The Drama


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The drama group

I was in a situation that I hated witch I think I started this situation .This is based on on a true event that has happened to me .I'm only like 10 years old .First of all my name is Kyla all of my freinds names are Alivia,lilyanna ,Adrian,Natlie,Jaylen ,Holden ,Justice,Yamina . It first started when It was just Alivia ,lilyanna and me we called our selves the divine group .Then we didn't tust Alivia anymore so we unfriended her Yamina got mad .just a little FYI I'm shortening it cause this happened for over a year so yah but it's all over now .Anyways yah so we weren't really freinds after that,but then more drama kept happening so I was just confused and out of it .I kept always running away cause I didn't like it so I always just ran away and cried .During everyone's fights Adrian tried to 

Have everyone be happy or stop the fighting .

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The Note

Okay so there's another fight that probably 2 people cried .Ok so it all started when justice and Yamina gotten into a fight and I guess lilyanna told Yamina somthing justice said bad about Yamina so then I got mad at lilyanna because wasn't trustworthy and then she broke out in tears I felt a little bad .The next day I decided I should write best freinds on a note and rip it in half I brought to school told Yamina about it and then I decided not to give it her I guess I dropped it on accident and Yamina gave it to lily I was about to cry but I held in  Lilyanna cried the whole morning . Then me and lily started passing notes to each other to find out things . Then I guess everyone just was silent in our friendship that's the end.

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