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Here we are again, once more in the span

Those lifetimes compressed not even into

Day, hours if I can believe it, round about

In a circle I should come to expect.  There

You’ll be languished, rabid, puppy dog eyes Impel

me to listen to comply.  The rerun starts up

As it ever so does.  Here we go again.  Crossroads

And conflicted, you will stand as if stopped by

Some tempting devil.  But there is no fiend,

No seductress luring you with forbidden fruits.

That hidden and forbidden boon of knowledge

Will ever be invisible, a hopeful figment.

It will be just you, your hands heavy, heaving, your

Will weak at the face of any and every desire.

Cheap women, fast acting pills, mixing in a cocktail

Topped off by a short fused ready to be lit by

Whatever provocation you see fit.  In the end,

There is no devil tempting you, just a glut on

A never ending, never satisfied search to fill

The void that should have been satiated by

Tender eyes and a soft heart.

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