Wolf Tamers : Found


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Chapter 2

I stepped off the bus , and the cold air plunged into me like cold metal knifes , but i walked just as i did everyday . I saw a pile of brunnette hair into a flawless bun , and i smiled as i saw who it was 

“ Hey cuz ” Izzy said 

“ Hi izzy ” I said as she linked arms with me 

I looked at my cousin, she was gorgeous, she had her long wavy hair into a bun with a white bandana , she wore clear lipstick that shined her pink lips in the sun . Her stormy gray eyes , seemed to shine like a star , she also wore aqua blue earrings in a heart shape  , her school uniform was identical to mine but she wore it much better . 

“ So can you lead us to the office ?” The guy i think was named cole said , 

Izzys head snapped around and looked at cole , behind him were marc , and ririna , aka riri , 

“ Izzy , these are , Cole , Riri and Marc ” i said smiling at Izzy , but Izzy seemed distracted , she was looking at Marc , who  was busily laughing at the screen of his phone with ririna , not even glancing at us , because whatever was on his phone was more important . 

“ Um , marc , riri , kim was trying to present ya’ll to her cousing , so can ya’ll stop giggling like first graders and come over here .” Cole said looking pissed.

I glanced at Izzy , she was still gawking at marc , “ somebody has a crush ” I teased

“ What ?! No way ! I have a boyfriend !” She said surprised 

I saw Marc’s head flash like lightning towards Izzy , but when he saw her , his smile vanished his ocean blue eyes turned icy blue . 

Izzy smiled a dazzling grin at marc , 

“ Hello im Isabelle , nice to meet you ” she said extending her hand 

He looked at it with disgust . This was a whole new marc id never met , id met the dazzling , flirtatious marc , this marc acted like a bad boy , that was mixed with a delicate obnoxious prince .  

“ Marc , dont be rude ” Riri said as she plastered a fake smile. 

“ No , no worries , Marc here must be having a bad day apparently ” Izzy said her voice slightly cracking.

“ Hmmp yeah , so dont bother .. ” Marc said running a hand through his hair . I thought it was impossible for Marcs mood to darken .

“ Hey , babe ”

“ Oh hey , love ” Izzy said placing a kiss on Nox’s lips.

I take it back . Marc’s mood darken about a hundred degrees under . 

“ Well , ill see you in class . K ? ” Nox said 

Izzy waved at him , as he left . 

Ding , ding , ding  

Good morning wolf heroes ! We are going to need the a few  students for lunch at mr .ostentaneous office ! Now if you’d get to the gym , we’ll gladly give you your schedule ! Have a joyfull day , poppy out ! 

Ughh , poppy , the most joyous girl in the school and the principals assistant .

“ Ughh cuz we need to go to the gym ” Izzy said pointing towards the gym 

“ Uuh yeah , lets go ” i said 

We all walked towards the entrance where there was a group of cheerleaders .

“ Well look who it is ... its miss little four eyes !” Said samantha. Samantha was the leader of the cheerleaders , she had blonde hair and loved to tease me from kindergarten all the way to now. 

“ Hello samantha ” i said not glancing up .

“ I just cant wait to move from this old school so I wont have to see your ugly face again , although I may reconsider since I see very handsome faces behind you ” She said , as she checked out Marc and Cole  with no embarrassment.

“ Oh yeah , samantha you totally grace us with your presence, may we not lose you ” Izzy said rolling her eyes 

“ Shut up , ugly a - hole , cant you see im busy ” Samantha said 

“ Oh dont you even start you ho-” Izzy said said as i grabbed her arm and dragged her inside 

, Cole and Riri went inside too . Marc took about a minute outside and came in actually looked quite pleased with himself .

“ Okay , what did you do Marc ” I said smirking 

“ What I can’t have a evil smile on my face after passing a cute girl ” Marc said trying to look innocent , he failed . 

“ No , because I dont trust you with that look , in fact you’re creeping me out so wipe that face off ” I said as I smiled 

“ She got you bro , and she just met you ” Riri said laughing .

I turned to look at izzy , she looked horrified . 

Marc suddenly stopped laughing and turned red .

“ Um well we should get to the gym ” Riri said looking down . 

I nodded. We walked to the gym in complete and utter silence 

It was really awkward all the way , since everyone was staring at us. When we got inside the gym , half of the gym was split , on the left was girls and boys were on the right .

