Types of the Assignments Where You Can Show Creativity


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Types of the Assignments Where You Can Show Creativity

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Most homework tasks are boring, leading students to not spend that much effort on them. Dull homework has a negative impact on students in two main ways. Firstly, they don’t take the projects to seriously and therefore don’t spend much time working on their writing, reading and analytical skills. Secondly, because they aren’t motivated to spend a lot of effort on them, they may end up seeing their grades suffer.

Students need an opportunity to show off their creativity as well. It excites them. Thankfully, more and more teachers are now realizing this and are handing out homework that are actually interesting and engaging. In this article, we will be talking about the types of projects that you really have a chance to be creative with:

Book Reports

It’s always fun to read a new book, especially if it’s got a great story. They have the potential to teleport you into a different world and drive your imagination wild. Therefore, book reports are always a great opportunity to get really creative. How? Here are a couple of ways:

·You can tie themes present in the book to things that occur in real-life. For instance, you can draw parallels between Romeo and Juliet’s tragedy and real examples of feuding families in history.

·You can draw similarities between scenes in the book and events in your own life. Your teacher may appreciate some personal insight included into your analysis, provided that it’s relevant and supplements the report.

·You can compare it a similar book or a different one from the same author.

Of course, these reports can sometimes end up being dull, especially if a boring book is assigned by the teacher. Fortunately, nowadays, you can pay someone else to handle your assignments for you. All you have to do is fire up a search engine and type in ‘pay to do my assignment in UK’ and you’ll be able to go through a vast list of agencies based in the United Kingdom that are willing to write your book report for you. By doing this, you can perhaps focus your efforts on the other creative homework tasks that have been assigned to you.

Film Reviews

Watching movies is almost always a more fun activity than reading a book. They’re highly entertaining and have the ability to keep our attention for longer periods at once. If your English teacher isn’t assigning you Film reviews as homework yet, you should request it. Here are some arguments you can use to convince them:

·You’ll spend more effort on such a fun activity

·It’s a great chance for him/her to recommend movies that will help enhance students’ creativity.

·It’s important to appreciate all forms of art.

·Reviews are still very much an important part of the entertainment industry. Hence, it could be a sort of ‘industrial training’.

How can you show your creativity with film reviews? As with book reports, you could draw relationships between the fictional events and scenes that have taken place in real life. You could write about what potential impact the film could have in your own life and others’, especially if there are philosophical themes in it.

To explore deeper meanings and philosophy in your writing, we recommend first brushing up on your skills. Look up some helpful tips on the internet and spend some time practicing with difficult topics. This will allow you to get more creative in general as well.

Writing about a Personal Topic

If you’re like most people, then you find topics that are applicable to your personal life more interesting than most. In that case, if you are assigned a paper on an event that took place in your life or perhaps a hobby or a passion, you’d perhaps put more effort into it.

How can you be creative when writing a piece about a personal topic? One thing you could do is use emotional words and phrases to really place the reader in your own shoes. This way you could really bring joyful and sad moments to life and really help the reader empathize with you.

A lot of students get very creative when talking about their dreams and aspirations. That’s because it’s something that matters a lot to them.

In conclusion, students will spend a lot more effort on tasks that are actually interesting and allow them to be creative. In this article, we discuss three types of homework that inspire creativity: Book reports, film reviews and writing a personal topic.



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