Neon Lights


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Chapter 1

... "I know who you are." I walked up to the boy in the bushes.

"You know nothing, Max, but oh, if you did. You would be in the ride of life time."  I never saw his face, but I knew here was there. Like every night. Every time I go out he is always there. He started to turn around. I focused on him, waiting for the reveal. Then a loud beeping arose from behind me..

    I jumped up hitting my head on the bottom of the top bunk. I turned and glared at my alarm clock. I could feel my eyes glow, and I pictured my eyes turning a light pink color and I focused on the clock. Within two seconds in shattered into pieces.

    "Damit, Max! that's the tenth one this month!" I smiled as Zach jumped off the bed. The other two kids glared at me.

    "Sorry, but it scared me." My little sister came over to my bed and sat down, "Every thing scares you, Max." She laughed and I kissed her small head. For a five year old she was really something special. She jumped off my bed to join Ali.

    We are all related, except for Zach , he is John's kid. John took us in after my parents left us on the side of a street. I was twelve at the time, Ali was five and Addie was just a baby. We all have special gifts. Ali can produce fire, water  from her hands and see the future. Addie can hear and see everything. Things from miles away. Their eyes turn grey. I'm different. I can do anything. Any power imaginable. My eyes turn different colors for each power. We don't where we got them or how. I don't  remember anything after the day our parents left us. I barely remember their face, Addie and Ally don't remember anything.  

    "Max, we have school in ten minutes. You better hurry," Zach glanced over at me, as I sat up in my bed with my black shorts and a tank top on, "and for god sakes, please wear something that covers you up." I rolled my eyes and jumped out of bed. Zach was good looking and every girl in our town knew it, but he was a brother to me, always really protective.

    I went to the small dresser and took out a pair of black skinny jeans and other necessities. I walked over to the walk in closet, that as shared with all of us. I went to my side and took a down a longs sleeve grey shirt down. I locked myself into the bathroom and  I  pulled the clothes on and zipped up my ankle boots. I looked in the mirror and noticed my hair. The orange was gone, replaced with my dirty blond rat tail. I quickly brushed out the tangles and braided it. The braid swung over my shoulder.

    "Are you ready yet?" Zach hollered into the bathroom. I grunted and swung the door open. He stood in front of the door. He was all set with his usually look. Grey hoodie and raggedy jeans. His hairs was a brown mess, and his blue eyes glared at me. I laughed and punched him in the arm.

    "Ow! What the hell!" I hit him again as Addie came up. I glared at him as he continued to rub his shoulder.

    "Addie are you ready for your first day of kindergarten?" I asked. She jumped up and down. Excitement in her light intense blue eyes, and her curly, blond hair bouncing with her. She nodded and continued down the hall into the kitchen. I walked back into our room and picked up my black, shoulder bag. I heard sobbing and turned to see Ali, sitting on her bed holding a picture.

    "Hey Al, what's going on?" Her straight blond hair sat neatly on her lean shoulders, as her dark blue eyes watered. She looked up at me.

"I start middle school today. I can feel something." Ali gets theses feelings when somethings going to happen. Alost like a flash of the future, but just a feeling. She can only tell what sort of thing and to who.

"What? It might just be nerves." I sat down next to her. I rapped my arms around her and pulled her in.

    "No. It's fear. It's direct towards you." I pulled back. My stomach turned. I could feel my eyes glowing a slight brown color. I looked at my braid and noticed it turned neon orange and the braid starting to come undone and shorten. Ali grabbed my hand.

"Max, your alter ego is coming. You need to control her." But it was to late. Flashes of images started going through my head.

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Chapter 2

    I laid in bed with all the lights off and a black curtain pulled across the window. When ever she comes out, she leaves such a mess behind. A huge migraine, the slow change of my hair from the neon short orange, to my long hair. I hate when she comes, but I can't control it. Her. She only comes out when she fears something or I ask her to. When Ali said it was for me, she came out. I hate it when she does. My eyes glow brown, her natural eye color. My hair shortens and changes my body tinges as her presence becomes known. It really sucks to share your body.

    John let me stay home, he knows how much damage she does to me. I needed the rest. I can use some of the powers without fully changing into her. Like telepathy, flying, those kind of powers but If I need something stronger, like time control she takes over. She never asks to come, she just does. My alter ego sucks.

    Pulling me from my thoughts, my phone dinged. I took it off the end table by the bed and looked at the bright screen. It was from Ren, my best friend. She's gorgeous and nothing like me. She's outgoing and always has a boyfriend thing. She doesn't know about my powers.

    Hey M, are you ok? Zach told me you where ill. It's our first day or our last year, you better be sick.


I texted her back, letting her know I was sick and that I was sorry for not being there. After we talked about the new kids at schools and gossiped about her Ashley Mars had got into a fight over the summer. Things I already knew. I stopped the fight, well not me, alter ego me. I couldn't tell that to her. Her father is a scientist and I could already picture him running experiments on if she knew. Ren was known as our school's gossip queen.

    I drifted off to sleep, only to be awoken by a low knocking on my door.

    "Hey Max, how are you holding up?" John knocked slightly on my door. I sat up in bed and decided now was probably the best time to tell him.

