Azalas's Life_ The Remake (Half of Season 1)


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"Some call me a monster...Others call me a hero...Myself?...I call myself Azalas...And this is my life. Cursed with a power from a bomb called The Physics Bomb that exploded in 2007 which ended up giving people incredible devestating powers...This is my story of the rise and fall of the world as it became consumed by the greed of power from the bomb."

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"You called me here for one of your experiments?" A man with slicked back white hair and a goatee asked, he ran his left hand through his hair and breathed out air from his mouth.

A woman sitting in a leather swivel chair with long dark hair and glasses was nodding. "Yeah...I think I found out a way to enter other universes! This will be the find of the century!" The lady said to the man. She picked out a sucker from a candy jar that held contents of all sorts of delicious candy. She unwrapped the sucker and threw the red wrapper into the blue plastic trashcan right next to her desk where she was sitting at.

"Again? We talked about this Dawn. You keep on delving deeper into stuff about black holes and wormholes...You'll be consumed to the point where you'll just end up killing yourself!" The man said as his expression changed from a blank look to a look of worry and anger. He looked at the machine that was in the middle of the room. "What in the world is this?" He asked her.

Dawn continued to eat her sucker. She turned towards the machine in her swivel chair and smirked. "It's called a P.T.T. Which is also known as a "Physics Tangent Teleporter. Otherwise known to teleport you to other universes." She said picking up a can of soda from her desk and taking a sip. The cool refrrshing soda was all she needed on this hot summer day of June. Dawn put the can back down on her desk.and got up.

"How do you know if it works?" The man asked. He walked towards the machine and ran his left hand down the cool smooth metal surface on the machines side. In the center was a leather chair along with wires.

Dawn looked at her boyfriend and smiled. "I don't...I haven't tested it out yet. Been too scared to." She said. "How about I test it for you?" the man asked her.Dawns expression changed to surprise and concern. "Are you out of your mind?! Who knows what could happen to you Gabriel!" Dawn said as she also walked towards the machine. She touched Gabriels shoulder and looked at him. His white hair shined in the sunlight from the large window behind him at the back of the room.

"Someone has to test it out Dawn, either it is tested or the big guys in black will take away your damn machine!" Gabriel snapped at Dawn. Her eyes became wide and almosf teary eyed. "Oh babe...I'm so sorry for snapping at you...I just don't wanf to see your work go down the drain." Gabriel told her hugging her.

"It's okay...Why don't you let me test it out?" Dawn asked.

Gabriel shook his head. "What if I lost you?...I couldn't forgive myself, I rather me go instead." He told her.

"But...What if I lost you Gabriel?..." Dawn asked

"If I get stuck in another universe...I might as well be the almighty god of that universe." Gabriel joked and laughed. Dawn didn't take the joke funny and smacked him upside the head.

"Fine. But I want you to promise me...If you do get stuck in another universe...Please be okay..." Dawn said as tears streamed down her porcelain white face. Her purple eyes staring at Gabriel.

Gabriel nodded. He walked over to the leather chair which was the middle of the machine. He sat down in the smooth black leather chair and sighed.

Dawn walked to the console and started typing in alot of code. The wires in the middle the machine started to move, they all plugged deep into the back of the chair. "Power is at 10 percent...Rising heat levels from 4 percent to 10 percent..." Dawn said as the power raised to 15 percent.

Gabriel felt nervous, he looked at the screen right by him.






Dawn became wide eyed and looked at the console on the outside of the machine.

"Is it supposed to be in unison?! The heat and power levels I mean!" Gabriel yelled out to Dawn because of the loud noises from the machine.

"No! Gabriel get the hell out of there! //NOW!!!" Dawn yelled out. She tried to stop the machine but it kept on going.

"I can't stop it! I'm stuck to the damn chair! Get out of here Dawn! While you still can!" Gabriel yelled out as well.





