The Girl Who Cried Wolf


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Gwendolynn didn't know not to approach the injured pup, she was only six years old.  

Her green eyes wandered around the dark forest before returning to the small, dark brown wolf laying before her. His paw was mutilated, most likely caused by one of the traps set by hunters from her village.

Gwen kneeled down and the beast growled, which to a six year old girl is startling. "Hush, I want to help." She whispered and slowly reached out to the creature, allowing him to sniff her hand. She then tore the bottom of her already worn out lavender dress that her mother had sewn together for her, and gently wrapped it around the Cubs bleeding paw.

He whimpered a little and tried to stand up, but relaxed after a few seconds suddenly. The wolf heard the rustling in the trees before Gwen did. 

"Gwendolyn!" The soprano voice rang out through the woods, and she looked up instantly. Her older sister, Lucille, was looking for her. 

The was a growl, deeper than the small ball of brown fur in front of her. In the darkness, she could see a large, black wolf with glowing brown eyes that pierced through her, making her small body Tremble with fear. She began to slowly crawl back, away from the baby wolf. 

The bigger one leaned over and looked at the injured cub, and seemed to take notice of the poor wrapping job done by Gwen, and looked at her. In the eyes of the bigger wolf, she could see that they became gentle. Gwen thought everything would be fine as she watched the large wolf pick the baby up in her mouth. 

Then she heard the sound of flesh being pierced, and a pained howl. 

Screaming as the large wolf dropped the pup, Gwen was picked up by Lucille who held her. "It's okay, you're safe now." 

Gwen was frantic, shaking. Lucille's husband, Arthur, put his bow around his torso and rushed over as Gwen tried to tell them she was safe, that they killed an innocent animal. She didn't get the chance because another wolf leaped out from the woods.

He landed on Arthur and Gwen watched with Lucille as he was torn to shreds, his insides ripped out of him and his blood covering the wolf's dark fur and pearl-like, sharp teeth. 

Lucille screamed in horror as the wolf turned to her and Gwen and pounced. Without hesitation, she threw Gwen from her arms and fell to the ground, only to have her body demolished by sharp teeth and claws.

Gwen's emerald eyes darted from Arthur's corpse to Lucille, watching with tears and a panicked expression as her sister, whom loved her with all of her heart, was slaughtered by a wolf. 

The wolf soon finished his meal which he made out of Lucille, and turned to Gwen. He almost seemed like he was willing to pounce, but was side tracked by small whimpering noises. The baby wolf. 

Seemingly forgetting about Gwen, he picked up his pup and began to disappear into the darkness of the woods. 

As the pair walked away, she just barely saw the Wolves' figures change, then they disappeared from her sight, leaving her alone with the bodies of her loved ones.

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