My ears filled with the sound of chatter , laughter and insulting 

Why didnt you call me ? Im so glad to see you ! You’ll never guess what i saw today . Oh my gosh ! Those dudes over there are so fine .

My head shot up , i looked through the crowd and found what I was looking for . Over to the side of the lines was a line of about ten girls , which was weird since there was clearly other lines , one for sixth one for seventh and so on until 12th .

“ Kim, ” Izzy said shaking me “ We need to go to our line , before we miss it ” 

“ ha !  , like anyone would miss your perfume” Marc said “ did you like marine in that ?”

Cole and riri gave marc a warning look , while I gave him a shocked look , but Izzy sincerely looked hurt .

I didnt get why he would say that since she had a real faint scent of vanilla and cinnamon .

“ Ughh lets go , and Cole make sure Marc behaves” . Ririna said as Marc sneered while Cole pushed him away 

Izzy , riri and me went to the eleventh grade line , some girls in ninth grade , whispered about us 

I dont know what happend but before I knew it I was walking straight up into those ninth graders noses “ Is there a problem? Because I dont apreciate your brace face selves talking about me or my friends ” I said smirking while the girl turned red 

“ What if there is a problem ? What are you gonna do eh ?” She said jabbing a finger in my chest , and looking smirk .by this time the whole gym had turned around and was looking at us .

I threw my head back in laughter that resounded in the gym 

“ Well why dont you fix it , or are you too much of a talking hoe to do anything but open your legs ? ”I said looking her in the eye

The girl looked scared , after all I was some good five inches taller than her , and im pretty sure i was stronger .

My spidey sense turned on and I unconsciously grabbed the girls hand as she turned to slap me . 

“ Ahem , is there a problem girls ?” said a teacher 

I smiled sweetly “ Of course not , I was just grabbing her hand to steady her , she looked a bit woozy ” I said looking innocent “ After all yesterday was sunday , and you must know how irresponsibly little  girls can be, after all she smelled a little sour ”

“ Mrs .kepler I hope you have a good explanation , as for you Mrs .Sanchez , i am proud of you , you may go back to your line .”

I walked quickly to my line and took my place in front of izzy .

“ Cuz ,  what bad ass queen took your body ?”Izzy said smiling in approval 

I grinned “ I dont know , I guess my alpha took over ” 

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Chapter 1

I sighed as my mother screamed at me , as i walked out the door .

My usual routine .

I looked at my surroundings, there it was the small patch of flowers on the ground that radiated bright yellow colors , the rest was dull , every house looked the same as the other with huge green patches of grass in front of them .

I walked to the sidewalk , it was all cracked , looking like the face of an old wrinkled man , 

“ Riri cant jump !”

“ Yes i can its just , i cant at the moment ” 

“ sure , right ”

I looked to the right of me , to my right were two identical boys , well almost identical one had bright blue eyes and the other had dark brown eyes . Next to them was a girl who looked like the girl version of the guys, but she had green eyes .

Huh , maybe they were new neighbors , my guess was that they would soon be popular at my school and would make fun of me on the way on the bus and at school . Of course I wasn’t looking forward to that . 

I heard the bus cross the street, i looked down at my outfit , my hightop gran vans crashed with my dark purple shorts  i also wore my school shirt that was black and , a school sweater that was dark purple and had a golden plac that read wolf heroes academy .

I wore my black brown hair brushed into a ponytail , i had a white hair band on . The only thing i didn’t like about myself was my glasses , i had big framed glasses , that looked black from far away , but closely they were dark blue , that was clear . 

Even though they were my biggest insecurity, they were also my biggest safe keepers , without them i felt completely exposed and vulnerable , but behind them i felt that there was a wall between and the world . 

The bus pulled up to those triplets house and they quickly stepped in , the bus pulled down to my house and i stepped in .

“ tell your mama , she still owe me those fifty bucks from friday ” mrs .bruces said 

I nodded , as i heard the whole bus snicker , as i walked all the way to the back of the bus .

 In my seat were the two of the triplets both were the guys , in the back of that seat was the girl .

I looked at them , they didnt seem to notice me , so i sat down the next seat , normally kids didnt want to be by me since i wasnt social . But those triplets just chatterd away , i pulled out a book and read .

