Dear Diary


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A new start

 3rd November 2016

So, yeah. A diary. I don't really know why i'm doing this but whatever. Guess i'll do it so that i can look back at my life in the future.

Then maybe i should tell you a bit about myself. Well yeah. Not much to say really. 

My name is Sky, i'm 17 at the moment. I'm a avrige-ish tall blondie. I like sports, such as volleyball. 

My brother got me this diary for my birth day last year, and now i tought i could use it. As i have moved into my own place, starting at a new school. I kinda got into some trouble at my last school. Mom kicked me out, dad i don't give two craps about. My brother lives with his girlfriend so, i don't want to bother them. 

So you're probably wondering what kind of shit i got into at my last school. Let's just say that i got kicked out because of a bi~g fight. I'll get into that later on. 

Today will be my first day at my new school. Sucks that it's already November. Everyone has their own little groups, and friends. I won't be able to fit in i think. Well we'll see when the time is near. 

I don't really have anything more to say right now.. so... write you later i guess? - Sky

I close my diary and put it on my desk. I look around in my empty appartment. It's a two room appartment. Bedroom, kitchen, and living room are in one. A blanket which i but up in the ceiling separates my bedroom from the rest. My bathroom is the only room with a door. 

I sigh and get up from my desk. I skip brekfast as usual. If i eat in the morning it ruins my whole day. I get into the bathroom to shower and do my makeup. When i'm done the clock is already 07:40. I grab my bag and head for the door.

I close and lock the front door. Then i walk towards school. I really have no idea where it is. I'll just have to ask around and stalk people.

I walk for a while, then i see a few people, or students in uniforms. I walk over to them ans ask if they go to my school. They say yes and let me walk with them.

I haven't gotten my uniform yet so, I'm going to stick out like a sore thumb. Fun. 

We walk for a while then i see this big building with the name of my school. 

«Do you need directions inside?» a girl in the group ask me. I shake my head and thank them for walking with me.

I stand by the gate, staring at this huge building. I'm starting ti get nervous, but i bite my teeth together and start walking towards the entrance. I'll be ok, this will be totally fine. I'm going to be utterly and completely fine. 

I'm totally freaking out.

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