Night At Dawn


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 One..... Two.... Three....

"Jump!" She shouted. We did. I wish we didn't.


"Good morning!" Gran shouted. I jumped up from the bed.

"Gran, that was not ok." I said rubbing my head. She laughed. I joined,even though I wanted to glare at her. She was like that. She wasn't a grandma who cooked cookies and cake. She was the type of grandma to randomly laugh at everything and try to stay "hip". And every since my mum died she's been my care taker. Even before my mum passed she taught me left from right, wrong from right. I was ten, when my mum passed. My dad left me when I was younger, and I didn't have any siblings and we didn't have any relatives, so just us three, well us two.  She kissed my forehead and walked out of my room. We just moved. Hoping a new scenery might be good for us. A new life, a new start, granny had said. I don't know what about that made her think, let's pack and move hundred of miles away to small town called Blackwater Creek, that is located in the middle of freaking nowhere. Thanks gran. I tried to be happier about it, because it made her happy. You can only fake it for so long.  Today is the start to a new school, so yay to a new beginning,but I had to suck it up, because it was for grans sake. She needed it, the doctor said she needed a change. Maybe it could bring some memories back?

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Chapter one: First day Tragedies

Gran made me pancakes but I was running late so I didn't eat any thing. Because I was only fifteen, I couldn't drive, so I had to take the bus, which was beeping. I ran waddled out the door as my back pack hit the back of my thigh. I slammed into the bus door and the driver opened it. She smiled at me and I noticed some of her teeth were gone or darkly colored yellow. She had grey short hair, that was messy and she looked unpleasant. Back in England they would call her a bum. She had dirty clothes and looked as if she hated her job.

"New girl, eh. Well welcome." She said. The bus was filled with screaming kids of all ages, back home we had separate buses for each class. In my school, my class had 8 students. My primary school was smaller. It was a different system and I knew how America worked, I watched programs. I knew their slang. I laughed to myself.

"Well ain't you gonna sit down or not?" She said. I blushed with embarrsment and cursed myself.

"Of course, how silly of me." My accent sounded foreign now. She laughed . I started to take a seat when she pulled the bus out of gear, and I fell. In the middle of my shrieking, I heard lighter and oh mys.

"Uh, hi." I looked up. I never noticed that instead of falling into a seat, I fell in a  lap instead. Oops.

"I am so so so sorry!" I said. He helped me sit up in the seat. I was seated next to him and it was nice not being on him.

"It's all right. I'm Jared." He said. He had an American accent and the darkest green eyes, I have ever saw. He had that brown shaggy hair that you just want to fluff and the body figure of a football player.

"It is quite nice to meet you, my name is  Elizabeth, but you can call me Elly if you like." He laughed. I didn't understand what was funny about what I had said.

"Why are you laughing?" He put his hand up, as if he was smacking air.

"I'm sorry, but I'm not used to thick British accents." Oh. Yes that might be a problem, I might be the center of attention now.


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Chapter Two :Wrong meets Right

 The rest of the bus ride was quite awkward. Jared and I never spoke, he looked out the window and I put it my headphones. The bus ride was about twenty minutes and when we got there I almost slipped on my shoes, Jared caught me and showed where the office was. It was nice to have a friend.

"Can I consider you a friend?" I asked.

He laughed,"Of course." He left me standing in front of the office. He said he would see me later, but I hardly doubt that.

The school was as big as a university in England and there were two buildings, for what,  I don't know. Maybe there where to many Americans? The school was white and classic. It had a two stories and a basement. The office lady with the fanny pack and grey shirt hair, with the name, Lucy, handed me a map of the school. The other office lady had bright blue eyes and was a whole lot younger than fanny pack, she had blond hair and had a name tag that read, Milo. She handed me my schedule and locker combination.

" so just go left and up those stairs and then it's the locker on the far end. Your first class is two doors down from that, Masters English and then Journalism is in that class too as with Creative writing, she also teaches Choral." I nodded and left the office. I turned left and went up the stairs, trying not to fall, luckily no one else was in the halls. I wasn't late, so I don't know where they were. I followed down the hall and walked into the class. When I opened the door, I noticed three boys. That starred at me when I entered, everyone else paid no mind to me. The class was dead silent. A lady treated by the door, she had red hair in a neat bun and she had blue eyes.

