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Chapter one

 I stared at my to be neighbors window , I was Kimberly Suzeth Rojas , a Tex mex girl of Louisiana. I was tall a tan cream color , I had long black curly hair I wasn’t what you call flawless , I was barely even pretty , unlike my aunts and mother who were as beautiful as angels , No guy ever though of me like them , only my dad , my dear sweet dad who thought of me as a queen or as he called me the queen of wolves .

The house next to me was huge and a pebble gray color , From what I could see from my window whoever bought it must of been really , really wealthy , my window was right next to the window of one of the bed rooms so if someone was to open the curtain they would find themselves staring at me .

I suddenly saw a luxurious red Jeep pull up at the driveway , On the front seat a tall lady sprang from it she had long straight red hair and the most beautiful pale blue eyes she had a straight nose and defined cheekbones . The man next to her I guessed  was her husband he was as tall as my father , and had the same pale blue eyes but he looked very young to be that tall he didn’t look a day over 20 .

At last I saw two other people walk out the Jeep but didn’t get to see their faces or genders , because my mother called me to the kitchen .

When I got to the kitchen I noticed my mother Had bought a lot of groceries , i mean she went from strawberry’s to homemade Pizza’s 

“ What’s all this ? ” I asked nonchantly 

She looked my way and gave me sympathetic smile , 

“ Hey honey , can you help me organize this , We have an important meeting tomorrow night “ she said while stirring sauce 

we  as in you, me and dad ? ” I said surprised , normally dad and mom didn’t bring me to meetings 

“ yes , it’s with our new neighbors were going to have dinner with them tomorrow “ she said busily 

I stared at her in shock , she came prancing around the kitchen doing multiple chores at once and on her way , she came to me and closed my mouth. 

“ Oh and pearl wanted to ask that you show her son around school tomorrow and oh honey she asked me to tell you not to tell anybody but she wants you to be friends with him and be what you  would   call a best friend “ . 

I gaped at her , I understood perfectly what the best friend thing meant , and it wasn’t good.

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Thank you for reading I apreciate it so much ! I hope you enjoying !!!!!

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Mary had a little lamb that was mean and rude

 The next morning everything that had happened yesterday seemed like a dream , but then all these details came flooding into my mind. I wanted to scream I found it weird that this was happening because normally I wouldn’t be so jumpy. As I prepared for school I found myself actually feeling self conscious for the first time I considered ditching my nerd like glasses , I didn’t know why I didn’t usually feel so self conscious I even put some make up on and put on the best designer clothes I had ! 

I wore some pitch black shorts and my sleeveless wolf shirt that had a wolf howling at the moon in the woods It was my favorite , I also wore my high top gray vans I wore my hair in a  French braid that my mom had made . 

My mother drove me to “ Pearls ” house which I didn’t understand since she lived right next to us , I was like Mom I can walk ya now ? But I kept my mouth shut and didn’t say anything 

When we were in their driveway , My mother walked out the car and knocked on the door I stood in my moms car window and stared , gawking like a stalker at the magnificence of the house , The door soon opened  and the lady pearl greeted my mother with a smile and then glanced at my window her faced turned serous when she looked at me , I felt myself shrinking under her stormy gaze and for a split second I saw her eyes go completely gray , but then my mother turned around and waved me over I reluctantly stepped out , the sun soon went to work on me as I walked towards the house , I felt wierd I felt watched , Instinctively I looked up I saw a pair of Red eyes but as soon as I saw them they disapeared , I continued to walk and soon enough I was face to face with pearl .

She gave a sharp glance at my mother , my mother nodded 

“ Hello Se— “ she said , correcting herself “ Hello Kim , I’m pearl , I’m assuming your mother has told you about me “ she said glancing at my mom , 

I found it kind of weird that she had said my name started with a s , because a worried glance crossed her face 

“ Yes , in fact she’s told me about your son ” I said tilting my head a little higher , you could tell the tension in the air was thick .

“ Ah yes , my son and his uhh ... social problem ” she said with a worried look on her face “ Please um , take care of him ” she said , but as she said that,  a snort and laughter was heard in the back of where she was standing , she turned around and glared at a girl in the back , well at least what you could see because all I saw was a black shadow.

“ Oh , um pearl we need to go It’s time to go to school ” I said 

My mother glanced at her watch , her eyes widened “ Oh my , I’m going to be late to work !” 

Pearl said eyes brightened literally , “ I can bring Kim , to school , my son already left but I can take her ” She said 

My mother thanked her and left , I was like wow you barely know this person and you’re leaving me with her ? 

Pearl took me to her car , I climbed in , I stared in shock the car had real leather in here , and had color changing neon light and A mini freezer ! 

“ Wow , your car is really luxurious, pearl ” I said 

“ Why thanks, but it’s not nearly as good as my sons truck ” she said 

“ Your son has a car ? So how old is he ? ” I asked 

“ He’s 18 , well , how old are you ” She said surprised 

“ I’m actually 16” I said 

“ Shit ” I heard her murmur under her breath 

“ Um , my mom said you wanted me to guide your son around the school ... ” 

“ Oh yes , he doesn’t have first class with you though , he has the rest of his schedule with you ” She said swiftly 

I tried not to looked creeped out , how did she know my schedule ? 

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At least you’re not mute 🤐

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You almost gave me a heart attack !!!

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Nightmare or Dream

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Family reunio

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