When Stars Speak Louder Than Words


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When stars speaks louder than words

 When you find more inspiration from reading your daily horoscope at the end of the day and realize that it was all true and you missed the signs to take the opportunity. It is times like that when you wish you knew those opportunities would be coming your way so you could grab the first change you get.

Sometimes lost opportunities only means that there is something better for you out there and that it’s waiting for you specially. It is like saying no to a holiday that you really need because you are waiting for that grand promotion, only to find out there was a better opportunity awaiting with the old friend you were supposed to start this great business with years ago. Neither had the funds and now that you both can contribute you never meet up to finalize the plans.

That is when finding hope in the stars becomes a lifestyle and no longer a habit. Reading your horoscope for the day that’s past helps you reflect more on the progress you made and gives you inspiration to always live to the fullest. This is also done in other ways with different methods however the outcome will be the same, but the desired purpose of it might be of a different nature.

When you think of hearing stars, one usually thinks of shooting stars making their appearance and making wishes based on that. However, one rarely stops to think of making your own shooting star. Taking action on an opportunity or even making your own wishes come true with even the slightest possibility for a better purpose of your life, now that is a start and it might only be the beginning. It might not be where you envisioned yourself to be at that moment but there are always reasons why things happen, it might not be understood now but in due time everything will be clearer.

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