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Just a collection of short stories and poems by me, since i saw no point in making a bunch of separate books for each one.

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The Little Merstake

(This is a fractured Fairy Tale I wrote for my Creative Writing class. It's a work in progress, I'll still work on it here and there, this is just what i got done for my class.)


    Deep in the ocean lies an undersea kingdom made of sand and shells. The kingdom was widely known as the kingdom of New Atlantis. The King, Neptune, son of Poseidon, ruled over the kingdom, and lived there with his five daughters. The youngest of the four was turning fifteen, the year when she would finally be allowed by her father to go to the surface.

    He waved his trident at her and gave her the ability to breathe air, and she floated up. When she got to the surface, she filled her lungs with air for the first time ever. The breathed in the sea smell and saw the beach and a glistening white castle in the distance. She turned around and saw a ship being attacked by a giant squid. The squids red tentacles wrapped around the ship as crew members were abandoning ship into the little lifeboats, only to be hit with a free tentacle and sink into the ocean.

    The boat was completely crushed and all the crew member had gone under with the squid, taken for its lunch. Then, she saw someone. It was the captain of the ship who, ironically enough, was the only one who didn’t go down with the ship. He was unconscious on a floating wooden board from the ship.The Little Mermaid swam over to him as fast as she could and carried him to shore.

    She reached a small gazebo area that jutted out into the sea. She picked him up and lied him down on the first step going up to the gazebo. As she looked at this unconscious man, she knew immediately that he was the one for her. This man who had to be at least seven years older than her was the man of her dreams. She heard footsteps approaching fast and when she turned saw a man running towards them. Quickly she swam off into the ocean and back home, thinking about him the rest of the way there, thinking of things she could do to meet him, to spend her life with him, fall in love with him. The only way it would happen is if she had legs, if she could walk on land with him. She knew the only way to accomplish this was to make a deal with the sea witch.

    The Little Mermaid swam home and to her room. She grabbed a bag and filled it with gold coins to exchange for help from the sea witch. She used her magnificent gift of smelling to sniff out where her father had hidden the gold, and took a small amount from the kingdom's funds. The sea witch was exiled from the kingdom long ago and was now living in a cave far away from the kingdom. He was said to be a wicked being and someone who should not be disturbed for any reason, but this was too great a chance for her to pass up.

    The Little Mermaid entered the dark cave, silent and cautious. The inside was lined with jagged rocks like teeth, and as she descended deeper into the cavernous maw, it seemed to get darker and darker until there was a glint of light around a bend. Had it not been for this guiding light, she probably would have continued forward into the sharp rocks. She turned the corner and saw a cauldron glowing a bright green, illuminating the room. Lining the walls were shelves carved into the stone walls, all of which bore potions and bottles of all shapes, sizes and colours. Other shelves had jars labeled with different ingredients; Eye of Newt, Hemlock Root, Tooth of Dragon, the usual stuff you expect to find in a witch’s lair.

    The sea witch was in front of the cauldron with his back to the entrance, stirring the mixture, being completely ignorant of the young mermaid who had just entered.He was half man, half octopus. The lower part of his body were made up of red, rubbery tentacles that merged into the body and stopped just below the navel. At that point, it turned to softer human skin that was white as sea foam. He was of average size, not very thin, with short, dark, black hair.

    “E-excuse me?” The Little Mermaid stuttered, as she came closer into the cave. The sea witch turned around quickly, startled by the surprise visitation.

    “Oh!” He yelled, grabbing the silver harpoon from the mixture and forcefully thrusting it towards The Little Mermaid. “Christ, I almost skewered your ass. Give a bit of warning next time, call ahead or something.” He lowered the harpoon. “Alright hun, what are you here for? The daughter of a king isn’t going to visit the sea witch just to drop by.” He placed the harpoon back in the cauldron and looked at the lost and frightened looking mermaid.

    “I- uh, I would like to ask for your assistance. There’s a man, a captain. I love him, I saved him from a shipwreck and brought him to sh-”

    “Woah woah woah,” Ursulus interrupted her. “A shipwreck? You’re in love with a human? Oh, this is rich, the daughter of the sea king is in love with a human, the one thing her father hates more than myself.” He moved around the lair, grabbing different bottles. He started putting ingredients in the empty circular flask. “So what, you want legs I assume?”

    “Y-yes, exactly. Um, I would be willing to pay you in whatever riches you would like.” The Little Mermaid started pulling out the sack of gold when Ursulus waved his hand.

    “My prices aren’t monetary. Not for people with such impeccable senses such as yourself. You see what I require is that olfactics of yours.”

    “My- my what?” She said to Ursulus who continued mixing the potion.

