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    Close my eyes. Accept the past. Be brave, strong. Be brilliant. Be human. Make mistakes, change your life.  That's what my dad told me. My dad, Sam Witter. My mother died in a freak accident two weeks before my sixteenth birthday. I'm alone. Here at seventeen, my father had gone missing. Leaving me on my own. I can't go to the cops, because of what we do. The family business. Hunting things that normally you wouldn't see. Ghost, demons, that sort of thing. I live my life being on edge twenty four seven. My dad was the protector, the king in other words. That makes me a "princess". There is three systems, PROTECTORS, HUNTERS, and DAMNED. Protectors are the royal guardians of the world, a circle of people who make all decisions. Hunters are the warriors people we send out to find or kill. The Damned is the Protectors and Hunters who have been outlawed, imprisoned, or MIA (missing in action) they are the people we can not save, but I never follow that rule.

    We live all over the world, in different countries. I live in a very small town in the middle of  Washington, that easily hidden. Even though we live here in a small town, we are the head of the councils. We are the protectors of protectors. The first ever village made.  My father was the "king" and now he is damned, which makes my brother, Liam king now. Since, he is the oldest by two days. He is now eighteen, and he is ready .We live our lives in secluded building that is the HQ of the world. No mortal can see it, because it is shaded with a magic protection. Only hunters see the outside world, protectors never leave the walls of the institute. The institute was a old factory that we took and made into a castle like prison. Each protector has a certain power, you only access it when you turn eighteen.

    He tells me that I'm crazy for wanting to look for our dad and mom's killer, but I have different ways of grieving.

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    "You're just a girl, Lillia," Liam said. He was taller then me by ten inches and had moms light blond hair and dad's dark brown eyes. I took dad's dark brown hair and mom's bright blue eyes, that seemed almost unnatural.

    "You don't know anything, Liam." I yelled back. Unlike Liam I was stubborn and hated to be told what to do.

    "Whatever. Go. Find him!" He yelled, and then mumbled to himself, "You can't even leave the building walls." I narrowed my eyes at him. He was leaning in his chair, looking out the window towards the forest, keeping his back towards me.

        "What if I get a team together. Than can I?" He didn't reply.

        "Ok, thanks Liam. I'll be back in March!" I yelled. He turned around and got out of his chair. He walked towards me and took a hold of my wrists.

        "So help me, Lillia, I will lock you up, before I let you leave the walls." I looked him in his eyes.

        "Liam please!" He let go and rubbed his head.

        "You can't even do the laundry." He laughed.

       "I'll learn how." I said. He was wearing his army suit, all in red, getting ready for the next battle against the demons in New York. He barely had a blond mustache. I, on the other hand wore jeans and a long sleeve red shirt with a black dove on it. It was our symbol, each council had their own. We had red and a black dove.

    "You can't even be serious."

    "Oh, but I am." I said. He looked at me and shook his head.

    "I'll give you to Adam. If says you are ready then you can assemble a team, but-"

I hugged him. I was so excited, I smiled and jumped up and down. He laughed. He pushed me off of him, "I didn't say yes, yet."

    "Yet!" I said.

    "If you break any of the rules, I can't promise your safety. You need to stay with Adam." I glared at him.

    "You're assigning me a body guard?" I said through clenched teeth. I wanted to do this alone. Not be babysat.

    "Yes or the deals off. Once you get passed the walls, your safety is un-clear." I nodded.

    "Thanks, Liam!" I hugged him. I was so happy and jumped up with joy.

  "I can't believe I'm doing this." He mumbled. I ran out of his office and down the corridor, going towards the left side of the building. Where all the hunters where staying. I got to the bottom of the hall and looked towards the broken lights. I wasn't going to go down there, this was also the sick wing.

    "ADAM!" I yelled.

    "Will you shut up, Lil." An Irish guard told me.

    "This is a sick wing, people are resting. I'll go 'nd get Adam." I apologized and nodded.  

    After waiting for what seemed forever. I saw the guard come back with a tall man, dressed in all black armor, and blond dirty hair with green eyes, he was the same size as Liam and was his best man.

"If it isn't pip squeak. What do you need, kid?" I hated that he called me kid, he was only nineteen. I stomped my foot and glared at him.

    "My brother wants you to take me out of the walls." He looked at me blankly and then bent over laughing.

    "It's not funny. I'm being serious." He laughed again and wiped his eyes.

    "You're funny kid. Your the princess. You can't leave." He starred at me with a serious and flat face.

    "Go ask Liam!" I commanded and stomped up the stairs towards Liam's office.


I ran up the stairs and imagined beating his face in. I hated Adam. Why did Liam have to assign Adam to me? He was dumb and he didn't even graduate school. At least he went to school. I was home schooled, but  he was still a dumb head.  I was breathing hard and I started to sweat.  I kept running until I was face to face with Liam's guard Rick. I slammed into his really hard abdomen.

