Alphas' Rouge Mate


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Chapter 1

 The woods were dark and scary, but my wolf, Gray push me to keep running. I was sleepy and tired, so I stopped at a hollow tree in front of me. I laid down and let sleep take me. The next day I woke up to a growling noise from a wolf. The unknown was snarled "shift". He throws his shirt at me, and I run behind a tree to shift & to put his t-shirt on. Then, I'm dragged to the main house, and everyone is staring at me. He brings me to the third floor, where to Alpha's office is. The unknown man who I think is a warrior or beta, knocks on the door. The alpha says, "yes come in". 


Once I was inside of the office he says "whats your name and why are you on my territory rouge". I was running from my old pack because I was not going to be mistreated by the alphas' son, and I was interrupted by the Alpha saying mine. "My name is Mason Alexander Meno I'm the alpha of The Gold heart pack and, whats your name mate ".Mason said. Echo Scarlett, I said softly. The one who brought you up to my office is my beta Zane, and I'm about to link my sister Michelle Meno. 

                                  Mason Pov  

   mind link 

  bro: can you come up to my office 

  sis: ok in a few because I'm with my mate 

  bro: TMI 

  sis: ok 

end of the mind link

I told Echo that my sister is coming up to my office and meet you. Let it be known that she is a hugger and will not care if you like it or not, so be careful when she comes . I was interrupted by my little sister opening the door. Michelle this is Echo and Echo this is Michelle, my sister. I turned to echo and ask her can she go with my sister to our room and take a shower. 

                  Echos pov

I got up and walk out the office following Michelle. we walked upstairs to a loft-like level with its own steps to the second floor. the second floor is where we sleep and where the guest is. I went into our so-called room and tried to find the bathroom and after 3 fail attempts, I asked Michelle where is the bathroom. once I was finally in the bathroom I strip down and turn on the shower and found a rag than start to wash up using Mason's Axe shower wash and shampoo. 

                          time skip 

once I was out of the shower I wrap myself in the towel Michelle place on the sink for me to use. under the towel, there were Scholtes and shoes on the floor to wear and the surprisingly the clothes fit me. opening the door Michelle was on her phone playing a game or watching a video. she dragged me down to the bed and ask do I want to play 20 questions and she asks me how old are you said I am 20 going on 21 you, 24 she replied. what your favorite color.? mine is silver or rose gold. she said that hers is a blueish gray or midnight black. whats your full name mine is Michelle Moon Meno and what your. echo lilo Scarlett is my full name. How is your mate doing being the beta and all? "He's doing good and all but there's one thing his ex-girlfriend keeps trying to get back together with him, even thou he is a mated man and has a child on the way" she rants on then puts her hand over her mouth. She whispers "that was supposed to be a secret and please don't tell him, he will get mad then pass out in shock.  

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