Room 519


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Tomorrow runs a private escort service.  Cash is flowing and all is fair.  UNTIL her man becomes a client. 

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Get lost in Room 519, where if you're gonna be BAD, you gotta be GOOD at it.

Chapter 1

Tomorrow stood in front of her mirror with the thick brown towel draped around her body. She leaned as close to the mirror as she could get trying not to knock anything over. She added some glue to one lash before applying it to her eyelid. And though she could apply the lashes with both eyes closed, she'd gotten up early enough to take her time. If it was one thing she hated, it was rushing, no matter what the business was. She stopped in the middle of applying a lash and glanced through the corner of the mirror when she heard his groan.
"You up mighty early."
"I'm always up early."  She said. 
"Yeah, but last night you said you was going to sleep in."
"That was just wishful thinking, baby."  
She put on the lash, set the tweezers down and walked, almost in slow motion, to the bed where her boyfriend Tre' lay. She leaned over and kissed his lips. He' reached forward and untangled the towel from around her body and pulled her in just as the towel hit the floor. 
"Come back to bed." He pulled her closer.
"Why should I?" Tomorrow flirted. 
"Because I got something for you."
"I know you do baby but I don't have time." She kissed him again, picked up her towel and wrapped it back around her body.
He watched her as she walked back to the dresser.
"Why do you keep doing me like this?"
"Like what?" Tomorrow pretended she didn't already know.
"Don't play dumb, Tomorrow. You know what I'm talking about?" Tre picked up the pillow next to him and threw it at her.
She finished her lashes and turned to face him. She leaned the back of her body against the dresser trying to make him understand with her eyes instead of her words. 
Suddenly she spoke, "Baby. If I didn't work such long hours, I would sex you all night. And you know it. But I have to work. And by the end of my shift, I'm exhausted."
"Tomorrow, you stand at a counter the majority of the day. Most of the night, you're in your office, waiting on the girls to finish inventory. Which I don't really understand, giving the business you're in. Never understood that part but you bringing in the dough so I ain't gon complain. But damn baby, how exhausted can you be? You act like you fuck all day or something." Tre chuckled at his joke.
"Picture that." Tomorrow smiled.
She walked into the bathroom and came back fairly quickly. This time she started applying some light lip gloss.
She watched Tre' as he removed his naked body from the bed and walked to her. Dick first. He was hard as a brick. Fuck rocks. Rocks had nothing on the concrete jungle that moved in her direction. She loved Tre' and she wanted him just as much as he wanted her but she just could not find the time to please her man. But little did he know, Tre' almost guessed that Tomorrow couldn't please him because she was too busy pleasing others. He stood behind her and pushed his body onto hers. He watched through the mirror as her facial expression change when his dick pressed against her ass. She wanted him. He just knew it but as always something would stop her from letting him enter. As always, he grabbed his dick and rubbed it up and down her crack line. Tomorrow stayed put. She didn't flinch. At least not at disgust. She wanted him. And just as Tre' was about to manipulate her mind, she turned around.
"Tre', I have to get to work."
"Dammit, Tomorrow, you own your own damn can get to work whenever. Let me fuck you, please."
"I can't. I've already showered. And I smelling good."
Tre' leaned in and kissed her neck. "You damn sure do. Let me just put the head in. I'll take it right back out. I promise."
Bad as Tomorrow wanted to fuck Tre's brains out, she just couldn't. It wasn't that time of the month. Yes, she fucked Tre' once a month...enough to keep their relationship sane but not enough to keep him happy. Hell, if she fucked him regularly, she'd never earn no real money. Sometimes, she wished Tre' knew what was really going on. Then he would understand; with him, the sex was personal, but with her business partners, it was what it was. Strictly business. And if she wanted to be the best at what she did, she had to be the best and bring it.  Tre' dick could probably motivate her to do him more often but money on that side table at the end of the day was where it was at. 
Tomorrow pushed Tre' away. "I gotta go, Tre'."

