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   A sentence written in the paper, and a no-good drawing to accompany it. That’s what Scarlet was staring at all alone in some woods she had never seen before. But she didn’t care about that, and neither did he. 


He stared at the photograph in front of him, deleted what she had wrote and drawn, and began to talk.


“You don’t need to write that, you don’t need to ask.” He wrote, and a new drawing was made on the paper.


She laughed, waited and...


“Would I look pretty with red hair?” A new sentence was written, and a new drawing appeared after it. “If I had red hair, I would wear the most expensive clothes and walk through the city with full confidence of myself.” Suddenly her hair became as red as blood and she felt... different.


“No!” He deleted the question and erased the drawing. Her red hair was gone.


The paper became white, as if everything they had done never happened. Her hand began to shake and she draw an “X”on that old no-good page, as she turned the notebook to a new white page. A page without a history.


“I’m sorry” He wrote on the new page.


“It’s okay” She answered. “There is no red in me to wear anyway”.


“Why not you?” He tried to write, but she got ahead of him, and he just deleted it.


“Maybe I should cut it and wear it blue, then I would be as strong as the water of the river, and I could go to clubs and party.” Suddenly she had a beautiful neon blue hair that didn’t match her at all.


“No!” He rushed to write. Once again, her hair was gone.


“Why?” She asked knowing the answer.


“I’ll tell you once you find me” He dared to say. He suddenly realized what he had written and tried to delete it. But it was too late, she already read it.


“Where are you?” She asked.


“I’m sorry, please forget about it. You will never find me” He wrote and stopped.


She didn’t understand what he had written, and she tried to write on the paper again. It was useless.


She tried again. It was useless.


The paper didn’t absorb the ink. He was gone. 


Suddenly, she felt the need to forget about all that and just simply walk; walk to every single one of her favorite places: the city, the river, and... was there another place? She didn’t remember, but she went to those places anyway.


Scarlet walked through the city and looked at herself in a glass mirror. Her hair was red. Just as she wanted it to be. Just as he didn’t wanted it to be. 


“He? Who was he?” She asked herself. For a minimum moment she felt like something was wrong. Her skin didn’t look so good on her, and she realized her hair wasn’t real.


Torn apart, she decided to take a walk on the river, and her hair was still red. She wished she had never worn it. It just wasn’t her.


As she stared at the river she passed her hand through her hair. It changed! Now it was neon blue. Just as she wanted it to be. Just as he didn’t wanted it to be.


“Him again, with his no face soul” She thought. 


Two minutes later, she hated the blue and she began to run away from the river, but she trip with a stone and fell. Her hand was shaking again, the sounds of the world faded away, and she remembered. Him!


She stood up and ran back to that last place, the place she had forgotten.


 “How could I forget” She thought. 


He, still there, felt her presence getting close, and open the notebook to talk. She got there just in time, and she remembered everything. 


Sitting down on the woods next to her house, she picked up her notebook and pen and began to write.


“I found you” She wrote.


“... I’m sorry” He answer back knowing he had cause her lots of trouble.


“Don’t be, now I know where I belong.”

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