"GABRIEL!!!!" Dawn screamed out as she ran towards the middle of the machine and extended her hand towards Gabriel. She was crying profusely.

Gabriel reached for Dawns hand but it was too late. A bright purple light overwhelmed him and once it was gone...So was he.

Dawn felt pulled her arm back and noticed blood dripping onto the ground. She looked at her left arm which was missing a hand, the same hand that reached out for Gabriel before he disappared. "Oh my..." she said getting dizzy. She fainted from bloodloss.

A few days later...

"EXTRA! EXTRA! Read all about it! Illegal science experiment gone bad!


Ch. 2 - Tragedy

"Can you tell us what exactly happened in that office Ms. Serenity?" A large white man with short black hair who was dressed in a black button up shirt with black slacks and black dress shoes asked, his chubby hand reached for the blue ceramic coffee cup that was sitting on his oak desk. He grabbed it and put the cup to his lips and took a sip, [more like a gulp]. His name plaque on his desk read 'James Benjamin'

"I called my boyfriend to check out my newest invention...But he wanted to go farther, he wanted to test it out and...And..." Dawn stopped as she tried to fight back the tears. "He just vanished before my eyes." She finished.

"You do know that the head of the science comitee fired Gabriel because the two of you were going out while working together. To top it off you create this device without the approval from the higher ups. That causes big problems Ms. Serenity. Your obsession with universes and time travel caused you to lose your boyfriend." James said.

"Obsession?" Dawn scoffed. "While you sit on your ass and do nothing but paperwork and drink coffee and make people feel like shit, I am busting my ass discovering new scientific stuff and creating things! I am not obsessed!" She got up but when she did a guard hancuffed her. She had a prostetic hand in place of the one she lost. "What the hell is this?!" Dawn asked.

"You didn't really think you were walking away free right? You are a danger to society. Besides...I think you'll like your new home, it's widely known as the 'looney bin'" James said smirking.

"Let me go! LET ME GO! LET ME GO!!!" Dawn screamed out as she was led away with the police.

James picked up his phone and dialed a number. "You know what to do. Lock that office up, so only we can access that building. Maybe we can do something with this P.T.T device." He said taking another sip/gulp from his cup of joe. The voice on the other end agreed and hung up.

In the past...1 year ago...2019

"So...Is there such thing as another universe?" Gabriel asked Dawn while making a thing of stir-fry in the kitchen for dinner.

Dawn who was reading a novel, put the book down and turned towards Gabriel. "Well, there was a theory about how each universe is blocked off by one big invisble wall. The only way through is the openings in that wall, which we call them black holes or worm holes." Dawn said taking a sip of her soda that was sitting on the coffee table. "No one has ever returned after entering those imperfections in the wall. So no one knows for sure if there are other universes or not." She finished.

Gabriel started to add the spices into the stir-fry. "Well what if someone were to break the wall?" He asked.

"That would be impossible. The wall is impenetrable, the holes in the wall are just imperfections but even though we can go through them, we never come back." She said.

"Nothing is impossible Dawn...Just don't delv too deep into the matters of black holes and time travel...Because obessions leads to bad things." Gabriel said as made both of them a plate of the food. He brought Dawn her food and hs sat by her. "But one of these days...Humans will find a way to cross the other side of the wall...Because there's always a way." He said and took a bite of his food.

Back in the present...

"Always a way..."

"Always a way..."


Dawn woke up in cold sweat, her breathing was fast, she looked around the room she was in. She got off of the bed and a man dressed in all white came into the room. He looked like an orderly.

"Bad dream? Don't worry, happens to all of the people who come sleep here on their first night." The orderly chuckled and grabbed Dawns arm but she just pulled away. "Oh come on, don't be like that. It's morning! The birds are singing, the sun is shining!" He said.

"I don't hear any birds or see any stupid sun. All I see is despair in this place." Dawn told the orderly.

