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"Oh my god, what the hell happened here?!"

"This is sick, who would do such a thing and to the Astins too?"

"Yeah they're like the sweetest people in the neighborhood."

"One, two, three, four, five... wait where's David?"

"Search the house, we need to find him!"

An hour later i pulled up a hatch and saw eleven year old David, who was completely unconscious, i pulled him up into my arms and checked his pulse it was weak and he was barely breathing.

"I found him, call an ambulance!"

I carried him outside and placed him on the stretcher, how did he survive, his tiny body laid limp on the stretcher, he must have been in their for a week, all alone in that dark small space.

"Where did you find him?" the chief asked from next to me. 

"In the hatch where they kept the pickles."

"How did he fit in there?"

"I really got no idea, but it's most likely that his dad put him there."

"Hopefully we'll be able to get an understanding of what went down here, it's the best option."

Six years later.

I pulled into the parking lot and looked into the rear view mirror, the swelling around my eye had gone down and i seemed to be getting back my normal color, i just hoped that it would be back to normal before training this afternoon, cause coach would simply loose it. What i couldn't understand was why Nash had to hit me every time we made out, didn't he know i could get in trouble for this, or did he just not care, no Nash loves me and he would never hurt me on purpose, he would never hurt me, not like that.

I jumped out my car and headed inside Aisha, the schools head cheerleader stood there waiting for me with our friends, i pulled her into a hug and kissed her holding back my disgust, this was just wrong but at the end of the day i had to keep up appearances.  

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