Total Darkness


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As I walk through the woods, I notice that I am hopelessly lost. Night is approaching fast and mother had warned me about the monsters that lurked in here.  Suddenly, a figure steps out of the shadows and I bolt. Not looking back, I can already tell the monster is closing in. Closer, closer and I turn slowly, until I am face to face with the dripping fangs of a vampire. 

The vampire's pitch black hair blows in the wind as he speaks , "Are you lost little girl?"

I reply quietlyly,"No..."

"You shouldn't be out here then."

He smiles and comes in to bite my neck when something occurs to me. I pull out my tiny stone cross and the vampire writhes back, hissing. I laugh at him and lift the cross higher. The monster retreats into the shadows and I follow the moon light back to my cottage.  Once I make it inside, my mother is there. She scoops me up and hugs me tightly, as I promise to never leave the house alone ever again.

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pleas write more

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I might over the summer. idk yet
Coral Vaci

I like how you describe the vampire! It'd be cool if this could be turned into a bigger story! :)

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We'll just have to see. :)

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