"Okay now your just pissing me off. Get your ass to the cafeteria and get your damn breakfast!" The orderly said as Dawn was about to walk off. "Nope, I'm coming with you. I'm your escort for today. Better get used to it or else." He said as Dawn sighed.

She was led to the mess hall where a bunch of people were, some were nuts. Most seemed like normal people who were deemd crazy by society. She got her food and sat down and began to eat. Once she was done and breakfasf time was over she was led into the rec room. Where she would spend the rest of the day until she was led back to her room for bedtime.

Somewhere deep in the dark reaches of the beyond...

(Floating...Why...Am I floating?) A thought leaked through Gabriels mind. A group of men dressed in fancy black suits stood over the half asleep body of Gabriel.

"He says he's floating." One of the men said as he read Gabriels mind.

An older man chimed in. "He's in a dreamlike state, feels like he's floating in space...That doesn't explain why or how he randomly appeared here." He said. He looked at Gabriel and sighed. "How in the hell did he get on the other side of the wall?..."

[to be continued]

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Dawn woke up the next day and a different orderly came inside her room instead of the one from yesterday, he had medium length blonde hair, and wore the same white clothes as the previous orderly.

"Good morning." The man said smiling, there was something strange about this one...Something calm and peaceful. He had pearly white teeth along with a neck beard. He looked at Dawn who was still waking up.

"Good...Morning..." Dawn said getting up. She stretched and yawned. She looked around and sighed. "Looks like that wasn't a dream...Me being here I mean..." She told the orderly.

"Actually...Someone is here to visit you. He goes by the name of Raymond Fich." The orderly told Dawn. He ran his left hand through his blonde hair.

Dawn nodded, she was led to the visitors room where the orderly accompinied her. She sat down and looked at Raymond.

Raymond looked to be about in his 50's. His hair was starting to get grey in some spots. He wore glasses and a science jacket along with a black tie. He began to speak. "Hello Ms. Serenity. My name is Raymond Fich. Now I'm going to flat-out say it, but you don't belong here. Your boyfriend Gabriel had a device on him. It produced a signal on our radars, problem is...We traced that signal back to 2006. Now the only way to be in 2006 is to time travel." Raymond said,

Dawn got wide eyed. "You found him?!" For the first time in a few days Dawn smiled. She didn't care if he was stuck in the past, all she cared about is that he was alive.

"Well, all we found out was that the signal came from 2006. Which means your machine worked." Raymond said.

Dawn was still smiling. "Also, you said I don't belong here...Why?" She asked.

Raymond shifted his position and looked back at Dawn. "What I mean is that you have work to do. And you surely can't do your work in here. I already arranged for your release. Don't ask why, just accept this offer...Work for my company and I'll assure you that we bring Gabriel back to safety." Raymond told Dawn.

Dawn nodded and she got up. She was given a bag full of her stuff that was taken from her when she was admitted into this place.

Raymond, along with the orderlies led her out of the building. Raymond led her to his car and she got in the passengers seat. Raymond got in the drivers seat and they both buckled up. He looked at Dawn. "Now you can ask why they released you." He said.

"Why did they release me?" Dawn asked.

"Money can do many wonders." Raymond said.

"Bail?" She asked.

Raymond chuckled and smiled. "You were put on the no bail list...Bribery is the right word." He said driving off.

Somewhere on the other side of the wall...

"Sector 7, Sector 7, this is Detla J-952, we found an unknown anomaly on our radars, seems to be a planet. Never seen it before. Over." A pilot said who was flying a space ship.

"Delta, we found your location, what is the color of the planet? Over." Command Tower at Sector 7 asked.

"Looks like a stained red, should we check it out? Over." The pilot asked.

"Proceed Delta, gather any resources you can find. Over." Command Tower said.

The pilot flew towards the planet. Once he got close enough a strange transmission came through.

"Stay away from The Void...There is nothing for you here..."

Ignoring the transmission, as it was mostly static, the pilot flew closer to the planet anyways.

To be continued

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