The front door chimed loudly.
Tomorrow rushed to the front counter. “Welcome to The Candy Shop.” She smiled.
The gentleman stood in the middle of the floor. He looked around curiously without saying a word. Tomorrow gestured for Kataria to grab him. Not physically but his attention.
“Welcome to The Candy Shop; where Today is the Tomorrow you wished for Yesterday.  My name is Kataria,“Mel is over there,” She pointed to the candy shelf, “and this is Tomorrow, the owner."  She nodded in Tomorrow's direction.  "What can we get you today?” Kataria touched the gentleman’s arm ever so lightly. She'd hoped touching him wouldn't scare him off but instead made him feel at ease. After all, this was the candy shop.
The gentleman just stood there looking around. Tomorrow watched him attentively. She really did run a legit business selling candy.  Real candy.  At real prices and she was destined to move the 'candy' business to the next level. Her last minute store decision sold and grossed more money than anticipated, putting her mark and own brand on selective candies.  And being the hustler as she called but entrepreneur to the business world, a person's sweet tooth was at her command. She nodded to Mel.
Mel stacked the box she held in her hand onto the lower shelf and walked over to the front of the store and started closing the blinds. Kataria got the message pretty quick and gallantly moved to turn the open sign out-to-lunch. The gentleman still stood silently, not moving, not flinching. He just watched the girls as they moved quickly before finally positioning by his side. Mel opened his jacket and frisked him from his under arm pits to his socks. Kataria removed his jacket and lift his shirt. She rubbed her hands all over his chest. The man breathed a heavy sigh. 
“Step out of your shoes, please.” Kataria stepped back.
The man listened.
“Your socks...”
Mel finished frisking him.
“He’s clean.” Kataria looked at Tomorrow.
Tomorrow walked from behind the counter. Her heels clicked with every step she made.  She loved the sound that her heels gave off when she walked. It was the only sound she knew that set off absolute vibration of her pure confidence, echoing through the air. Medium height, jet black hair, anyone could look at her and tell she was not who she appeared to be, that it was something more to Tomorrow Stiles.  But her appearance was neither negative or positive. It was more like a mysterious, unexplainable sexy suspicion. Looking at her made you want to know more about her but afraid, not of what you may find of her, but of what she may find of you. Her eyes were wide unless she began to speak with them. And then they became a permanent deviation. Her figure was not mastered but it was indeed a jack of all trades. And with the right attire and attitude, Tre’ and no other man she’d ever been with, or yet could ever ask for anything more. 
“What’s your pleasure?” She asked the man, who no longer looked as distinguished as he did when he first came in. Thanks to Mel and Kataria. Tomorrow almost wanted to laugh. 
“Everything.” He looked her dead into her eyes.
Tomorrow looked at Mel and Kataria and smiled just a little. She couldn't figure out if she’d hit pay dirt or if this man has completely lost his mind. 
“Everything.” She repeated. Asking and making a statement at the same time. “Well, that’s different.” She walked over to the counter, “I must say…” She turned around quickly, “You’re taking the words sweet tooth to a whole new level. How did you find us?”
“You mean how did I know that this was more than just a candy store?” His questionable sarcasm did not impress Tomorrow at all, in fact, it pissed her off to say the least. 
Yet she chuckled, “You don’t.”
“I don’t what?”  He asked. 
“You don’t know that this is more than a candy store. You only think you know. But I can tell you what I know. Someone very close to me, gave you this address and thinks very highly of you, and me for that matter. You must be a very powerful man. And discreet. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be standing here.” Tomorrow walked from behind the counter and picked up a stack of papers.
“How do you know who I am?” The man asked.
“Because I know who I am.” Tomorrow answered. Mel and Kataria smiled. As now they too understood what was going on.
“Sir…” Tomorrow began to speak but he interrupted her.
“Please don’t call me sir. My name is…”  
Tomorrow interrupted him this time.
“I really don't care what your name is.   What I care about is my business.  Here is a contract.  Please read it thoroughly from top to bottom and return it to us, signed,  as soon as possible.”
He grabbed the paperwork. "You're not as pleasant as you look." 
“This is a business, sir, not a friendship. You get what you pay for. So, along with that contract is a list of requirements, rules and regulations I should say. Please read over them. They will not be repeated. Not abiding by them will cause you to lose services and my company to gain monies without putting in any work. And if you have a problem with that, everyone that knows you will wish they didn’t and the one’s who don’t, will.” Tomorrow nodded to the girls. As they rushed to turn the gentleman back into his normal state, she continued to talk.
“Once we've received the contract, someone will call you to make arrangements and go over a few minor details that’s not listed in the contract. At that time, you can decide if you'd like to move forward. Do you have any questions?”  
The man slipped into his shoes. “Just one.”
“I would love to be much more acquainted with you.  Is that possible?"  
Tomorrow looked over at Mel and Kataria.  She cleared her throat. "I only collect the money.” She gestured to the girls. Tomorrow chuckled. “I’m flattered, though.” She walked over to the window and turned the out-to- lunch sign back to open.  She proceeded to open the blinds.  “I do hope you have a wonderful day."  She opened the door and awaited for the gentleman to exit but his exit strategy was interrupted when Tre’ walked in.  
“Tre’. What are you doing here?” Tomorrow composed herself.
“I came by to see if you wanted some lunch.” He looked at the man. “Are you busy?”
“Not anymore.” She rushed to the shelf closest to her and trotted back to the man’s side. “A piece of chocolate on me?”
The man nodded, thanked her and left.
“I’m glad you’re here. I’m starving.” Mel walked up to hand Tomorrow her purse. As she and Tre’ walked out of The Candy Shop, she turned and winked at the girls and closed the door behind them. 

