The Fairy Life


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The Beginning


Once upon a time, there was this girl named Kimberly. She was born July 24, 2002. Well on that day I was born to this family. In a different world someone wanted me to be something else. A fairy dust came from the fairy world and made her a fairy. She grew up being this beautify young girl. 

When she was 1. Her mother gave her this blankets, all white with pink polka dots. She loved it like it was her stuff animal. She carried it wherever she went. Her sister had some too but there were special to her but not as special as it was to Kimberly. She knew she was a fairy but the only thing she knew how to do was float things. 

She grew up with one sister and two brothers. Her mom and dad are her life. She went to school, and did amazing with straight A’s. She made friends, lost friends but that was her point in life. She and this amazing life.

One day, playing outside by herself, when she was 13 and her mother was keeping watch from the window. She threw a ball with fire. She got scared and told her mom. She tried doing it again and it did it again. That’s when a fairy came down and told her she needs to go to fairy school now. Her mom followed orders because she knew all about fairies. That girl is me. 

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