    "Rick! Jesus yo-" He covered my mouth and pulled  me into him, so that my back was turned towards his stomach. He bent his knees and whispered in my ear, "We are under attack, your brother is in action. You need to get Adam. I was told for you to go beyond the walls. Code blue and white." Blue and white meant that this was meant to be a secret. Adam and I were the only ones to know. The rest of the institute will be put on lock down, so we had to move fast. When he let go of me, I ran toward the hunter's dorm. I kicked off my shoes and slapped my feet against the aluminum floor. The alarm started going off, just as I made it to the dorm. Adam looked straight at me and took my hand. I didn't have time to breath. We ran through the madness of the institute, people ran in all different directions, people screamed. I looked to my left and saw what we where under attack by. Demons and ghosts from all different categories. Blood runner, who drains blood, Sickers, who can't see but scream, and the worst Dark, the ones who couldn't die. I turned my head the other way and saw Mary, a young hunter in training, get sliced in two by a Dark, her scream was swallowed by my own. Adam took a deep breath and ran faster. My legs were numb, I couldn't breath and I couldn't help. I saw my brother who locked our eyes together.

I love you, stay with Adam. May love be your light. He sent the message into my head. He was telepathic and could do things with his mind. I nodded and mouthed back, Love be your light, he nodded. As he looked at me, I screamed. A Dark locked it's eyes on him. He looked over and swung his sword at the beast. Another one gained up on him. And another. I screamed and tried to stop, but Adam kept pulling me, his grip like iron.  Tears took over my vision, and the last thing I saw was my brother being dragged out by a man in all black. I could tell he was young, but I couldn't see his face.

    "Liam!" I yelled. The black figure turned towards me and then dropped Liam and ran towards us. By that time, Adam picked me up and ran with me in his arms, he began to lift off the ground, he could fly. I wrapped my arms around his neck, and the roof opened up for us. The figure shouted and then disappeared back into the  madness.

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"Liam!" I jumped up. I looked around, I was in a room. A dim lit room, with one bed, and a tiny desk next to it. The room was smaller then a bathroom. Barely enough space to breath. I felt a hand cover up my mouth. I struggled. 

"Would you quit, kid." I stopped and nodded. Letting Adam know I wouldn't scream. He uncovered my mouth. I turned towards him, he was behind me in a chair, right next to the bed. He was facing the door. 

"Where are we?" I asked, my voice was cracked and my throat was sore. 

"We are in a safe house. I was told to bring you here if anything happened at the institute. "

"Where is Liam?"

"I don't know. I saw someone dragging him. What I want to know is why did they come back for you?" 

"I don't know." I starred at the floor. I wanted my dad. I wanted Liam. I wanted to be home. 

"Hey, kid. It's going to be ok. I know someone who might know where this attack came from." I starred at him. 

"Who?" He smiled and then turned towards the door. 

"Get some sleep, princess." I glared at him, wishing I could make him disappear. 

"But, I'm not-" Before I could finish I driffted off to sleep, allowing the darkness to take control of me. 

"Good morning, princess." I opened my eyes. My mother, with her beauty and grace stood next to my bed. Her long hair riffled around hair face like waves. Her voice was soft and I could smell her lavender perfume. I was about six. 

"Morning mommy, where is daddy?"  I rubbed my eyes and looked at her. She was the most beautiful women in the institute back then. I wanted to be just like her. She took my hands.

"He is helping some of the villagers."  I smiled. I have always wanted to go outside the walls, but only men and hunters were allowed.

"When can I go?" I asked. My mother laughed.

"When daddy says you can." She said. She kissed my hand and walked out of my room, leaving my door slightly open.

"Sam, she needs to know the truth." I heard her say. I thought he was outside the walls?

"When she's sixteen, we will tell her together." If only that happened. 

When the sun broke out of the closed curtains, I sat up. I was wrong, it wasn't the sun, it was car lights driving by. I have never saw a car before so I rushed to the window to see. It was weird looking. It had four wheels and held multiple people and was all controlled by gas and wires. I sat back down on the bed and looked around, Adam was sitting in a wooden chair with his head slumped down. Good, I thought. 

    I snuck out of the bed and slowly crouched and walked to the door. I didn't want to wake him. I got close enough to the door and ran for it.  When I opened the door, I was outside and examined my surroundings. The safe room was a room at a motel. A Super Eight motel, I think. I'm guessing by the stupid big yellow eight in the front of the rooms. Where the hell am I?    I turned around to shut the door, but instead I turned to see stupid Adam smiling down at me.

    "Where do you think you're going, Princess?" He laughed to himself. I rolled my eyes, damn it. I wasn't fast enough.

    "Just for some fresh air." I smiled, putting my perfect puppy face on.

    "I know you think that I'm the bad guy here, but I'm trying to protect you. You need to stay with me at all times. If you want air, wake me." He opened the door and disappeared into the room. I growled and went back in. What was I going to do?

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