Tomorrow walked into Room 519. She turned on the lights and studied the man sitting blind folded in the chair. She glanced at the money beside the wallet on the night stand and smiled. She could tell by the way that he held his head up and the way that he squirmed that he could smell the scent of her perfume. She wanted to tell him to relax but as her clients followed the rules, so should she. Number one rule? No talking. She looked at the contract lying on the pillow and picked it to began looking over it. Everything? She smiled. Though he looked different without his clothes on, she knew who he was. She turned and observed his dick. It wasn’t so bad, considering. She walked into the bathroom to freshen up and when she returned, his dick was standing at attention. She guessed listening to her move around and hearing the bathroom water running was a turn on for him. She knelt down in front of him and reached over behind his back and untied his hands. She fondled her nipples with the tips of his fingers until he began to explore them on his own. He pushed them up with the palm of his hands and then squeezed. She imagined being alone with Tre’ and the thought of her once a month foreplay with her man aroused her one on one service. She placed one hand on the top of his chest as he continued to stroke her breasts and cuffed his dick with the other. She lightly blew the head of his dick and slowly tickled the outside thickness with her tongue. He gasped and jumped when she took him inside her mouth. As her head bobbed up and down, he grabbed the back of her hair guiding her head with her own movement. His pelvis began to sway as Tomorrow gave him the full blow job experience.  She could tell by the way his body reacted  that he was ready for more. Everything. The veins of his dick began to pop and she could sense the moving vibration of his cum. So she stopped. Again, he gasped. She stood her naked body in front of him and watched as the sweat dripped from his forehead. She seized his arm suddenly and pulled him up. He moved accordingly as she turned her nakedness in the opposite direction. She felt his dick on her lower back as she guided him to the bed. They walked in unison with his mouth pressed against the side of her ear and she listened to his substantial breathing. She could tell that he could tell that at that very moment, he was about to fuck her from the back. He stood waiting as she positioned herself on the bed; the whole time she held his hands to give him a sense of where they were about to go. And how fast he would come to get there. He touched her body from the back of her spine, up and down until he became fully aware of the undeniable position. She was straddled on the edge of the bed, legs allowing access for the now empty space that he felt before him. He bent towards her and caressed her body once more before going in. He could feel the side of her breasts hitting the bed and her arms nicely stretched above her head while her hand grabbed the dildo that set on the pillow. His hands went from low to high as he dragged them down from her shoulders to her ass. Tomorrow waited patiently, trying to obey the man’s contract wishes with her hand gripping the dildo and her eyes finally settling on the stack of one hundred dollars bills on the night stand. He went in. Out and in again. And after a few moments, as his contract desires stated in full writing, and bold letters, their positions and their places were exchanged and traded. She strapped on.  Everything, he'd said. 


