Self Pride


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 As a young child one doesn’t judge another by looks and appearances, but rather by mear choice of who you want as your friend. You embrace your culture without the fears of being judged or criticized, and with the various friends of different cultural groups it was so interesting to learn peoples cultures. Being different was always a trait I possessed and I still do in some way. As people of different cultures and ethnic groups we tend to comform to what is required of us in the work environment, we unconditionally conform to the standards of the world and neglect our own ways to accommodate the world around. When we were younger we embraced our cultures and the uniqueness we all could share about when Heritage Day came. We (the younger generation) unfortunately lost the original understanding of what our forefathers stood for, we might also understand what they faught for but then again we might also misinterpret in ways that shame them. As a child one doesn’t look at the color of your skin or your hairstyle, but as you get older that seems to be the main thing individuals are judged by. There are many mixed marriages that confuses the child or children and makes them wonder of how to embrace their heritage. That is when you come up with an intermediate for yourself and embrace both cultures. 

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Embrace your past

 As we live our daily lives, we must remember to always learn from our past mistakes. I have repeatedly made the same mistakes in life unconsciously and different circumstances evolved. Our past should be something to grow and learn from and I know it’s easier said than done. Although my past has many headaches and tears I always look for the positive even when there seems to be none, that is were your imagination of an ideal world comes in.

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