Dreaming in Color


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Chapter One

“Ready, and fall!” screamed Coach Milligan as we fell into our partners arms. She had Melanie Callaway was currently in the arms of Jace Thomas, the star runner and hottest boy in her school.

            If you looked up the definition of perfect it would say Jace Thomas. He was on the honor roll, and excelled at everything he did; including his three sports, cross country, basket ball, and track. Jace is also amazingly not cocky. He’s one of those people who you really want to hate for just being so perfect, yet you can’t because they are also exceedingly nice.

            “Aw look you fell for me.” Jace said pulling me back to my feet.

            “Oh my god you did not just say that,” Melanie groaned.

            “Oh yes I did.”

            “That is one of the cheesiest pick up lines on the planet,”

            “oh I’m sure there are worse,”

            “Really name three cheesier pick up lines, ready, go!”

            “Okay let me think, oh yeah, did it hurt?” he said nodding at Melanie to respond.

            “Did what hurt?”

            “Did it hurt when you fell out of heaven?”

            “Oh god,” Melanie groaned.

            “Oh I have more, apart from being sexy, what do you do for a living?” Jace asked wiggling his eyebrows.

            “These are so bad!”

            “Are you ready for the last one? There are 21 letters in the alphabet right?”

            “Nope, 26” Melanie said playing along.

            “Oh yeah I forgot U R A Q T.” he smiled.

            “Please tell me you never use these,” Melanie groaned, trying to imagine Jace Thomas at a bar trying to pick up girls using cheesy pick up lines, it just didn’t fit.

            “No I just think they are hilarious,”

            “Good I can’t imagine you’d have any luck with any of them of anyways.

            “Oh you’d be surprised how well they work, look at us talking right now.”

            “Oh shut up Jace” Melanie said playfully.

            Coach blew her whistle again signaling to switch partners. Melanie groaned and walked over to her next partner, Ella Singer.

            Ella was sweet; she just tended to talk your ear off. Not that Melanie doesn’t talk a lot, but Ella just never stops.

            “Hi Melanie! Im so glad youre my partner. My last partner sucked. It was Simon. Ugh I just hate that kid, he never sstops talking you know. It is so annoying I mean I was just trying to respond to him, but he keeps on talking! Oh my god, he is just so annoying!” she squealed “You’re last partner though, talk about lucky! Jace freaking Thomas! You are so lucky! He is just so gorgeous and super sweet too. And he totally likes you too, I saw you guys flirting up a storm over there. Oh you guys would be so adorable-” she was cut off by Coaches whistle. Thankful for the momentary break Melanie caught Ella as she fell into her arms. “Oh this is just so much fun! I wonder if we will do more trust activities like this. You know this one time I was at camp and we were doing exercises like this and there was this one….”

            As Ella droned on Melanie looked back at Jace and smiled. To her bitter surprise she saw Lisa Henwich, his new partner, shamelessly flirting with him. Luckily Jace didn’t appear to notice and caught Melanie’s eye and smiled back.

            “…and we saw a moose, can you believe it a moose! It was incredible.” Ella said just as Coach blew her whistle. “Aw well by Melanie have fun with your next partner!” Thankfully Melanie’s  next partner was Christie, her best friend.

            “Oh thank god you are here! I have had such awful partners! How did you get such good ones? I mean seriously Jace. How is that fair?” she said as Melanie walked up to her.

            “I guess fate just likes me better” Melanie joked.

            “If fate looks like Coach Milligan then I’d agree.”

            “Oh whatever she doesn’t even like me that much.”

            “Yeah and the sky isn’t even that blue.”

            “Oh shut up, Christie” Melanie said shoving her shoulder. “And are we not going to talk about a certain scene I saw take place in the hallway today?”

            “Oh well you know nothing really,” she said blushing. The rest of the exercise Melanie spent getting all the details of Christies date with Ryan.

            At the end of practice Melanie hurried out of the locker room to get home. The traffic was always really bad right after practice because all of the sports got out at the same time.

Melanie got home to her dad making dinner.

“It smells delicious dad what is it?” Melanie asked as she started her homework on the kitchen counter.

“Sea food stir fry, and curry rice.” Her dad replied.

“Oh yum, my favorite,” Melanie said as she started her homework. She didn’t have much homework; she finished by the time her mom came home.

At dinner that night Melanie told her parents all about her day. She loved her parents; they were perfect as far as Melanie was concerned. They were fair with their rules and obviously loved Melanie with all their hearts; they doted on her but didn’t spoil her and were all the support Melanie needed.