Danny boy pushed the hotel key in the slot. The door clicked. He peeped inside. The room was dark. Too dark. He spread his hand along side the wall and fumbled for the light switch. Astonished, he was suddenly pulled all the way inside the room. Just as he was about to gasp, a hand covered his mouth while another started patting him down.  
“Don’t say a word.” The female voice whispered.  
His wallet was pulled from his pocket and he could hear his cash flowing and then the thumping sound of his wallet hitting a table.  All while being guided pass the bed and into a chair. The moving at high speed hands unfastened his tie, unbuttoned his shirt, loosened his pants, removed his socks and shoes, amongst other things. This went on for a matter of seconds until his body was completely naked sitting in the cold, he guessed wooden, chair. Finally, with his hands being tied behind him, and his eyes temporarily shielded with a blind fold, he felt the lights come on. He could feel the heat of the light and wondered if maybe he was more comfortable with lights off.  The smell of the clashing perfumes, fragrances so strong, they gave him an instant hard on. 
“Looks like someone is excited to be here.” Mel said.
Kataria giggled as she stroked his erection. “Danny, are you comfortable?”
He didn’t know whether to nod and say yes or hold his head back from the feeling of being touched on his hard dick.
Mel laughed this time. “Stop fooling around. We gotta hurry up.”
Kataria got back to business and she and Mel continued to set the room up. When they finished they both stood there looking at Danny.
“I should take a picture.” Kataria whispered.
“Don’t you dare. You know that’s against the rules.” 
“Not mine. The company’s.” Kataria put her hands on her hips.
“Do what you want. The boss pay me well enough to follow every last one.”
“You got that right. But look at it.”
“I see it. Hell, you was just stroking it like it was a damn anaconda.”
“I was trying to see if it would get bigger.”
“What the hell is she going to do with that?” Kataria looked at Mel.
“You read the contract. He don’t want much. He just wanna cum.”
“From the looks of it, she could probably do that little blowing thing she does and he’ll cum all over his damn self.”
They both laughed out loud. Mel cleared her throat.
“Danny, my name is Thelma. The other sweet thing that you smell is my homegirl Louise. We’re here to get you ready for your one on one service. On the night stand is your wallet. We’ve already removed five one hundred dollars bills and laid them to the side.”
Kataria looked at her watch. She tapped Mel.
Mel spoke briskly. “In about ten minutes, your girl will enter this room. You will be alone until that time. Your clothing is in the bathroom and will be available to recover once your hour is up. Understood?”
Danny nodded.
“One more thing….” Kataria added. “No talking.”
The girls turned the lights back off and left.
Ten minutes later, Tomorrow walked into Room 519. She turned on the lights and studied the man sitting blind folded in the chair. She glanced at the money beside the wallet on the night stand and smiled. He could smell the scent of her perfume and he began to squirm. She wanted to tell him to relax but as her clients followed the rules, so should she. Number one rule? No talking. She looked at the contract lying on the pillow. She picked it up and began to look over it. Mmmm, she thought.  She smiled again. She knew who he was. He looked different than what she imagined over the phone. She turned and looked at his dick.
This should be easy.

