Little owl


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Little owl One

 I want to be left alone In this world

that's cold

I don't expect you to understand  

I want someone to hug me when I push them away.

I want to scream , and I want someone to shut me with a kiss 

I feel like running away  and not looking back.

But not looking back it's not having  you

I just want to lay down and rest .i want  to give up 

But I must keep on fighting  I'm tired of smiling tired of pretending 

I pretend I'm fine but I'm really not.

I want to fly but I don't know how.

I'm stuck , I don't see the light  

That light you give me when I'm down.

I want to be left alone in this world that's cold 

I need time ,but my time is running out 

I say I want these things but, do I really? 


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