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I love you Spechie

 • This is in Spechie's point of view 

• If Spechie ever reads this I'm sorry for the shitty content

• Also Spechie please add me back on Snapchat at KitsuneCake18 

• And in the beginning I didn't know Spechie's sister's name so I just called her BGW which literally means birthday gift wrap 

• Ok enjoy I guess lol

"Spechie Peachy? That's what he called you?" My sister giggled, "Shut up BGW" I said as I pushed her off my bed onto the floor, "Besides it was a cute name anyway...." I said quietly as I looked away from her. "Spechie what happened to him?"

Three weeks before.....

His lips pressed against my forehead, as we sat on his apartment couch, nothing had happened yet we were just sitting on the couch watching "The Sushi Files" it was a show about the sushi places all around America, I was curled up next to him stealing all his warmth. His apartment was freezing, and of course, he didn't have any blankets besides the sheets on his bed, and his bedroom was always dark even when it was day, and just because it's my luck it is night. There is no fucking way I was going to sit in that scary, dark, freezing room just for a thin sheet, no way. So we were snuggling on his couch, his arms were wrapped around me, the fuzzy orange hoodie he had on was the main reason I was cuddled up to him, I turned to look at him, but he stood up allowing me to fall over on the couch. Damn it the warmth moved away, tucked my legs into the lime green lame hoodie I was wearing, I tried to keep all the warmth I had left inside my hoodie. He walked away from me into the kitchen then out of my sight, the cold air started to consume me, I was now shivering, like I was sitting in an attic wasteland, the comforting warmth of his body was no where to be seen, "Spechie Peachy? Come here" I heard his voice echo throughout the apartment it had a strange tone to it like something was wrong. So I let my feet brush against the bitterly cold wooden floor, I found my way past the kitchen, frequently calling his name and each time there was no response, but I would still wait for his response to echo back but each time I was disappointed. I searched throughout the kitchen, living room, the bathroom, everywhere, except his bedroom which was the one place I didn't want to go, but I heard the shuffling of feet through the crack in the door. But they weren't the sound of his light feet, no these had a heaviness to them, the kind that made your heart sink , the sound that made your heart ache, this person was suffering, but this sound could not be my boyfriend right? My body was shivering more then ever now, I slowly pushed the door open, as it creaked open I flinched at the blast of cold air that hit me like a punch to the stomach. But the door opened enough for me to see my boyfriend's body on the ground, I ran over to him and fell to the ground I grabbed his wrist checking for a pulse and putting my head to his chest checking for a heartbeat. Nothing. He was dead, I cradled his limp head in my lap, tears started to slip from my eyes "GINGER NO" I screamed as my tears splashed onto his cheeks. I turned just in time to hear a male's figure turn to look at me and play a recording of Ginger saying "Spechie Peachy? Come here" I launched myself towards him just as he jumped out the bedroom window, onto the street fives stories below, even though he should have been dead he dissolved as he hit the ground like smoke. I stared at where he disappeared speechless, turned back and collapsed next to GingerPale's body that was still laying on the ground, I don't know what I expected, maybe for him to be standing up next to me having all of that was a joke. But that wasn't the case, I noticed that a knife was sticking out of his left side, and blood was pouring onto the floor, the silence made the whole room feel even darker than ever before. His blood sparkled under the moonlight that streamed through the bedroom window, I played with his hair as I hummed a lullaby, his expression blank, his pulse gone...

Ok thanks for reading, love you guys ❤️❤️❤️

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