That night Melanie feel asleep easily in her big bed, excited about the days to come, especially to see Jace again. Melanie was fairly sure he liked her, and she defiantly liked him, but she wanted to make sure. Melanie couldn’t wait until she saw him again.


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Chapter Two

After school Christie and Melanie went her favorite place in the world, the local coffee house, Little Sister’s coffee house. They came here a lot especially this year when their teachers decided that giving them homework was their new favorite thing. Melanie ordered her usual café mocha, and Christie got her macchiato. They sat at their usual table and started their homework.

Melanie had written about half of her English paper when a pair of barefoot feet walked up to their table.

“I have one café mocha and a macchiato here, is that right?” Melanie looked up and saw the shoeless man was their waiter. She looked over at Christie who seemed unfazed by this shoeless wonder. Melanie took her coffee and turned to Christie as the waiter walked away.

“Did you see that guy?” She asked “He wasn’t wearing any shoes.”

“Are you sure?” Christie responded sounding incredulous.

“I’m fairly certain I didn’t just imagine that our waiter had no shoes on.”

“Hey I was just asking,”

“Yeah I know I’m sorry that was just really weird.” The waiter was on the other side of the café where Melanie couldn’t see his feet. “Just look when he comes over here again, okay?”

“Yeah whatever,” she said turning back to her homework. Melanie looked back at my paper trying to start writing again. She glanced up and saw the waiter coming over again. Melanie nudged Christie nodding towards the waiter.

“He’s wearing shoes I don’t know what you are talking about,” she said.

“What do you mean?  No he’s not, look at his feet.” Melanie said pointing at his feet.

“I am looking and he is clearly wearing shoes. What next are you going to tell me I’m not wearing shoes either?”

“What’s happening, that man is clearly not wearing shoes,” She yelled standing up. Melanie looked around to see if the other waiters were wearing shoes, and found that no one was. Not a single person in the entire café was wearing shoes. “No one is what’s going on?”

“Mel, are you okay? You’re freaking me out, everyone is wearing shoes. What’s going on?”

“I don’t know why can’t I see the shoes? This is freaking me out. Are you trying to play a prank because it’s not funny, Christie just cut it out. How’d you even get all these people not to wear shoes?” Melanie yelled her heart racing.

“Melanie calm down, what’s going on? Just sit down.”

“I- I’m just going to go home, I probably am  just over-tired and hyped up on coffee, I’ll see you tomorrow okay?” She said shoving her stuff in her bag and running out the door.

Once Melanie got outside she rushed down the street. She lived only a couple blocks away from the coffee shop so she decided to just walk home. Melanie was really freaked out and as she rushed home she accidentally ran into a woman on the sidewalk.

“Oh my god I am so sorry are you okay?” Melanie asked helping the woman back to her feet. She seemed vaguely familiar. “Hey weren’t you just in Little Sister’s? I think I saw you there.” Melanie said sure that she was sitting at the table kitty corner to hers.

The woman just glanced at her then hurried away. It was the strangest thing. Melanie shook it off and kept walking; some people are just crazy she thought.

On the next block another strange thing happened. She could have sworn she saw her waiter from Little Sister’s. But he was in a business suit and had his hair gelled down. Melanie ran the rest of the way home trying not to notice anything because she was too afraid of what she would see.

When she got home she left her backpack at the door and ran upstairs. Trying to relax she took a long hot shower. By the time she got out her mom was home.

“Hi sweetie, how was your day?” her mom asked as she came downstairs in her pajamas.

“I had a really weird day, I think I’m just overtired, I think I’ll just go to bed.” Melanie said.

“Alright I hope you feel better, do you want some tea or anything before you go to bed, it might help calm you down?”

“No thanks mom, I think I just need to sleep don’t worry I’ll see you in the morning.” Melanie went upstairs and curled up in her bed eager to sleep off this strange day.



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Chapter Three

Melanie found herself in a big room lying on an unfamiliar bed. There was a faint constant beeping to the left of her but she couldn’t turn her head to see what it was. The walls were glaringly white, and the lights were anything but friendly. In the distance she saw what appeared to be another bed and a woman lying in it. She was hooked up to a bunch of machines, one was a heart monitor, it was making the same noise as the machine behind her that she couldn’t see.

The hazy figure of a woman in black clothing loomed over her presumably checking her vitals. Melanie tried hard to fight the exhaustion that was struggling to take over. She struggled to stay awake and look around the room some more, but a second wave of exhaustion rolled over her taking her down. The last thing she saw was the nurse walking way.


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Chapter Four

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Chapter Five

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Chapter Six

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Chapter Seven

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