Lost in Color


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Lost In Color


“My child, wish,” a mysterious voice whispered to me.

“Who are you?” I asked, startled, staring into the depths of my dark world, hopelessly searching for the owner.

“Wish,” it repeated.

“Wish for what?” I said dumbfounded.

“Wish,” the voice repeated once more. 

I closed my eyes tight, feeling only resolute, and thought of the one word I dreamed of.

“Color,” I whispered. 

I stood before a dusty mirror, and I felt the thoughts flushing into me, basking my vision into lively shades of colors. My skin was a fairly pale tone, and my eyes a beautiful sea green, while my hair fell to a crimson, red shade. I wore yellow, and purple, a bit of orange, and some blue too. I wore colors, real colors, and I could see them all as well. I could finally see the way a human could. My vision felt rehabilitated. I felt overjoyed.

Time seemed to be frozen as I took chance to instill the wonders of this world. The birds flew over me, chirping, and flapping their wings in a way that was almost flaunting in my sight. They were small creatures, but they held great beauty. I felt the genial rays of golden sunshine. The sun was the one, that was hardest to take in. It shined so radiantly, and I envied it’s glowing allure. The soft strands of grass that rooted out from the moist soil, the clear and vivid drops of morning dew that lingered on each thread of green, the endless sky of blue, the puffy white clouds, I could feel it all eclipse in my mind as I felt my senses drain in color, in sight, in the beauties that were always hidden from my vision. I had fallen in love. 

My world was finally dipped in paint, in color, in images that awed my mind and soul. My sight was purged in dazing hue. My mind only thought of the the sensational auro, my eyes only seeing the staggering beauty, and my heart pounding only to see this light.

The finesse in this artwork, it was amazing. To articulate this beauty is forthright impossible. These wonders were far too good for words. It was much, much better. The mountains that fade as it elongates, the rivers that flow endlessly, the lush green trees that sprout from a mere seed. It was.. breathtaking. 

But something was missing. 


 I took a breath and closed my eyes. It was then I met it again. Fear had teemed me once again. I couldn’t open my eyes. It wouldn’t listen. It was one I never wanted to consult. My one flaw, my defect that had ostracized me, that had kept me aloof from the world. The one that caused my cheeks to become wet from tears. It was a repercussion of my pain. It was my greatest nightmare. It was darkness, it was… a dream? 

I had become lost in color.  It was just a dream, a delusion, it wasn’t real. 

And that,

Had ended me. 

A felt a drop of warm water stream down my cheeks. 

It was never there.

And it never will be.

Color is only a dream.

And it’ll always remain that way.

Because that’s how life works.


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