Your Friends Who Do Designer Drugs

After a somersault off the rooftop of a swanky Philadelphia hotel, handsome playboy, Benji, is dead. Jackson Blake is a 24-year-old tormented soul who is accused of murder by his circle of affluent friends and hauled away to an interrogation room at two AM. Out of meds, yet unusually calm, Jackson wants to prove his innocence. He...


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When Detective Rex Murdoch sets about a new case in a new town, he's taken aback when he finds every single person he meets is an absolute idiot. Can he join the dots and work out why the entire town has the IQ of a stuffed teddy bear? Or will he find that living in a world gone stupid is actually more dangerous than he realises? The...

Analogies to remember

Too often I speak in analogies. I find comparisons beautiful - they make it possible to articulate some of life's most wonderfully complex ideas. This is a notebook of all of my favourite analogies. I write them here to remember them for later.

The Shakespeare Murders

Thomas Brown is a high school English/History teacher who lives in Western Sydney. He interrupted his studies in Forensic Science at university when his mother was disabled in an accident, leaving him responsible for his elderly parent's care. An old friend, now a police detective, calls him in to help solve a series of baffling...