Still Need You Here


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Still Need You Here

I see you , but you don't see me 

I know you know I'm here.

I can feel you in the room,

As you try to fight this  

know I'll be here .

I know you can beat this.

This disease that's killing you. 

They say to let you go but ,

I have to have you near .

You're  the reason why we still here.

If you leave this world I'll break 

And tear.

Not having you is not having life.

I need you, 

I still need you near .

Please fight , please fight this fear..

We still know you're a fighter 

You have it in you.

For 24 years you gave  it all .

We are so proud to call you Bro

You whent against all odds 

And for that we survived,

Now that you fight  give it all! 

As we know you are.

We still need you here!

We love and need you! 

People say to let you rest 

But ,to let you rest is to 

not have you here.

My soul needs you.

we need you near!

Just know we will be here! 💙



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