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Figment is a writing community, where you can review people's stories and help them grow as a writer. Sadly though, it's going to be shut down on January 31st, 2018. I wrote this book in memory of it. 

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Clary Frost

I just posted a brand new chapter of "Sidereal"!

Clary Frost

Hi Kiki! I don't really know how to get in contact with you besides posting on your story. Just letting you know if you already don't know: Underlined is up! I am reaching out to all my figgie friends to hope to connect with them on the new website. If you search @clary_frost on Underlined you should be able to find me!

Chapter 1: Figment will be remembered.

I remember the day I found Figment. A friend had noticed I liked to write and directed me to the site. I soon became obsessed and was on it constantly. I was never really writing, because I didn't get ideas that often ( I still don't..) or I'd get an idea but have no clue how to put it into words. So, I mainly used it for roleplay. But, I'd write a story when I got the inspiration. One day, I got an e-mail that someone liked my book. Dumbfounded, I went to the book and just stared at it for an entire hour. The person commented, "This is a cute idea, I hope you continue it." It was at that moment, I knew what true love from a community of writers was. I would return to the site every chance I got and read books by different authors. I tried getting inspiration that way, but nothing ever worked. Then, I went to school and my crush told me he thought I was weird. I thought he meant it in a bad way, and found my inspiration for the next three chapters of my book. Sadly, the book never reached completion and was deleted. The wonderful site I had loved, is now coming to a tragic end. They're transferring it to a site called Get Underlined. It was too late to save the site since the termination papers had already been signed, and that's when people began yelling at the admin who had spread the news. I'm ashamed to say, I was one of those people. I had thought I could save my "home" but realized quickly that wasn't possible. That brings me to why I'm here! I want to focus more on writing instead of roleplay, please do forgive me if I don't finish a book or if I forget to show instead of tell. As I mentioned before, I'm not the best with words but can make people smile in a heartbeat. I do love writing though, so this is my new place.


Sorry for that, but I'm serious. I hate when this happens. So, I hope you like my stories and me. :)

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Hey there! Willow here! Just thought I'd say hi to another fellow figgie :) It's great to meet more of you guys from the same good ole community... AUGH RIP FIGMENT WAH!!! :(

Coral Vaci

Hey Kiki! If our Tablo profiles had a talk page like we did back on Figment I would post there - so I'm sorry for posting this here.

Figment is officially gone now - I checked this a little after I woke up - and it redirected me to the "create" Underlined page but apparently, they aren't ready yet. I'm going to keep checking Underlined until they are ready! I'm really happy that I can keep in contact with a few figgies though! :)


Oh my gosh! I used to write on Figment when I was still in High School, what a shock :O

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I know! And now it's being shut down. :(

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