Morning Routine


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Morning Routine

    The café had been only moderately occupied.  But I knew she would arrive.  Sitting at my usual table I waited with my tablet out.  Finally, with the timing I’ve come to so appreciate I see her frame.  That red hair of hers whisked about her shoulders as she held the door for another person entering.  I couldn’t help my breathing as it intensified causing my lungs to take in fire.

    Caramel, swirls of chocolate, whipped foam, all over your cappuccino.  I stared on making sure the barista didn’t forget your pastry.

    “What’s up Mr. Earlybird?”  She said with a smile before taking a bite out of her food.  Her black jeans met with the wooden chair as she sat across from me.

    I look back with a smile of my own.  Those blue eyes sparkled with a luster I’d never seen anywhere else.  My fingers worked my tablet.  With a flip I turn over the screen revealing a cartoony sun, rays shining and possessing a wide grin.  It’s easy to be up early when I can see you.

    “You’re more of a morning person than I am.”  She bubbled between giggles.  “Come on, say something this time?  Morning maybe?  Buenos Dias?  How about bonjour?  Come on anything that’s on your mind!”

    What can be the only thing on my mind when I see you?  I begin drawing again.  Licking my lips I erase the smiling sun and bring my fingertip to the touch screen.  After a minute I unveil her my new sketch.  Another cartoonish face stares from the tablet at her, eyes made of giant pink hearts.

    “That’s sweet.”  She said her joviality diminished.  “But what am I supposed to do?  Come on, how can we keep going if you don’t just say something?”

    I erase the love struck stick figure and replaced it with a giant question mark.  My own face became bewildered at her words.  I don’t understand what you’re trying to say.

    All around us patrons came and went, placing their orders and finding a spot to sit.  Their words mingled and combined and began to enter my ears.  I kept my eyes on the only thing that mattered.  My mouth opened, and then snapped back together.

    Sighing, she reclined back into her seat and took a sip of her coffee.  That smile that came to be everything to me was replaced.  “We’ve tried other places, less crowded, quieter.  I figured you’d like this one.  It was where we first met after all.”

    Panicking, I scribbled on my tablet.  My eyes were wide as I displayed a pair of stick figures, one with long red hair, holding hands.  I do love this place and I love spending time with you.

    “Look, I have to go.”  She said rising.  “Maybe we can try this again tomorrow.  But you know this is getting frustrating.”

    Moping I watched as she departed the café.  With the sound of the door shutting and her image gone I sat.

    “Bye.”  I whispered.

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