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Parents sometimes have problems in getting kids to bed. Actually, kids would always require a soft and cuddly stuffed toy throughout their sleep.

It is also a proven way to help keep them sound asleep, since a cuddly toy will offer them a feeling of security and serve as a great companionship in their mind! However, there are so many teddy bears or plush toys in the marketplace and parents would be quite confused which to choose The Best Unicorn Gifts.

Personally, I'd recommend My Pillow Pets as it combines a cuddly toy in addition to a pillow. It's pretty amazing! You may get two functions by getting only 1 product, it's worth the price. Basically, there is a band at the waist of the toy. You can simply tie it down to become soft chenille pet.

Meanwhile, when you'll need a pillow, you can just untie its belly and it will quickly transform into a lovely pillow. Kids would love to lay about it and would not whine anymore during bedtime. Actually, that is gaining popularity among adults as well.

A number of the stuffed animals are my favorites: Lady Bug, Playful Penguin, Lavender Unicorn and many more. The cost is about $25 for an 18" pillow pet. If you believe that 18" is slightly too large, you might want to take a look at the 11" pets (it is priced at around $16). I think that since it's a combination of both toy and pillow, it's still worth purchasing. These lovely plush toys are washable on gentle cycle.

You might want to accomplish some cleaning of it on and off to make sure it's hygienic. And yes, it's machine washable and the cleaning could be hassle-free.

Anyway, to maximise the life cycle of one's Pillow Pets, please be reminded that it's not advisable to use a dryer often to speed up the drying process. This really is to make sure that the plush fur will not be damaged by the elevated temperature as well as preserve the colour of the fur.
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