Forbidden Love


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Forbidden Love

 Forbidden love as people called it 

It's amazing , yet so unpleasing 

The late night calling ,

And the mysterious ways 

to see you.

It's all fun and yet so unpleasing

I want more than just a  text 

But we didn't come that


So this forbidden love  must end 

Otherwise I'll be the one hurting.

I don't need you" I keep on wishing it was true.

But to admit, I need you. 

I Want you to take me away with all that charisma you keep on spreading 

It's a shame we can't be 

It's a shame for wanting you

It's a shame for not obeying what he had.

It's sad to watch you walk out.

But we had a understanding.

We must go our separate ways 

And for always you'll be my forbidden love.

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