“ Girl are kind of nasty sometimes , i mean guys are too but when girls are nasty its big time ” one of the triplets said

“ No we arent ”

“ Riri , you have to admit , girls are nasty sometimes ” 

“ Not true ” 

I suddenly got a feeling someone was watching me , i slightly turned my head and found myself looking at the brown eyed guy , whose eyes were now green .

I fully turned around , i looked straight at the eyes of the guy .


She looked straight at me and our eyes locked , i felt the blush creep into my face . She had dark brown eyes , with brown puffy curly hair that was medium , her lips were pink and full , she had a petite bulby nose , and a petite face , she wore glasses that were big so it made her face even look more delicate . 

Her face was expressionless , and I realized she was very pale , not white but close in the sunlight , in the shadows though i could see cream color settle in her hands .

I grinned at her and she looked surprised , 

“ What do you think Cole ? Are girls really nasty ?” Riri asked 

“ um , well , ..” i said

“ Cole’s to much of a gentleman, he will never admit It ” Marc argued 

“ Fine , girls are one out of three times nasty ” Riri sighed 

 “ Deal ” marc said as he gave a dazzling grin “ Hey who’s that girl right there ?”

“ I dont know she seems real nice though ” i said 

“ How would you know ? ” Riri asked 

“ I got a feeling about her ” I said 

“Yeah i know exactly what kind of feeling you have ” Marc said smiling and rolling his eyes .

“Ooh somebody has a crush ” Riri gushed 

“ You guys stop i saw her three minutes ago !” I said 

“ Little bro i got this into control ” Marc said 

“ Wait , No what are you doing !” I said

“ Hey you !” Marc said to the girl . 

“ Me ? ” she asked 

“ Yeah , you ! Whats your name ? ” Marc asked 

 “ My name is Kim ” she said adjusting her glasess and licking her lips 

“Really , so kim ,so do you like brown haired guys ?” Marc smiled

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Chapter 3

As the line advanced , I couldnt help notice that the group at the corner was staring at me . One of them had long curly white hair and pale skin with some freckles , another one had sleek red  brown hair that looked shiny  that was pulled back in a ponytail , she had a light shadow of freckles over her tanned skin .

The first one smiled at me , the other one just looked at me curiously her eyes seemed to se right through me , they were called by poppy who had seriously just popped out of nowhere . Poppy was holding a little clipboard , and saying names outloud I couldnt hear , she smiled as each girl on the line raised their hands as she called their names . She finally said one name and nobody raised their hand , she frowned , she did this again two times , she looked once again through the line squinted at the clipboard and holded her finger up to signal to wait a second and skipped to her office.

What a weirdo I thought .

“ Name ?” The teacher asked 

“ Kim Sanchez ”

“You’re not on this list boo” she said raising her eyebrow 

“ Are you sure ? Maybe you missed me ” I said licking my lips , which was an addiction I had started to have when I felt nervous 

“ Im sure ...look stand right here lets see if I can do something ” She said pointing towards a spot near her 

I nodded.

“ Name ?” 

“ Ririna Wolfe ” 

“ You’re not on the list ” 

“ I’ll just wait ” 

Next was Izzy 

 “ Name ?”

“ Isabelle Rodriguez ”

“ Im sorry but you’re not on the list either ” 

Suddenly the teacher turned around to us three “ Are you kids kidding me ? Because its not funny you might as well tell me your real names ” She said scolding 

“ Me’am we are not playing these are our real names ” I said boring my eyes into hers 

At that instant the intercom gave a loud beep

we are sorry for the disturbance , but can the following students come to the office , Jeanette Clark  , charlotte Punka , Amelia White  , xandra kix  , Laney Goninan, Samantha Lancey , Scarlett Hood  , Alaina Slaughter , Astrid Archaga , Ririna Wolfe, Isabelle Rodriguez and Kim Sanchez for the boys I need Caden washington , Brock and Bryan Broussard , Kayden herbert ,......

Well that explained why the teacher didnt have my schedule, but I wondered why she needed us in the office . Ririna looked anxious and Izzy looked scared . 

“ Guys there is nothing to be worried about maybe we just got honor classes or something ” I said trying to be optimistic 

Ririna gave a weak smile “ I hope it is ”

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