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Chapter 2

Tomorrow looked at the skinny woman standing at the counter. She probably weighed a hundred and thirty pounds. She wore her hair in a pony tail and her glasses set on the tip of her nose. She wasn't a bad looking woman but she definitely wasn't ‘non regular' customer material. Tomorrow laughed to Mel as she looked at the checkered scarf the woman wore around her neck that didn't match anything. It was obvious the chick was a stranger to make up and fashion. Tomorrow hoped the candies she'd pick out was for someone else because as frail as the woman was, candy was the last thing she needed. This bitch needed a buffet.
"I’m good." Tomorrow said to Mel and clicked off her ear piece.
"Welcome to The Candy Shop." Tomorrow poured the candies from the store bag onto the counters. "Sorry about the delay. How are you?"
"I'm fine, thank you. I was trying to find the striped chocolate candies that you carry. Not the round ones but the squares ones. I don't see them on the shelf anymore. I come in once a month to buy them. I'm a teacher and my students love those candies.
Tomorrow walked around the counter. She's a teacher, she thought. That explains a lot. She headed to the candy shelves.  
"Do you not believe me?" The lady asked.
"Excuse me?"
"Do you not..."
"No, I heard what you said..."
"So why did you say excuse me?"
Tomorrow just looked at the woman. It was obvious she was crazy or someone needed to teach her some manners. “Uh...I was just getting the candy description, it’s posted on the shelf. I can get some ordered and shipped within the next twenty-four hours if you like."
The door chimed.  
The man walked in and nodded at Tomorrow and she, him. He found a comfortable chair in the corner and sat. The lady looked at the both of them.
Tomorrow walked back to the counter, reached underneath and pulled out the candy book. She began to dial her candy distributor as she glanced at the man waiting patiently in the corner. He wore a beige trench coat with the hat and scarf to match. His shoes were Gucci style but she couldn't quite reveal the trousers. If it was one thing Tomorrow liked, that attracted her to most people, is their flare for great attire. It wasn't her weakness though. It was more like a conversation starter. The lady at the counter continued to look at her and then back at the man. She too, looked his attire up and down. Tomorrow guessed she was moving to slow for the lady. 
"Would you like for me to place an order?” Tomorrow asked her. 
"Yes, please. When should I come back?”
Tomorrow looked at the clock on the wall. "I'll place the order now. Give me until around this time tomorrow. But call first. I'd hate for you take a trip for nothing and it's not here." She grabbed a business card from the card holder and handed it to the customer.  
“I'll be right with you." She quickly said to the man. 
"Is he ordering candy too?" The lady asked.
"Something like that." Tomorrow laughed.
"What's so funny?"
"Nothing. Nothing, at all. You have a great day, ok."
"And you." The lady looked again at the man and Tomorrow before grabbing the candy that she’d already purchased. She rolled the top of the brown paper bag down and gave a slight smile to Tomorrow. "Have a nice day." She said. She turned and walked out.
"That was strange, wasn't it?" Tomorrow gestured for the man to come to the counter.
"It was." He spoke quietly.
"Mr. E. E for Everything. What can I do for you, sir?"
"You already know."
"Why do you waste a trip to the store? You have my card. You can just call."
"I prefer to do business in person. I thought I told you that. Besides, my trip here is never wasted."
"I want the same girl I had before."
Tomorrow looked out the windows. She made sure the outside was clear of customers coming in.
"You liked that girl, huh?" She scribbled on a card. "What date are you shooting for?"
"Tonight." Mr. E said.
"We're booked tonight. Sorry. I can put you down for tomorrow night."
"That will be fine."
"What's your pleasure?" She slightly whispered, glancing again through the windows.
"The usual."
"Everything." She said as she wrote it down, picturing the last time she was in Room 519 with this man. It was her first time strapping on a dildo and fucking a man in the ass. The image was laughable. But the money was so serious. 
"Alright. You know the routine. Tiffany will call you with the details."
"I like Tiffany. She sounds so nice on the phone. Is she here?"
Tomorrow chuckled. "No, Tiffany is not here. This is a legitimate business, Mr. E. Tiffany wouldn't be here."
"Oh, yeah. Could you tell her I said hello?"
"Yes, I will."
"Thank you."  
And he left.
Tomorrow dialed on her cell phone. The other end rang until finally a much older sounding man answered. She gave him only enough to time to say hello and nothing more.
"We need to talk." 