    “Your sense of smell. You won’t need it on land. I need it to find food and sense for things trying to eat me and shit.” The Little Mermaid looked cautiously at the sea witch, unsure of what to do. “Alright let me lay down this down for you.” He said, stopping production and looking at her. “Your father is a hypocritical asshole. Sorry, but its true, hun. He doesn’t like me because I practice the human art of witchcraft while he shoots magic through his little fork. That’s why I was banished, probably couldn’t handle the competition, but I did nothing to anyone there. I only used my powers to help. Honestly, I’m not the villain everyone in the place makes me out to be. I have certain prices, each different from the next. Anything else is all part of the potion.”

    “Anything else? What’s that supposed to mean? What exactly will this potion do to me?” The Little Mermaid questioned Ursulus who just rolled his eyes at her.

    “Oh my gods, calm down and I can tell you. You need to calm down for a minute now. The potion is in literally giving you synthetic legs. Your fins will split and turn to skin. It’s a pretty painful process, I won’t lie. But the process is basically irreversible. Well, I won’t ever be seeing you again so you can’t really come to me to reverse it. But, theres a price.” The Little Mermaid was about to speak but Ursulus cut her off before she could. “Shut up, don’t interrupt me. Not your sense of smell, that’s my price. You have to pay the price of magic. Because these legs are essentially synthetic, they’ll feel a bit weird. Like, forever, they’re going to feel as though you’re stepping on feathers.” He began mixing the potion again. “But girl, you will be able to dance better than Terpsichore herself. The skills of a goddess you shall possess. Now, the thing is, you can’t just synthetically grow a human soul. To earn your soul, you two have got to fall in love and be wed. When that happens, a piece of his soul will go into you and you will both possess a soul, blah blah blah, you in?”

    Ursulus materialized a contract from nothing. It was a piece of glowing parchment, obviously enchanted in some way. With the document was a black quill that floated next to it as if they were magically bound together. Without another word, The Little Mermaid took the quill and signed her name on the line of the contract. It disappeared as Ursulus finished up the potion.

    “Now,” He held the bottle out to her. It was now full of a liquid that was glowing a bright pink. “Take this bottle to dry land so you don’t drown down here, drink up, and you’ll have legs. And as for my price,” The Little Mermaid took the potion and Ursulus turned and grabbed a dusty bottle on the shelf with a bit of dark black liquid on the bottom of the bottle. He uncorked the bottle and held it to The Little Mermaid. “Sniff, tell me what you smell. And then stop when you can’t smell anything else.”

    She sniffed the black liquid. “Uh, I smell fish. No, wait, now I smell seawater. Or, the beach, maybe.” As she continued to sniff, the black liquid expanded and grew brighter until it became a bright, glowing potion that lit up the entire cave. Ursulus corked the bottle and waved his tentacle towards the door. “Alright, now get out.”

    "Thank you, thank you so much." She said to the sea witch as she backed out of the cave and up to the surface. She swam as fast as she could to the gazebo where she left the man. Pulling herself up onto the first stair, she pulled out the potion from her bag and downed the entire bottle in her excitement. Her happiness was short lived, because after she drank the bottle, a sharp pain formed in her tail, as is it were being cut in half right there. The pain was so unbearable she passed out.

    When she awoke, there was still twinging pains in her lower half, but not the tail, because that was now gone, replaced by two, long legs. She felt them, and tried to move them, but wasn't completely used to the feeling yet. It was dawn now, and the sun was nearly set, only giving off a dim glow now. She tried to pull herself up to her feet, but when the did, they felt as though someone was tickling them and fell to her knees in laughter.  She tried to get up again, and the laughter was almost unbearable for her to stand. She made her way down the aisle leading to the beach, all the way suppressing her laughter.

    When she reached the beach, she saw a man walking down from the gate of the castle down to the beach. They caught each others eyes and he started walking towards her. His black hair laid beautifully on his head and he wore a puffy white shirt, like one a pirate would wear, with long black pants.

    “Hello, lass. What brings you to my beach?” He said in a rough voice. “Who are you?”

    “My name is Sirenetta. This is my first time at a beach, I’m sorry for intruding. I wasn’t aware you owned this beach.”

    It’s quite fine, stay as long as you’d like. You look cold, and wet. If you’d like, come up to my castle when you’re done to dry off. My name is Erik.” The man said, revealing that he was of royalty as well.

    “Yes,” Sirenetta smiled up at him. “That sound’s lovely. I’ll come at once.” Her eager look grew more and more with every step they took up to the castle. They reached the front of the castle, and Sirenetta noticed an odd feeling coming from the place. A lot of surly men hung around the castle like bodyguards, and when they got inside, the castle was like a bar. More surly looking men in dirty outfits stood around drinking and talking, smoking and playing cards and fighting. The extravagant looking castle looked like a dive of a bar on the inside.

