Self Aware (Short Writing)


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 Yes, I am ware I'm a book. A book of fantasy, a dragon, a damsel in distress, a prince and a castle. I live in a library stuck between two novels that are huge, Bigger then me. Everyday I see people walking past me I wonder why?

Why am I here? A paperback vessel for somebody's thoughts. Why was I created? I don't serve any purpose to myself. I'm empty, living an empty life trapped outside a world of beauty, adventure, fear, love. Day after day my pages become browner. When somebody picks me up I feel embarassed, scared. My fellow  brethren are taken away by kids, ripped, spilled. Sometimes they're lost or destroyed. I wish I was non existant. I wish I didn't know I was a book. If I could I would kill everyone in this library, If I could... I would get a ghist!s soul absored in me so I can feel...feel something. The only time I get peace and quiet is at night. The only time where I can focus enough energy for me to escape my paperback body. I escape to a world where I call the shots. Where I create my stories. I can be whatever I want. I can be flying in a spaceship through an underwater microscopic volcano with huge DNA strands as fish flying by. I can have a a planet full of robot citizens that rival against another planet inhabited by pirates. But once the lights flicker on in the morning for the day to start again, my world ends and its back to the same thing.  If I had one wish, I would wish for me to get lost in an isolated area or re-write the story I live in. They say books can have a substantial good shelf life but what are they ratings for a book thats self aware.


If you know anybody who can publish this short piece of writing PLEASE email me before doing so

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