"Did I not take you in off the streets? Did I not give you what you needed to become successful? Do not tell me how to operate my business?"
"I'm not telling you how to operate your business. I'm telling you how I need to operate mine." Tomorrow looked disgusted.
"Your business is my business."  
"Only to a certain extent."
"And what extent do you propose that is?"
"Listen...I've done everything that you've asked of me. Now, all I'm asking is that you keep Mr. E from walking into the shop. He looks suspect. I had a real customer in today. He should call like everyone else. You sent him once. That was one two many. I don't want any one else coming into the shop. I love my business. I would like to keep it."
"You talk too much. Shut up." The man got up from his desk. He walked over to Tomorrow and started to stroke her hair. He leaned in and kissed her on the cheek and then the lips. She grabbed his face and kissed him back. He was tall, very much distinguished and the gray hairs in his edged up side burns added to his look. He was very, very handsome. His suite was Armani and the gold Rolex with the pinky ring only inches away, would prove to anyone that he lived a very expensive lifestyle.  
"Stop it." Tomorrow turned her face the other way.
"What the hell is your problem? You didn’t have a problem kissing me last night.”
"What is my problem? What is my problem? We had a deal. I doing my part."
"You think? Your debt is no where near paid, Tomorrow." He laughed and went back to his seat. "And remember who you were when I met you. Nobody. Now you're somebody. Well, your pussy is, anyway."
She was not feeling this conversation. 
"Listen, it was your idea to get out and sell yourself. I tried to stop you remember? You were my lady. I loved you."
"You loved me but you coaxed me into fucking your virgin son. And when you couldn't handle that he fell in love with me, you blackmailed me."
"You got it all wrong. I knew he would fall in love with you. What man wouldn't, with pussy that good. I sure did. I blackmailed you when you fell in love with him!" He swung his arm and knocked the lamp from his desk. "You was suppose to fuck him once, Tomorrow. Just once. Was it that good to you? Did I not satisfy you."
"You threw me out on the streets."
"Was I suppose to keep you in my bed knowing that you were fucking the brains out of my son. I asked you to fuck him, take his virginity, not make love to him."
"Fucking a virgin boy IS making love to him. Nonetheless, you asked me to show him what it was like to be with a woman. Did you not think feelings would get involved?" 
"Who cares? What's done is done. You're the one who chose him over me. Did you not think that all my time and money spent that went unappreciative will not come at a price? I could care less if you have to fuck to pay me back. As long as you pay me. Hell, I got you the clients. And you have the nerve to come to me making demands. Sit the fuck down.”
"You're just mad because someone else, including your son, is getting this pussy." Tomorrow watched the piece of the broken bulb scattered across the floor as she walked to him and sat on his lap. She put her arms around his neck but he threw them back and gripped her hands tightly. He stared into her eyes. He was furious. He'd met her. He'd liked her and it wasn't long before he loved her. But his son was his priority. He wanted him to be a man. He was still a virgin at he age of twenty-two with too much shyness about himself to ever get any pussy. That’s when he asked Tomorrow to step in. He knew if anyone could turn him into a man, it would be her. Her pussy was golden. But it all went left when his son fell in love.
"What's wrong, Tre'?"
"Don't do that." He released her hands.  
“Don't do what?”
“Don't call me that.”
“But that’s your name?"
"That's also my son's name. You know? The one you live with? Call me Senior like you suppose to."
"I live with him because you threw me out."
"Do we have to keep going through this same song and dance Tomorrow? Pay me my money and Tre' will never know what's going on." He pushed her off his lap. "You chose who you wanted to be with. Once your debt is paid in full, Tre’ can marry you as far as I’m concerned.” He pushed her away.
She walked towards the door and looked back at Tre' Senior.  
"Don't send anymore clients to the shop. I'm not taking on anymore of your crazies. If any of your 'friends' or so-called work buddies want some pussy or need to bust a nut, send them to a hundred and fifth street. Don't send them to me. I owe you money, not pussy time. You're mad because I love your son and not you. Get over it, Senior."  
She unreleased the door knob and walked quickly back towards him. She bent down and put her face in front of his and gave him direct eye to eye contact. She took her hand and massaged it gently down her pants. She blew her breathe in his face as she fondled the tip of her clitoris with a featherlike stroke. She continued to stroke lightly and when she released and brought her hand back above surface, her two fingers stuck together, Senior could smell her juices. She ran her fingers over his top lip, touching the base of his nostrils. She could see the juice shine on the tip of his nose as she wiped her fingers across both lips and through the crevice of his mouth.  
“From now on, if you want the pussy, you have to pay for it just like everyone else. But love don't live here anymore, Senior." With a steadfast pace, she walked to the door The door slammed.
Tre' Senior licked his lips.

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