only positive emotions.


Find alternatives

If you have tried all the methods and understand that studying at the university is too difficult for you, then it's time to find alternatives. Start to read about the benefits of online training. Maybe this method is perfect for you. Maybe only this kind of education is the way to get rid of anxiety and stress. Think about it, but always stay positive about learning. Studying at the university is your best years, it is for 100%! Also, you can always find a good psychologist if you cannot cope on your own. 

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