    Then she saw someone familiar. It looked like the sea witch, only with human legs. He had two beers in his hand and was walking towards Erik and herself. Erik turned and saw the man walking towards them and a smile crept across his face. Erik walked over to the familiar face and embraced him closely, then took the other beer and walked back over to me with his friend.

    “Sirenetta, this is Ursulus. He has agreed to show you around my castle-” Erik started but was cut off by Ursulus.

    “Hah, right. Your castle.”

    “Mine now.” Erik replied with a laugh. “Now, if you will. I have some business to attend to.” Erik made his way up the main stairs, stepping over drunk, unconscious men lying down on the steps.

    Ursulus? What are you doing here with my prince?” Ursulus’s expression went from shocked to amused.

    “Oh girl,” He said. “Oh, I can’t even. This is way too good. You do realize hes a pirate, right? He took over this castle after the shipwreck. Plus, I don’t think you’re really his type.”

    “What is that supposed to mean?” Sirenetta asked, angered. “I’m just as good as any other girl-”

    “Minus the ability to smell things.” Ursulus interrupted.

    “That doesn’t matter. And being a pirate doesn’t matter either. Every rose has it’s thorns.” Sirenetta said confidently.

    “Yeah, well killing and thieving and taking over castles and ships is a pretty big thorn. Plus, I’m certain you aren’t his type. Like, at all. Because I am. Sorry, that kinda suck for you. But I’ll tell you what, you can have your fins back.” Ursulus dug through his bag and grabbed a potion, handing it to Sirenetta. “I was going to use it when I got bored of the human world, but I think I’m going to stay here. Get to know my pirate a little better.”

    “But- but what about my smelling. I still can’t smell anything. Please, let me have that back.” Sirenetta pleaded to the sea witch.

    “Yeah, that’s the thing, no refunds. Hey, take this as a lesson, don’t fall in love with the first man you see. You know nothing about him, and he could very well turn out to be a gay pirate. So… yeah, sorry about that. Gotta go, bye!” Ursulus followed the path Erik took up the stairs and disappeared into the castle, leaving Sirenetta scentless and alone.

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Broken Wings

(I said "poems" but this will probably be the only poem you see from me.)


The tallest building in the city stands fifty stories high,

and on the top stands an unusual boy who's had enough.

His long, black hair blows back out of his one green eye.

Finally, he thinks as he looks down, its time for me to to fly.


He thought back to the past, the horrible friendless days.

The bullying, the ridicule, the looks of frightened amaze.

Being called a freak, abomination, because of how he was born.

Being beaten bloody, coming home with clothes torn.


His childhood was something to be desired as well.

Trying to be normal after being told he's from hell

Hurting himself to make his parents accept him.

Mutilating his own body out on a whim.


A black eyepatch is worn over his left eye,

An attack with paintballs left it blind.

Just because people were always scared,

this fear and hate left a young boy impaired.


He was finally finished with the hate and living in fear.

Sneaking to the top of the building where no one could hear,

Where no one could see a broken boy on a roofs ledge.

Ready to soar, they've pushed him to the edge.


Looking down, the city lights were so strange to see.

So different from home, he was now feeling free.

The honking horns of the people below sounded,

And the scent of gasoline and food from vendors surrounded.


Cars driving over the bridge were in traffic at a dead stop.

Dead stopped, he thought as he looked down at the drop.

His life felt like it was stopped dead from the beginning.

Should I really do this? His head was now spinning.


The risks far outweigh the good things I have to gain

But then again, either way this ends should stop the pain.

There are two outcomes to this situation; fly, or die.

The only way to know, he thought, is to just go and try.


He ripped his shirt off and with a running start down the ledge,

his feet left the concrete building and he could no longer see the bridge

Not past the other towering buildings, he was finally independent.

Free from the pain of his past, the constant torment.


Diving head first, the wings on his back became unbound

and pulling up a bit, he started glided towards the ground

The black feathers, now fully grown were ready for flight

He was now getting closer to the city’s bright lights.


He pulled up further, his wings lifted him higher,

Its the first time he used them but he felt like a natural flyer.

Now higher than the building he was just standing on,

He no longer worried about being the perfect son.


The sun was rising and the sky looked like fire,

and now all he could do was think to himself higher.

Soaring to the clouds, freedom is all he felt,

unlike when his wings were bound with a belt.


The sun is was up now and he could see the street.

The people looked like ants and still using their feet.

High in the air his soul sings,

Now free from his old life of broken wings.


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The Library

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Nathan's Birthday

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