    "Better. I'll be out in a sec." I pulled myself out of bed and walked to the door. I didn't care at that moment what I looked like. Sweats, hoodie and hair all messy. I probably looked like crap. I opened the door and realized it was now night time and all the kids where sitting at the dinning room table.  I dragged my feet to my chair, the one at the end of the table. Addie, Ali and Zach all looked at me and then switched their attention over to John as he sat down.    

    "How are you feeling?" Zach asked. I shrugged and put my knees against my chest. Strands of my hair fell into my face and blew them out of my face as I was trying to look at Addie. Who was sitting in her chair with a huge smile on her face. She was to little to understand. To innocent and sweet.  I rubbed my eyes and looked over to Ali. She nodded and I sat up in my chair.

    "Ali had a vision. That's why she came out. Ali had a feeling something bad was going to happen to me. Ali never said what, but my alter ego saw it." Ali reached out and took my hand. I didn't want to tell them what she saw. Her visions sometimes lie. I bit my bottom lip and looked up.

    "She saw me jumping off a cliff. I was being hunted. I don't know from who and why. Then I jumped. That's all she saw. All I get from that is I have to be careful. I can't trust anyone outside of this house. None of you can tell anybody." They all nodded, except for Addie who just stared at me. She is still new at all of this. She is very intelligent five year old.

    "We won't say anything to anyone. We never have or will." john said. He offered me a smirk and everyone nodded in agreement.

    "Thanks. Now tell me about school."

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Chapter 3

        "Are you feeling better?" Ren walked next to me as we walked to our first hour. Physics. I was happy we had the same class. We only had one separate class. Ren wore a pair of jeans with a long sleeve black shirt that read, "NO COFFEE,  NO TALKIE" on it. She was really proud of it. Unlike her I wore my usual skinny jeans and a thick strapped black tank top with my boots.

    "Yeah, I think it was just food poisoning." I shrugged. Ren started jumping up and down and grabbed my arm.

    "Guess what? There is a new kid named Jay and he is totally adorbs!" I laughed as she stopped jumping and nearly trampled a freshmen.

    "You will have to point him out." Unlike Ren, I wasn't good with boys. I dated a few, but I never had that spark with anyone. I had a crush on the same guy for years but I never talked to him. Ren was on and off with guys all the time, I think it's a high for her.

    "I will! During lunch! Oh and Mike asked about you. You never texted him or answered his calls." She looked worryingly at me. Mike was the guy I was currently seeing. He ok, cute and funny, but like I said I never felt a spark.  

    "I will text him, I just wasn't feeling good and I was in bed. I was to lazy to reach my phone. I only texted you back, because you would've went over to the house," I chuckled. She laughed along, because she knew it was true. She has done it before.

    "There you are!" I instantly knew it was Mike by my sixth sense, but he covered my eyes with his hands and kissed my neck. I turned into him.

    "Sorry for never answering you. I was home with the stomach bug." I gave him the puppy look, hoping he would forgive me. I knew he would. I stared into his green eyes and pulled him closer.

    "It's ok, babe," he said. That's one thing I hate about him. He calls me babe. I hate being called babe. I feel like I'm being owned or marked as his. I was his, but who knew how long that would last. I keep telling myself, just a little longer Max, you'll feel something eventually. I mean I do have feelings. I feel love and possessiveness over my family.

    "Good," I smiled up at him. He smiled and his cute dimples lifted into his award winning smile. He kissed my head and swung his arm around me as we continued walking in the hallway.

    First period went by super fast. Since Ren sat on the other sat of the room  I held my phone in between my thighs and texted her. She kept looking over at me. Then she would move her eyes over towards the new kid. He was cute, I will admit, but he was strange. He had a weird vibe.

    After class, Ren met me at the door and walked with me to my locker.

    "Is he or is his not?" She said. I knew what she was asking. Was Jay hot. I shrugged. I didn't put much emotion in it. The kid freaked me out.

    "Whatever, he's mine then!" She laughed. I rolled my eyes as I took out my math text book. My eyes started glowing a light grey color. I hid my face into my locker. Ren can't see. 

    I focused hard on to myself. I ran when I saw the ends of my hair starting to turn light orange. I pushed past Ren and ran into the girl's bathroom. People commented on me pushing past them and starred at me. Once I was in the bathroom I closed the door and slouched against it. I quickly knelt down and looked under the stalls to make sure there was no one else in here. No one. Thank god. A sigh of relief escaped me and clenched my chest. Why was she coming? My hair shortened and my eyes turned brown. I watched myself change in the mirror. 

    I looked through the now brown eyes. I placed my stuff down and opened the bathroom door. Few people looked at me. I knew what they where thinking, "new kid." I walked towards the front of the school and followed my senses. I followed a cold trail all the way to Jay. He was standing next to a group of kids laughing. Why was I here? 

    He wasn't standing. He was on the ground. The other kids were gathered around him. 

        "Finish him!" They screamed. My fists clenched. I pictured  my eyes turned light green. I walked towards the group. Somehow, I had cloned myself into three different people and I punched them all in the face at the same time. Jay mummbled a thanks as I ran back into the bathroom. 

    How had I used two powers at once. I looked in the mirror and saw one eye light green and the other dark green. What had just happened? 

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Chapter 21 (50)

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