"Hi!" I smiled. She pulled me by my wrist to an empty desk in the front. She didn't say anything. Then a boy patted my shoulder from behind. He had cute freckles and light brown hair.

"I'm Peter, welcome! Miss Lake is creepy, but you'll get used to that. We are reading this chapter in our books, you can share with me today and then after class, I'll take you to the library." I nodded. Green eyed, freckled boy likes to talk, a lot. The rest of the class I read chapter 8 in a introduction to English, which I already know. After class Petter took me the library, which was huge for a school library. I loved it, I loved to read. The librarian was a small, old lady with grey hair, she was very elegant. She handed me a text book and then Peter took my hand and pulled me out the door.

" So what is your next class?"

"Math? With um... mister Jack?" I said, trying to read the paper from the office lady. Her hand writing was messy and smeared. He pulled me along the halls and we flew by several classes. He stopped by a smaller class.

"This is it. Did you have to go to your locker?" I shook my head, thank god. I would have had to run all the way back.

Unlike Miss Lake's class, Mister Jack was fun and sassy. In England we would call him a girl, here they said gay. He had a safe tone to him. he was calming and made me feel a little bit safer. I knew that this schools was for the best, but so far he was the only one who made me think it was the best. I felt strangely connected to him.  He was a little weird though. When I first entered the class room he stopped teaching and starred at me. Like he knew me, and he was somehow scared of me. I walked up to him and introduced myself. He was a younger teacher, with eyes like mine and he spoke with an American accent. He had a small beard like a movie star would. Now if it seems I have a crush on a teacher, I don't.

"Miss Elizabeth Black." He said. He kept starring at me, and wouldn't meet my eyes.

"Yes. I am new here." He slowly nodded his head.

"I am well aware. Take a seat." I walked down the chairs and sat in the back seat. It was in the corner of the room and nobody was sitting next to it. It almost seemed as if the chair itself was diseased. But there was another reason.

A boy walked in and took a seat right next to me. He had a dark shirt on and pants. He had short, black hair, and would not look at me. He was creepy, but at the same time I felt scared of him. I had this deep feeling, that something was wrong.

"Nice of you to join us Jace."  Mr. Jack said. I looked at Jace.

"Yeah, nice of you to give away my seat, Jack." I was surprised on how he used the teachers name. I looked down, once I realized he was talking about me.

"But its ok, because she smells really good." I felt my cheeks burn and watched Mr. Jack's face go to a frown to a horrified expression. I think I was more horrified then he was. Jace looked at me. He smiled. The smile was so calming and made my heart skip a beat. I knew I wouldn't normally do this, so I turned away. I heard him let out an angered sighed. I turned back and saw him looking at his hands in a confused way. Which only made myself more confused.

After math the day rolled by and I couldn't focus on any of my classes. After school I walked to the bus stop. The day was sunny and bright at the beginning of the day, but now it was soapy and rainy. I hid under the roof, and kept looking at the shattered windows in nearby shops.

"So new girl." I spun around and looked Jace in the face. He stood so close I was almost kissing his chin. I was little smaller than him. I raised my head to look up at him. His eyes where bright blue.

"Would you like a ride?" I shook my head. I didn't want to stuck with him, I wouldn't feel comfortable. He came closer and took my wrist. I winced.

"Come on, don't be shy, Elly." I fought back, but he was to strong.

"Jace. Leave. Her. Alone!" We both turned to see Mr. Jake , Jared and Peter all stood behind us. He let go and ran over to them. I hid behind Jared, he held my hand.

"Aww, look a whole family reunion. How sweet. Should I stay for dinner?" I looked at Jared. That's when I realized they all had the same body structure. They were all related.

"Dad, can we just kill him?" Peter said to Mr. Jake. Mr. Jake looked at me and then back to Jace.

"We can't. He will change. I know it, I've seen it. Just give the fortune time." The two nodded and all looked at Jace, who was turning to leave.

"Well ta-ta. Love you lots. It was lovely to meet you Elizabeth, maybe next time we can hang out on better circumstances." And with that he left.

I turned and faced all of them, "ok time to explain." They exchanged glances and looked back to me.

Mr.Jake sighed, "God fine. Just not here. I'll take you home."

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Chapter Three: One..two..three..

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